Thursday, April 27, 2006

Two years ago today...

I looked like this...

I was more than ready to have David! I was seemed like eternity. This was taken about a minute before I walked in to the OR.
At 1:01 PM, we got this...

David Jeremiah Greer, 9 lbs, 8 ounces! He came with a head full of hair and a big cry! He was ours and the Lord made him perfectly.
Here we are...the new Greer family!

David was just a few days old and already had such bright eyes and sweetness to him. He ate good and loves mommy and daddy. He has a fussy time each night, but nothing we couldn't handle. David started smiling with a big open mouth in July of 2004. July was a big month for us as we took our first big trip to FL. He did awesome! David also took in his first Braves game in July of 04. He did pretty well and even managed to sleep through two innings. We went to the museum to see his "Pepa" and we hope David will enjoy many Braves games in his life. September of that year we drove to Louisville and Chicago (are we crazy?) with our little 5 month old and he rode in his first big boy carseat. He again did great and poved to be our little traveler. We took in a Cubs game (that makes two stadiums for David) and although it was loud, we managed to stay 7 innings! The holidays were a joy, with David just trying to crawl. He managed to do it around the 9 month mark and his first birthday proved to be just as much fun. There were lots of kids there to see him dive into his cake, although, he surprised us all when all he did was touch it gently. :)

The last year has been filled with so many new things. David walked across the room for the first time on July 1, 2005. He was 14 months old. In August, we moved to Suwanee and we got settled at a new church where Jeremy started at. It was awesome. David embraced the new preschool and his teachers. He started a Mother's Day Out program and flourished there! He began talking more and more and now, he talks my ear off! I love it. In December the Lord lead us for me to return to work and opened up the most fabulous place for me. He also opened up a place for David to be full-time at a church preschool on the way to my office...thank you Lord. He began to learn even more stuff and the last four months he has blown me away with his sentences, manners, and funny statements. I am so blessed to be this kid's momma! He is amazing, fun, sweet, and oh yeah, he is a boy and he's two...need I say more?
I look forward to what the next year holds for our family and I pray that the Lord would continue to give me and Jeremy the strength, the words and the attitude to continuously draw our little one to the Lord.
Happy 2nd Birthday, David! Mommy loves you!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Friends and Place I visit...

So, as the blogging continues, I feel it's time to tell you a little bit about my sidebar to the left. I have seen very desolate sidebars and very large sidebars, so I will try and keep mine to a minimum. Key word: Try. :)
On to the friends...
Obviously Jeremy is first, since he is the man. He is my second love, Christ being my first, and I am grateful each day for the man he is. Last night we had the most enjoyable time sitting on the couch and talking with no TV and no little one. It reminded me of the good ole days. Oh, and honey, you need to update your blog. :)
My sweet friend Kaci is next and she and I met at Wedgwood while at seminary. She used to work at the seminary before the Lord blessed her and Clay with cute little Jonathan. And he really is a cutie...see the pictures!
Emma, Stacy and Eric are all some of my new friends at Duluth! Emma is a lovely single girl who just got back from Africa like a week ago. She just blogged about it. She got bit by the mission bug - I love it! Stacy has two little girls who adore David and I admire her for all she does at church and home. Eric, well, Eric may just be one of the funniest person I know. His blog is awesome and I love him and Heather! I think they are bit by the mission bug, I am anxious to see what God will do in their lives.
Mandy...I think we are to the point now where I can say "Mandy and I go way back!" We met at FBA, were in a small group together, met boys and got married the same year. Her and Michael are wonderful sweet people and loving Austin, Texas. They have two precious girls.
The next two - Intemann Family and Greenwich Family are missionaries serving overseas. Both of the familes we met in seminary and have had the joy of praying for them as they seek the Lord's direction in serving overseas. Brian Intemann has a special place in my heart...he dropped a box when helping us move and I have never been more grateful for what he broke. :) I didn't really like that thing anyway (I can't mention what he actually broke, because it's possible the person who gave me what broke might read this. :))

