Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Pacified no longer...

Gone are the days of David having a paci. (Hallelujah!) We started the journey Friday night, after talking about it for weeks. It just seemed like time. Time for him to let go...he was getting away from being so interested in it anyway, so, it was time for him...and for us to suck it up and do it. As he went to bed Friday night, we didn't allow him to have it. He cried a little and wanted to cuddle more, but none the less, he went to bed. He was however up at the crack of dawn, 5:00. Jeremy and I were half asleep, and decided to let him cry and see if he goes back to sleep. He did (another Hallelujah) and got up at the normal time, 6:30. He is used to getting up that early on weekdays for school, so that wasn't a big deal...although, I can't say that I wouldn't love an hour more on the weekends! :)
He did great Saturday as we were out and about and napped with no paci. Saturday night was okay, a little more crying, but still no asking for the actual paci...Sunday the same during the day, but let me tell you...by Sunday night, I was ready to give it back to him! He just would not/could not settle down. Jeremy made me stick to my guns and for that, I am grateful.
He did great on Monday at school and tonight (Tues) he was the model child...crying for the normal five minutes. Ahhh...I must say, we are relieved. It's all about re-training. I have told my girl friends, if I would have known it would be about re-training him to fall asleep on his own, I would have taken that thing away months ago. We first taught him how to do that as soon as he could sleep through the night...what, at the 6 week mark!!! I have said (in a delusional moment) that I will not give the next child a paci...guess you all will have to wait a while to see if that really happens.
On the spiritual note...is that not one of the greatest images of the Father and us? How many times does God ask us to give up stuff and we don't, or we give it up just a little, and then take it back??? I knew that when I had David the Lord would teach me so much about how He views and loves us...that is so right.
I pray that I would not be pacified with something but always striving to gain more knowledge, tell more people, and live a life dedicated to Him.
So, what's a good image that the Father is showing you?

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Being an Aunt

When I began for praying for a mate all those years ago (it really does seem like long ago at times), I prayed for a guy who had brothers or sisters. Now, that was not my only criteria...there are much more important things to be asking the Lord for in a man, but it was on the "negotiables" list for me. See, the point is, I wanted to be an AUNT. Since I am an only child, that wasn't going to happen unless I married a guy with siblings. I am one of the oldest grandchildren on both sides of the family, so from the time I was 8 years old, I had younger cousins. I can remember the way my mom looked and treated them and it was just "cool" to be an aunt. I also remember how special my aunts are to me. I have 4 aunts - 3 on my dad's side and 1 on my mom's side. These woman have helped shape me to the woman I am today. I am very close with one of my aunts...she was 17 when I was born, and I view our relationship sometimes more like she is my sister instead of my aunt. We just have a good bond. Every summer, from the time her kids were little, I would go and stay with them and help her with the kids and of course, this got me out of the house too. I remember those days like it was yesterday! I know I learned some valuable training about holding a baby's head, feeding and burping babies, and the important thing...boys. I have all boy cousins...no girls, just me! The Lord just knew that years later I would receive a baby boy of my own. :) My aunt, Elaina, showed me more than just life with kids, she has been married to Paul for 25 years this month! Congratulations! Jeremy and I love calling you family and are grateful for your open heart and home.
Well, when the Lord began leading Jeremy and I together, on the very first date I was thrilled to know that Jeremy had 3 sisters and 1 brother! YES! He must be the one! :) Now, I didn't think that just because he had siblings...there were many other reasons...later posts for a later date.
So, when we married, I instantly became an aunt. I am the proud aunt of 3 nephews and 3 nieces, and...my sister-in-law, Amanda, is pregnant!!! I couldn't be more thrilled. She gave a comment in my recent post and she even called me personally to tell me. I was so honored that she did that...it made my day.
See, what my sister-in-laws, Laura, Shani, and Amanda don't know is I consider them my sisters. I don't have any, so they are it! If you have ever seen my s-i-l, Laura, you might actually think we are sisters. We look very similar and have been mistaken for sisters on more than one occasion. I love that!! So, as the months progress, the extended Greer family will be anxious to welcome another baby into the world. (This will make 3 years in a row for that - Jeremy and I in 2004, my b-i-l, Tim and his wife, Katie welcomed Andrew in Oct 2005). Please pray for my s-i-l and her husband and their almost 4-year old son...they like in Arkansas. Pray as the months continue that God would give her body strength, and grant them all peace, no matter what happens.
Thank you to my aunts and thank you for allowing me to be an aunt.
Grace and peace to you all.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

I forgot...

Kudos to my husband who created a blog! I am so proud of him! He even posted a picture of him and David!

Way to go Jeremy!

I love that guy!

