Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's True--It's Snowed!

I can hardly believe it myself! It really did snow north of Atlanta yesterday afternoon/evening and this morning it is just a memory that has melted away thanks to the rain...ahh, however it was nice while it lasted.

Do you see the "ooo-ing" in his face? He was very excited!
On to other news, the first of my two sisters-in-law had their ultrasound yesterday, so we are getting a new....NEPHEW! This makes the 3 Greer kids five for five in the boy department...I tell you somebody has got to get a girl! My other sister-in-law has her ultrasoud in a few weeks and then me...we will see what happens.
Enjoy the winter weather, wherever you are!

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Okay, time to upload the pictures from December...and away we go.
Here is Boo and Daddy picking out the tree!!! She was a beauty, and we dreamt of how our tree this coming year will be bigger and fuller...we have a high vaulted ceiling!
Here is Boo and his traditional job...Light Helper!

Boo took this next shot...maybe we should sign him up for a photography class.

Here is the picture most received in their Christmas card...

Here is Boo at his Christmas party (one of the many that he had!)...they decorated cookies that day...can you tell how much he loves it?
This is Christmas at the Greer Family....can you see the anticipation of opening presents???
Here are the three silly boys...cousins and Boo.Hope you enjoyed the peek into was much more eventful than the pictures showed. And if you believe this, I got not a one of Christmas Day! However, I do have video...if that says anything.


Sunday, January 06, 2008

Oh yeah, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

It's not like I have been busy or something...just plain tired. And lazy. Seriously tired and lazy. I am doing good to check my email most days, and you all probably think I fell off the face of the earth! It's just been a long 5-6 weeks, so that makes me just over 12 weeks pregnant...I am waiting for some relief in the tired and lazy department. It think, and the doctor thinks, it's on it's way.
We had a great Christmas! Boo and I enjoyed the two weeks off that we had and the house is coming along nicely too. We are hoping to move in permanently in the next few weeks. We have been slowly moving things from Christmas on, but I still have lots to pack up. The kitchen looks FABULOUS, and when Jeremy finishes the floor this week I will send some pictures out. I am just blown away at how awesome it looks! Better than I pictured in my head.
We started back to school last Thursday and both Boo and I were ready...although I was still lagging in the energy department. We are back in full swing tomorrow and we begin the downward spiral to May! Hard to believe most of my little kiddos will be 3 by that time and they will have grown tremendously, not just in height.
I promise to post some pictures of the Christmas holiday, when I get around to plugging the camera up. ugh...
OH, my doctor took me off my blood pressure medicine this week...he's going to wait and see what happens over the next four weeks...if it's high when I go back, then he will put me on another type of medicine...he's wasn't too keen on the medicine I was on anyway. So, for now, I am glad. I just pray it stays down.
Hope you all are doing well!