Monday, June 30, 2008

Feeling Accomplished...

Ahh, it's the end of June and I am feeling pretty accomplished, if I must brag on myself... :) And I ask, what 37 week pregnant woman wouldn't want to feel accomplished the last day of month before she is due??

So, we survived VBS, swim lessons (last pictures and video below), a trip to the dentist and I managed to sneak in a playdate and birthday party for my friend's 1 year old little girl! I also managed to clean the house...and I must say my swiffer wetjet has been put to good use on my wood floors and I venture to say it will clean my bathroom later this week. :) Ahhh...yes, I am nesting and my mom is coming on Thursday to help me finish my nesting...I am thankful.

Boo finished his swim lessons last week and he tested well and then got to play in the indoor play area, which has a cool slide and lots of dumping water. It was a blast to watch him be so comfortable in the water. We topped that last day off with a playdate at our friend's pool - 3 adults, 7 was a sight! Totally fun though! Here is the video of him swimming and a few shots of the slide he enjoyed...

jumping in...The cool slide...

Countdown is on till Baby Greer arrives!

Monday, June 23, 2008

More things off the list...CHECK CHECK

Boo started swim lessons last week through the county...we were trying something different at the beginning of the month, but that didn't pan out, all things said, we went back to the county swim lessons...ANYWAY, first day was iffy, little teary (for him and me!) but by the end of Thursday, holy moses, he was off the stairs and in the water with his whole face. It blows my mind honestly because I enjoy so much of seeing him get involved in something that is so new for his mind. Yeah, we have been at the pool, but that's unorganized...this is organized play with two "coaches" and about 6-7 other kids learning the same thing. Just watching his mind wrap itself around ideas and learning something new...well, it's just this momma's joy.
So, on to the's short (about 28 seconds or so...) of "Dash and his Dash legs" (see the Incredibles) This is him going under and then kicking back with one of his coaches.

Here are some shots of them floating with lifevests...they linked all the kids together and made a "train", it was priceless. He was first, so he floated the longest. :)

Here's a close-up...

Waiting to jump in to the water...he's in the middle, if you can't tell...

The next thing we crossed off the list was a dental appt. Thanks to GRANDMA, Boo got his teeth examined and cleaned...and I did too before baby arrives! Here is Boo enjoying his time at Grandma's office...

It was so funny because I had my camera and I was in another room getting my teeth cleaned when my mom ran in to grab it and take pictures...everyone said he was so good...must have been a good day to go.

And gracious, last but certainly not is my little his FAVORITE NEW hat. He calls it his lucky hat and was disappointed to see that his father had taken it on Thursday and wore it while playing G-O-L-F. ENJOY!!! Ladies and Gentleman, I now introduce you to the next big golf player...

That's PING baby...I gotta say, the boy loves him some PING. He got the hat when we went to a demo day near the house and he and his daddy swung PING's for about an hour.

Backwards is just as cute, don't you think??

And lastly...Homey G.

Have a great last week of June...I'll be glad when it's over! :) Just days closer to July!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Tribute

We had a great Father's Day! Last year Jeremy as in Africa and Boo and I were in Florida with my dad, so this year was a total change...Boo actually remembered that we spent last year in FL! When he woke up he immediately went to Jeremy and gave him a hug and kiss and told him Happy Father's Day! I rolled over with tears in my was just the sweetest moment. Next year we will have two little men to come and say Happy Daddy Day! Ahhh, my boys.
I got Jeremy something pretty was what he has been wanting and I was glad to purchase it for him. Boo was equally happy too...
We both got to talk to our own dads via phone and they both sounded like they were enjoying their day as well.
Here are a few pictures of our evening of goofy-ness and a shot at Boo's new haircut...voila.
Aren't my boys cute???

And here they are full of silliness...

Momma and her big boy...

And a shot that Boo took of Jeremy and I...

Saturday, June 14, 2008


I so enjoyed VBS last week for several reasons...
First, it was the first one I did at our church...I have worked full time the past two VBS's, so I was not able to take off a whole week for it.
Secondly, I did crafts...I gotta say, Crafts is where it's at! My big mouth got me to be the mouthpiece of the group, but I don't mind that at all. The crafts were great and watching 3rd and 4th struggle through a bookmark and making a gecko would drive anyone to some insanity, but none the less, it was funny! :)
Third, Boo was in a huge class of 3 year olds (they group you by class you just completed) so all of his friends were in there and he had a blast. He picked up on the songs and knew all of the motions by the week's was incredible!
I was asked to talk with one girl on Thursday who had some questions about God and getting to heaven and it was purely my joy to point her in the right direction. After talking she prayed to receive Christ and I don't know who was more excited - her or me!
Here are some pictures...Jeremy prayed before we took up the last offering...Boo had to join him!Here is Boo singing "Outrigger Island" He's in the middle and a little left with his arms in the air.
Here is the pig that Big Al had to kiss if the kids earned more than $3500. They did it!
And here is the best shot I could get of the smooch!
It was a fabulous week!
In him-