Monday, July 28, 2008

From this day forward...

I promise to love, honor and cherish this man that God has given me. Seven years ago today we pledged our love in front of God, our family and many friends and it was one of the most wonderful days we have shared.
In recounting our days together it adds up to something like this...
7 years
4 cities
2 apartments
2 houses - one we rented, one we purchased
2 degrees - his Masters and my Associates
2 kids
1 purchased car
2 gallbladder surgeries
4 grandparent passings - 3 of mine last year, 1 of Jeremy's in 2004; not to mention the 2 we had while we dated/engaged
4 nephews and 1 niece being born
1 trip to Africa
A lifetime of memories, pictures, scrapbooks and blogs = PRICELESS
There are just not enough words to express how I feel about this man. He is a follower of Christ with all of his heart, truly loves me and our 2 boys. He studies hard. He is funny and smart and challenges me. He pushes me forward with loving hands. He doesn't act impulsively, yet has spontaneity at times. He thinks about others first and is sacrificial. He loves reading and has a collection of books to prove it. He is tedious about details, particularly pertaining to our house. He works hard for our marriage and I love that. He works hard and people respect him.
As I have said many times before...I can't imagine walking through this life with anyone else by my side. Thank you, Lord, I am often reminded how much I don't deserve him...but by God's grace, I get to have him!
Jeremy, I love you.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Days gone by...

The days seem to pass quickly...guess that's because the clock is my solace in feeding and doing things. All things considered, the transition has been good. Jeremy was home last week and we have had people over the past few days. There is no such thing as staying's boring and the walls start closing in - Boo needs activity and playmates!

Life hasn't really changed much honestly...Boo wants to look and touch Peanut and talks so sweet to him, but other than that he doesn't really bother him. He doesn't like it when he cries, so he lets me know "he's crying mom!" He's my big helper and fetches anything he thinks Peanut or I might need.

Peanut is curious about his world...loves looking around and keeps a solid schedule. He has a fussy time, which he managed to move to the late evening time, which suits me fine, since it was in the middle of the night!!! He is cuddly and snuggly and we are enjoying that!

I am back in normal clothes (please do not be jealous) and I am enjoying that. I am not enjoying my lower belly, however, until I can get back to working out, it will just have to remain.

Next Monday is a significant day in our life...Jeremy and I will celebrate 7 years of marriage! WAAAHOOO! I don't know where the last 2 years went personally...consumed with working, ministry, juggling, teaching, and getting pregnant! Craziness abounds I suppose. I am working on the tribute to my will be up on Monday.

And last...a few pics of the kiddos...
still loving being a big brother!

is it too early to be sucking his thumb??? this disturbs me...he does NOT take a paci...he's so like his momma...

Boo reading to Peanut...(I LOVE THIS SHOT!)

My boys enjoying their new sofa...

Boo and best buddy Jackson, who leaves for Africa on Monday!


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Announcing Noah

He's here!

Noah was born Friday, July 11th at 8:28 AM. He weighed in at 8 lbs, 7 oz and 20 1/2 inches long! Weighed less than Boo did, but managed to be bigger in height by 1 1/2 inches! He will be referred to on the blog as Peanut, since that what we called him the whole time in my womb.

Everyone is doing well and we are finally sleeping 6 days old, sleeping better means sleeping in between feedings for me! :) Last night was the best so far. Here's to more of those.

Here are a few pics:


Monday, July 07, 2008

Accomplished (even more!)

Mom arrived Thursday, much to my delight and from 30 minutes away, to help me get organized and clean up the small things still left...not to mention, help Jeremy get some stuff done as well. So, the baby's room got all dazzled up with hangings on the wall and things put in their proper place. Jeremy finished the transitions on the floors and hung the shelf in Boo's room...which means we got all of the clothes out of his room and to the baby's room for future use. Boo and I even cleaned his room together and he managed to part with some things for the betterment of others as well....I was proud.
It was exhaustingly good...but the best part is Jeremy got a GRILL!!! Now, we had a grill that came with the house, but the new one, on sale, is FABULOUS! We put that thing to good use over a 24 hour period!! It's awesome. I have no doubt it will get some good use when my dad arrives in a few days too! :)
So, accomplished and prepared we are for the baby! It will be soon!!


Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I know...a chair is not all that exciting in the grand scheme of things, but people, in my life, it truly is! I have been dying for a chair of my own - I occasionally let my husband sit in it, but most of the time he feels bad and gives it up to me - because our couch needed to hit the road a few years ago and there isn't another piece of furniture for me to sit in that's really has been the most annoying feature of this move. But, alas, I got THE CHAIR.
It first beckoned the call of my mom who saw it at the store and said, hm...doesn't match what she has, but bet she would like it...I give in to her prodding about going to see it and behold, I fall in total likeness with THE CHAIR.

So, here she is in all her glory...well, not really, because I am not actually sitting in it...none the less, she's cute and the total MOMMY CHAIR...which means if you ever come to our house you can expect to see me sitting in it. :) I plan to have numerous pictures of me in this chair. I am sooooooo thrilled!!!