On to the places I visit...
Atlanta Braves - this is a given, although, some people have not had the pleasure of being at a game with me! :) I am a huge Braves fan. It started long before I was born, and if you want more details, you can go to the Musuem and Hall of Fame at the stadium and look for Lew Burdette...he's my grandfather.
Blogging Baby is a site I recently found when searching through other blogs. I have found a few articles I liked and decided to bookmark them.
Christian Working Mom is a site I also found recently. I like the topics she facilitates and I agreed to be interviewed for the May newsletter! :)
First Baptist Duluth and First Baptist Atlanta for respective reasons...Jeremy and I serve at Duluth and we met and keep in touch with those at Atlanta.
Georgia Tech Sports - keeps me posted on what Jeremy likes to do. :)
Globe of Blogs - huge site that you can list your blog on...and read a bazillion others when you have time.
IMB, NAMB and Lifeway are on there for resource purposes...we support them through Lottie Moon and Annie Armstrong and are foundations of the Southern Baptist Convention. Lifeway is the ultimate bookstore for us and Jeremy has been able to visit the HQ in Nashville.
Logos Church Website and Blog - Logos Church was started by good friends of ours- Danny and Derik. We have all known each other for a long time and had the privelege of serving in ministry together.
Scrapbooking - my favorite pastime, behind Baseball. :)
Southwestern Seminary - Where Jeremy and I spent our first few weeks and months as a married couple. Jeremy was there a whole year before me, but it was still like experiencing a whole new world when we got there together. Jeremy graduated from there in May 2003 - wow! Three years ago!
Weblogs, Inc. - another place that has lots of blogs to look at.
Google News - all the latest happenings in the world.

So, that's the scoop!
David's birthday is officially tomorrow at 1:01 PM and I am off on Friday. I will do a big post tomorrow for his birthday.
Much love...

Monday, April 24, 2006

Funny of the Day

We are doing the usual Monday morning drive in to school and work and David is in the backseat reading and counting. He can count to 10 (yippie!) and he knows 11 and 12, so I help him count to 20. It apparently was so exciting that one of the books he was holding hit the door and fell to the floor of the car, in which he exclaimed, "OOOOH, Busted it!" WHAT? exclaims Mommy. I was laughing so hard I was crying. I called Jeremy and could barely get the words out because my giggles and tears were getting in the way of talking. It was a sight.
I think he got it from watching too much ESPN. I think one of the announcers said that the other night during a baseball game. Ahhh...none the less, that was my funny of the day. I doubt much will top that.
3 more days till David's birthday!!

Have a great day with the Lord!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

He is going to be 2!!!!!

It's been hitting me all week-this sweet kid of mine is going to be 2! I can't believe it! One year till now has gone by fast. I remember thinking right before he turns one how much he will do in this year. And he has done A LOT!
We had a huge first birthday celebration at Grandma's house last year, and began making the transition to some cool toys-like a farm, a tractor that sings Old McDonald, a mower, and a picnic table and wagon. Not to mention the oodles of clothes he was incredible. He looked stylish and had cool toys. At 13 months we successfully moved from the bottle to the cup with no issues. He started thinking about walking about the same time and then at the 14 month mark, he did it. It was July 1st, 2005. We moved to Suwanee a month later and he would begin talking talking talking and never stop. He started to attend a Mother's Day Out program, which saved me during those days when I was sick, and came home with great stories and pictures he created. He took an interest in books right around that time too, and would clean his bookshelf two and three times in a day. He loves a good story and to sit in your lap and read. Both Jeremy and I love that! By Christmas, it was time for a life change and I went to work, which means David started attending big boy school at Johns Creek Baptist Church. Music started playing a role in his life as he had a Music and Movement class before and now could sing me songs and clap and dance to the radio. David is full of life and full of energy...he has his moments, and we are doing the only thing we know to do - PRAY to get us through those times. He is going to be 2....he exudes everything that involves a boy and being 2! I am so grateful for him and I am looking forward to this upcoming year of 2-3.

