Sunday, December 02, 2007

Family Pictures

We went for our family photo this past week, in time for Christmas holidays and since I haven't gotten Boo's picture taken since his 3rd birthday, I figured he could shine his winning smile and boy did he ever! Jeremy was blown away, since after all, he only saw the pictures from his last photo session...not the actual child blowing me away with every tilted head and crooked little smile. Whew...3 1/2 years is so little time, but sometimes feels like an eternity.

So, here are just a few of his precious moments...

We could not have planned that any better...his jumping out of the tree was NOT PLANNED, he just did it and she captured it. It was hilarious!

With the white background it's hard to tell, but his hair tells you that boy is mid-air.

Awww, now that's my cutie boy.

And this would be one of our family shots. It became more sentimental to me when I realized that it would be our last family photo of just three.


You read that right, we are EXPECTING A BABY!!! I have included the countdown calendar and will move it to top in a few days. We are due mid-July and very very excited. Boo is thrilled and he really wanted a brother AND a sister, but we got confirmation that there is only 1 sac in there, much to his dismay. He said at first that the baby was growing in my heart (isn't that sweet????), but now it's in my belly. I have been dealing with high blood pressure for a few months now, so I need to keep my pressure down so I can carry the baby to close to full term. I will see a specialist because of the blood pressure, but we are not worried. God, in His inifite timing and perfect plan has granted us this...we are beyond grateful and marvel at His awesome ways.

In Christ-