Little Blessings Abound!

Tomorrow is Friday! Friday Friday Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Fridays! Can you tell I love Fridays?! I like the thought that weekend is in sight. I don't have anything special planned, but a day or so off work, spending time with the family, scrapbooking with some friends, and thinking about how I only have FOUR days of work next week is enough to say...I love Fridays! Friday Friday Friday! :) (Insert image of me dancing joyfully doing the "hippy hippy shakes")
I explained to my dad tonight what a blog was...I hope he finds the site and enjoys reading and seeing the pics (more to come). I just don't see him enough!!

Regarding my title, Little Blessings...no, no, no little blessings for us, but for my friends, there are many little blessings that will be arriving later this year! We have friends from seminary in Texas due in July. This will be their second blessing. Their first, a little girl, will be 2 in May. In August, my friend from Florida, Krista, will have her first baby. Krista and her husband Ryan serve at a church in Texas. Looks like October is going to be a big month. Our friends, the Greenwich's, are serving in Italy and they will be expecting Greenwich baby #2 then. They have a son, Jake, who turned 3 in December. Congrats! A girl in my sunday school class, Angela, is also due then. Kudos to her and her husband! This will be their first child. And last, but most definitely not least, my dear friends John and Michelle. They are the parents of twin girl blessings, and they will be 2 in August. They are receiving the blessing of one this time, and minus that yucky feeling in the afternoon/evenings, Michelle is thrilled!
Whew...I am tired just thinking about all these new babies. It's an exciting time expecting a little one and I am praying that each of these mommies is receiving an extra ounce of joy, strength, and peace as they await their little blessings. :)
Off the subject, is the weather going to change anytime soon? I was so hoping to wear cute capri pants to the golf tournament next week...I don't think it's going to happen. I may need to dig out some decent pants and comfy shoes, since Jeremy says we will walk the whole 18 holes. I think I am up for the challenge! He wouldn't let me go 2 years ago...I can't imagine why. I think he just didn't want me to have David on the 2nd hole or something. As most of you know, it would have never happened like that, because that kid had a good dose of stubborn-ness in him that he was not coming!!!!!!!!!!! For those of you that surrounded me during this time two years ago, was I really as bad/complaining/frustrated that I imagined myself to be?
Please, only those closest to me can respond...I am a big girl...I can take it...I think....
Okay, no, be kind...remember one day you may be in the same predicament.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Open My Heart, Lord

Background info: I had previously been a stay at home mom since David was born in April 2004. Through much debate and prayer with Jeremy and with God, He led me to take a job in Alpharetta at a Landscape company. I am the Office Assistant and am learning new things everyday...about Landscape, about being a working momma, about commitment and about what truly matters.

So David and I are on the road this morning...I am taking him to "big school" (he lovingly calls it that) at Johns Creek Baptist Church (JCBC). We are talking and singing (like most mornings), but this one was unique! The song on the radio was "Open the Eyes of my Heart". I was singing and I heard my sweet David in the back saying "Open my Heart, Lord, Open my Heart, Lord" and I was moved. Several things went through my head...
  • WOW! That's awesome that he is hearing those words - through the radio and through my lips - and he is repeating that.
  • WOW! That's MY son...praising God with his own lips! (Thank you, Lord, for the incredible gift of him)
  • If David could grasp that concept early in life and learn that by trusting the Lord with his life, he will receive the greatest gift he could ever imagine.

Needless to say, I had to tell Jeremy! I called...he was in awe and together as a family, we rejoiced.

My car rides with David are eye-opening at times. He talks to me and tells me about his day and what he is learning about and he points out every bus, Hummer, and motorcycle (aka -haha's). We have some good coversations, for as much as a momma and an almost 2-year old can have. :)

May the Lord reveal more of Himself to you today!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Family Portrait

The Greer Family - December 2005
David - 20 months


Saturday, March 18, 2006

The First Day...

A blank page, a head full of goings on for the day...what is a girl to do??? Are you kidding? I could probably write all day and into the next, because that is what I LOVE to do - Write! I am a writer at heart. It takes diligence and time, but the Lord gave me this incredible love for it and a certain way to tell a story without leaving out any details, that makes writing so much fun! I have loads of journals to look back on and see what the Lord was doing in my life and the things He has brought me through and the way He has changed me. That's where the title came from - Changed by His Love. Oh, I most certainly have been changed by His Love...forever, in fact, I have been changed. I look foward to sharing about the Lord Jesus and how He can change anyone. I look forward to sharing the great joys and the heartaches of being a servant of the Lord Jesus, a wife to a minister, a mom to a sweet, almost 2 year old, and juggling the season of life of working full-time. Join the journey with me!
In His Hands...