Monday, April 17, 2006


We had quite an enjoyable Easter weekend. I was able to leave early from work, around 2:45, so that was nice and I was able to get home and surprise David! Saturday, David and I were able to go to the park! I think I was more excited than he was...although, the pictures may tell a different story. :)
Sunday was a blessed day as we attended church and my mom came up to color eggs with David and have a meal with us. It was nice and enjoyable and church was great! He is risen indeed!
I hope each of you had an equally enjoyable weekend.
Much love...

Do you think he is having a good time? I think so... That is the ultimate David face!

There he is going down the slide! There was so much static on the slides that even on the short slides he would come off with his hair stickin' up...and he would shock me!

Easter Sunday! Here we are at the blooming cross. He has the "I'm gonna be 2" face on, which in other words means, I am not going to look at this camera and smile at you! :)

Greer Family Easter 2006 Aren't we cute?

Friday, April 14, 2006


I have been promising to post some pictures for the here goes. I am pulling some old ones, so enjoy! As I look back at the pictures, I am amazed at how much David has grown, and at all the people who touch our lives. Jeremy and I have been blessed, actually blessed beyond belief with the people who have crossed our path. This is just a sample of those people. I will do a big write up for David's birthday in two weeks. Much love to you all.

Joshua and Jessica - We miss you! Jeremy and I miss their mom and dad and David was blessed to know these precious children. Joshua used to do this little thing and wave his hands around David's head when he cried. Immediately David would stop crying to watch Joshua. Even if he was being silly, it calmed David down. I miss you all!

David's First Steps-July 2005
He took his first steps at 14 months old and he did it at Grandma's house.

David and Mema Linda - July 2005 - Jeremy's last day at FBA. The Pastoral Care team had a nice send off party for him and David and I got to attend. Mema Linda was one of the first people to know we were having David...she was at the hospital the day after we had him and she has been my support, my cheerleader, and my confidante. I love her, and David loves her too!

I am working myself out of a job...David loves to help with laundry! He likes to help me carry it to the washer. He helps me push the clothes in the dryer, and he likes to push the clothes to the room they belong, folded or not.
He is a great helper! When things aren't done my way, I try not to get frustrated, because him being a helper is something I want to encourage and foster in him.

David and his cousin Meg at Thanksgiving. Meg was the flower girl in our wedding and now she is growing into a beautiful young lady. She is getting taller and taller every time I see her!

I just took this picture a few days ago. This kid loves talking on the phone and he thinks the only person who calls us is GRANDMA! When the phone rings, I say, who is it? David says Grandma. Everytime, without fail. He will talk and ask "Whatcha doin?", even if no one is on the phone. He is so cute!
He amazes me that he recognizes who I am talking to on the phone by the way I am talking.

Here is David yesterday after the egg hunt. Look at that basket!!!! That kid loaded it up! Jeremy and Grandma took him to the egg hunt. He was at the petting zoo part of the event, but saw the eggs on the field...he immediately took off yelling EGGS!!!!! GRANDMA! EGGS!!! Yeah, he likes Easter eggs. He doesn't eat them, just likes finding them. Just like mommy....
So, they cleaned out the candy from the eggs and gave the eggs back to the church...for next year! That kid racked up.
He told me all about the eggs when I got home from work and the animals he saw. It was awesome!

Happy Easter everyone!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Easter Week

I love Easter! As a little girl, before knowing and understanding the true meaning of Easter, I would ask my parents to hide eggs...all year round! The plastic ones, of course. I just loved hunting them down. My parents would laugh themselves silly over it and we all still recall those days. Some of the best pictures I have are the ones from Easter. You know the ones...everyone is dressed up, the men look miserable, the ladies look fancy (hats and all) and me, I was the girl in the yellow or pink dress with tights on. Oh yes, not going anywhere without the tights. (Funny story for another day of when I finally rid the pantyhose.)
Those are the pics I treasure. I normally had a basket, goodies in the basket, and a stuffed animal. My mom and I would color eggs and I can even remember coloring them with my grandparents (dad's side) and they hid them too! They lived in the beach house then, and I remember seeing an egg on top of the clock all the way from my bedroom down the hall. (Why do I remember that so vividly?) But, I must say the best Easter joke that my family (all 3 of us) still laugh about is the one Easter that my Mema (dad's mom) forgot it was Easter. At least, that's really what had to have happened... We drove the two hours to see them that weekend (they were no longer in the beach house) and my Mema, the great cook that she was, cooked...are you ready? Hot dogs. The good and big kind, you know, sabretts (sp?). But, was Easter! I will never ever forget the three of us getting in the truck and driving was silent first, until we all looked at each other and busted out laughing. It's a wonder my dad could drive...we were laughing it up the whole way home. Ten plus years later, we still laugh and that will be the precise story my dad reminds me of on Sunday.
Ahh, Easter as a child...that's how it was.
Now that I am older, Easter is much different. What it means to me is different and David hopefully won't even know that Easter is any different than it is right now. Yes, we get pictures done, and yes, he got an Easter outfit, but he isn't all thrilled with it, in fact, he colored it during pictures the other night (long story, don't care to re-live), and yes, we will dye eggs on Saturday (my mom's favorite thing to do) and she even got him an Easter basket filled with some small goodies. He has a party today and an egg hunt tomorrow...but the true meaning of Easter is what we are celebrating. It's nice to have the fun things and to look nice on Sunday, but in the fore front of my mind Sunday will be the reason I come to worship. I am coming Sunday to worship Jesus...the reason we have Easter. It's the Passion Week! At the church we attended in Texas they had four days full of remembering the cross, what Jesus did and what He accomplished. Tonight at Duluth we will have a Tenebrae service. I am really looking forward to it. I can't help but wonder what Jesus could have been thinking those last few days as he entered Jerusalem for the Passover. He knew the cross was coming and at the same time He was doing the Father's will. I am excited thinking about singing how He has risen and shouting "Hallelujah!" (I may not actually be shouting in church, but my soul will be!)
I pray each of you are having a great Holy Week. May you rejoice in the Savior's Love and ultimate sacrifice this Sunday.
God Bless.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Where's Jesus?

I think I mentioned in the last post that I like to sing "like I don't need the money." And it's incredibly true. I love to sing...even though I don't think I am all that great at it...more importantly though, I love to worship! The Lord created us to worship! I can't think of a more cool thing at this time than that! To raise my hands to Him is an incredible privilege. To praise Him and thank Him and love Him...there are no words to describe it. It's amazing! I have this one CD by a lady who sang at FBA one time. The song is called "When I think about the Lord" doesn't that just create a good beginning to any sentence? When I sing it, tears come to my eyes and I love to raise my hand and praise Him. Especially when she says "Hallelujah, Thank you Jesus - Lord, You are Worthy, of ALL the glory and ALL the honor and ALL the praise (emphasis added)." David learned the word Hallelujah a few weeks ago and raises his little hands to God when he says it...I guess he watches mommy do it. :) Oh yes Lord, what a beautiful picture that is...we as parents want to be like you Jesus, and our children mimmick us, because they want to be like us. Until he figures out in later years to mimmick Jesus, may David see how to be a follower of Christ through my actions.
Majesty-Passion CD 2005, LOVE IT! When I ask David if he wants to sing to a CD, he says yes, majesty. I love that song and if you have heard it, then you will know where I got my title of my blog from. The song says those words, changed by Your Love, and I knew I could say that whole-heartedly, so that's just some background info regarding that.
Last night David and I were home together and he wanted to read/look at my Bible. He was in a snuggly mood, so of course I let him. We flipped through the New Testament and then to the Old Testament and then he wanted to start at the problem. I taught him the first verse about God creating the "heavens and the earf." That's how he says it...and it's adorable. When we were done I asked if he wanted to get "his" bible. He went to his bookshelf and studied it...I imagine he was thinking 'where is my Bible. There is not one book in here that looks like mommy's'. I was mistaken as the book that I was thinking of is not really a Bible, but a collection of Bible stories and we can write what he thinks of the story and how he feels about it, or questions he may have, etc. I thought we would start it in a year from now when he might be able to respond to a feeling question, but letting him flip through that book was so cool. He saw the Ark and flood. He saw Daniel and the Lion and he saw the Widow opening her hands to the Lord. He put the book down to show me the way that woman lifted her hands to God. (All the while, I am sitting in awe of my little man...) I explained to him that she was giving an offering to God and that's what we should do when we want to praise Him and offer up our life to Him. With that same book in hand this morning on the way to school, he asked me for Jesus. Yeah, I was thinking, what? David asked me "Where's Jesus?" Flipping through his book, he couldn't find Jesus. WOW I began to prod him more for answers and what he wanted was to see Jesus' picture. When we got to school this morning, in the parking lot, I talked to David about how he sees Jesus. He will see Jesus portrayed in story books for kids and in some pictures, but ultimately Jesus is everywhere. His beauty can be seen in the flowers, trees, mountains...all the things we thank Him for on a daily basis. His power can be seen in the storms. We talked all the way to his room about Jesus...

I can't think of a better way to start my day.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


If you have been around me for more than a minute, then you must know that I love to laugh! I don't think my laugh is all that great, in fact, at times it might be loud and obnoxious (did I really just say that about myself??), but none the less, if it gets someone else to laugh, then my purpose was completed. Life is just too short to waste it being mad and upset at the world...of course, it's easier said then done in some cases. Laughter stems from joyfulness, since joy lasts forever and happiness doesn't (you do know why, right?) because Joy comes from the LORD! (I bet Joy Walters is reading this right now thinking...yep, I come from the Lord! HA!) Only the Lord can fill you with joy, but happy, that's a feeling...see, I am under the perspective that you can be sad, but still be joyful. Anyone want to go on that debate with me?
Back to laughter...I not only like to make others laugh, but I love a good laugh. I love a great story with a big laugh ending, especially if it involves what the Lord is doing in the lives of His people. I think God has a sense of honest, you know you think that too! The picture of the Lord smiling is one of my favorite pictures! How could he not laugh at some of the silly things we do??? I am not talking about stupid things we do, just silly things.
I think the Lord smiled and laughed the day He chose me to be Jeremy's wife or him to be my husband, however you view it. Jeremy thinks I am the silliest person to walk the planet! (We differ on that occasionally, because if you have met our good friend Eric Henderson, he ranks right up there with silliest person in the universe.)
But seriously, if you saw some of the things I did only in the privacy of our home, you too, would get a good chuckle. I am under the philosophy of "dancing like nobody's watching" and David thinks that mommy is silly doing that...then he normally joins me or tells me to stop. I definately "sing like I don't need the money" because there is NO WAY that someone would pay me to sing, they would pay me to stop singing first. I mean, I can keep with harmony and all, but making up silly songs is the best! (Laughing out loud...) I used to make up this one song to the tune of "Firm Foundation"...we used to sing it at the church we went to in Texas, and I put my own words to it about Jeremy and me and he gets the biggest laugh about that. I haven't sang it in a while, so maybe I will tonight.
I think the Lord smiled and laughed the day David was born...that kid was 9.8 pounds and I had no control over him arriving in this world. I think the Lord smiles and laughs on the days he grants parents more than one miracle at a time. I know several mommies with twins or more, and they all had a good chuckle when the doctor said, uh, yeah, there's 2 or 3 in there!
Laughter is good laugh hard, laugh lots, and laugh often.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Birthday Month

At the end of this month, David will turn 2! I think we are having a Bob the Builder party. He really likes him and Thomas the Train right now! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID! You will find out in years to come how much mommy loves birthdays! Did I mention Jeremy was going to be 30 this August?

Since last week...

I can't believe it's been a week since I last posted something! That's not like me. I have been busy, although, if I try to recall everything, my head might explode. Not really, but it sounded cool, huh?
I worked only four days last week, since I was off on Friday. A co-worker of mine is off this week, so needless to say, last week we spent trying to wrap up everything for the weekend, and her for this week. Thursday was busy!!!!! I was given a task at 8:30 that morning and had a blonde moment, so didn't find the task information (it was flipped over the side of my tablet) till 4 PM that afternoon, after two meetings, a lot of paperwork later, and guess what...there was no way I was getting the material by Friday AM at 9. In fact, the guy I called to get the material laughed at me. None the less, my boss got someone else to do on Friday and set a delivery for Monday. Does anyone know what the weather was like Monday in Atlanta? Horrible. So, we ended up having to cancel the order....and all because I didn't call them on Thursday. ugh. It all worked out and my boss, well, he called in a blonde moment and told me the breakfast he bought us on Monday morning was brain food. ha.
Enough about work...let's talk about why I was off. Bellsouth Classic, baby! I attended my first golf tournament! I spent the day outside, with my husband, who loves golf, and I, well, I just love Phil. Phil Mickelson that is. I thought I was going to deliver David the day Phil won the fact, Jeremy, my mom and our friends thought I was going to deliver as well. As it was, I didn't, but wouldn't that have been a storybook beginning??? No, I don't love Phil enough to name my child that, just in case you were wondering. I just really like him. So, I not only got to see Phil, I saw Harrington, Donald, and Goosen (all playing in a 3 pack Friday), Davis Love III, Sabbatini (he got really ticked on the 3rd hole that day), and Stuart Cink. I watched one guy throw his ball in the water and putter in the bag and attempt to walk up a grueling hill by his lonesome...some golfers, they just can't handle disappointment. Anyway, thanks to Jeremy, we had a great time. Thanks for making my first trip to a tournament a blast...I look forward to enjoying many more with you.
Saturday Jeremy went back to the tournament and me, David and grandma went shopping and to visit some friends. David hasn't been able to see some of his old friends from Atlanta in a while, so we went to the Hinton's and David got to play his little heart out. He learns a lot about sharing there. Grandma bought David some Cookie/Elmo tennis shoes, so that was the highlight of his day. He failed to take a nap that day though, ten minutes in the car is NOT considered a nap. That was okay, since it was Time Change, so it did not kill him to go to bed early.
And the weekend ended nicely, and it was off to work on Monday (bad weather day), but the sun managed to come out and today, just as equally as nice. I love Spring! I have a great view from the little house I work in; the trees are getting their leaves back and I am looking forward to a nice Spring and Summer here.
We are having a little issue at home, we call it the Bedtime Blues. Since it's daylight still at 730, my precious one thinks it must still be time to stay up. It wouldn't be so bad that he waited till 815 to go to bed, but it's the 630 wake up call that he hates. I use the term hates as in "when child screams bloody murder to make you stop taking pj's off to put school clothes on and won't stop until you stop and let him return to bed." Oh, now you want your bed...well, yeah, too bad, it's time to get up and go to school. It's kind of sad really, because I know he just wants to sleep a little later, and we did let him sleep somewhat later, since it's Spring Break, and there is NO TRAFFIC! WOO HOO! Thank goodness for weeks like this. This makes work worthwhile. I can hardly wait for Summer Vacation! But, the bedtime blues are killin me. We are going to start bedtime a little earlier tonight, in hopes of eating dinner before 800. Maybe I should cover his windows in back construction, wait, that would not be condusive, and the apartment complex probably wouldn't like that. I will let you know how that saga goes. We can't even have our family prayer time without him pitching a fit, since he knows bed is coming next.
Hope you all are having a great week so far!