Sunday, July 29, 2007

Rest of the Week and Home from Camp

Been out of touch, but all for good reason...been on "vacation" from the grind and from the Boo. :) I only worked three days last week, so I was writing my Thankful Thursday from my own room! Thursday was nice! We worked out with a trainer at our apartment complex - that was not the nice part. I didn't eat breakfast, so it didn't start out so good. After an apple it got better, but after finding out the cost I fell into much nausea again. We agreed to discuss it and we would let them know.
After that, we drove up to Helen, GA. Nice drive from our place and we managed to dodge most of the rain. We watch several people make fudge and candy apples and walked around looking at all the nick-nacks. We drove up to Unicoi Lodge and scoped it out...I recalled a retreat I went to there years ago, and Jeremy and I just enjoyed being with one another, talking and sharing and laughing - lots of laughter. He took me to eat at a new seafood place near Lake Lanier park and it was yummy.
Frida we started our day at the driving range. Hubby got a new driver and wanted to try it out. I brought a book to enjoy, but managed to hit a few balls myself. :) I am still learning. We then drove and made a huge decision to join a fitness club. We liked the place, knew some friends went there, and took the plunge. This wasn't a spur of the moment decision; it's been a long time coming. I went to another appt on Tuesday where my BP was still's not just's LIFE CHANGE and it needs to happen soon or I won't be around to see my child grow up. That might sounds drastic, but it's truth, and I am up to admitting that I need help, so that's why we joined the fitness club. We each have our first appointments on Monday evening.
We topped Friday night off at Stoney River Steakhouse. We didn't gorge ourselves, because, you know, the fitness club, but we did have a great meal.
Saturday, our actual anniversary, was spent going to get the BOO BEAR! We met at a 1/2 way point, had lunch, and then brought our Boo home. He looks so much taller and talks some mature. Oh my heavens...I just missed him sooooo much! I did enjoy the time with Jeremy as well, so maybe in a few months he can go back and spend some time. My sister-in-law wants him now and she didn't get that much time with him...:) He had a great week! We had a great week! Till next time....

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful with a grateful heart this week for...

July 28, 2001 - The day this event occured in my life. That man standing next to me, holding my face, sealed our marriage with a kiss. I then became Mrs. to the future Pastor. I enjoyed so much of my wedding day. It was beautiful outside, it rained after we left, it was just so memorable. I stood in the back of the church while the minister gave Jeremy a charge - some statements that he agreed to with an "I will or I promise." Those were unique and special because the man who did our ceremony was a good friend of ours and helped Jeremy define His call to pastor and head to seminary. His charge was of being the head of our house and loving me, but it was also about fulfilling the call God placed on Him. It was an incredible thing to listen and watch from the back of the church.

Here we are at the reception - those smiles are forever. When times get down a smile always enhances the despair that we might be feeling. Learning to smile through the adventures has been our ammo against anything.

This man has helped change my life.

He loves Jesus.

He is a wonderful example of a godly husband and father.

He knows scripture. He isn't afraid to use it. :)

He helps around the house. Dishes - he does them!

He isn't afraid to be silly with me. Can a girl get an Amen?

He isn't afraid to change a diaper. Praise God.

He respects and loves me with all he can physically. When he loses the strength to do that, he turns and asks for more from the Lord.

He is smart. Oh, is he ever smart...

He has a big family.

He is respected by many, even at his ripe age of 30.

He is knowledgeable beyond his years.

He loves to worship. He can't keep a beat. God knows he can't, and He doesn't care. I still remember how we knelt at the altar on our wedding day, committing our lives to the Lord, and our committment to each and how I looked up at him and noticed the blue tissue all over his face. That was reason to giggle a little.

He adores me and our son. I still remember how big his smile was when he held Boo that first day of his life.

I remember the first time he told me he loved me - in Chattanooga, on the bridge.

He is God's precious gift to me. God loved us so much that He saw fit for us to be together. This Saturday will be 6 years! It has flown by and yet stayed still all in the middle of those 6 years. It has been adventurous and fearless all in the same hours. It has been trying and helpless all in the same minutes. One word? Incredible.

Jeremy - I love you and I can't imagine taking this journey with anyone else by my side. He has called us to an incredible life with Him. I am enjoying the ride.



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Monday, July 23, 2007

Newlyweds Again

Did you hear that?
Yeah, me too.
Nothing. You could hear a pin drop in this place! No little hear ME??? NO LITTLE MAN!
Boo is enrolled at Camp Nana and Papa this week. I said goobye to him last night really when I put him to bed, but managed to sneak into his room this morning (early!) and kiss him and tell him I loved him. He will be there till Saturday. Nana and Papa will take such good care of him - I know this, because my in-laws raised 5 kids. I wasn't sure who was more excited - Boo or Nana! He will get to see his cousins and auntie too, I think. Praise God for family.

How am I? I doing okay, but like I said you could hear a pin drop! Jeremy is at a meeting and I am home just relaxing, cathing up with old friends and all of their kids and family. So, we are newlyweds this week...and did I mention, this weekend will mark SIX YEARS for this Greer family. Hard to believe that much time has passed and that we used to live in Texas for a brief stint of our marriage. We are taking some time off later in the week to spend with each other and get away from the grind of life. The Do Not Disturb sign will be up come Thursday. :)

On another note, my replacement at work started today. Hip Hip Hooray!!! I love her dearly and pray that she stays a long time there...I have three weeks to take my brain out, dump all the work info and put it in her brain. Wish my luck! :)

Resting in Him-

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Date Day with Boo

Must have been the luck of the draw - only one load of laundry to do, house pretty clean, Jeremy gone to help friends move, family went back to FL today, hm...sounds like we don't have a thing to do or be at! Maybe we should celebrate?
Boo and I got our gear on and headed to the pool - it's a mere 50 paces to the pool, up hill. Decked in our swimsuits, lotion (Boo) and packed a bag of towels, snacks (priorities people!) and drinks...we were ready. After an hour of play, we drove to Chick Fil A and got lunch and brought it back, while dodging wasps and yellow jackets, we managed to eat our meal and play more. Watching Boo be so confident in the pool was incredible. He had his swimmies on, but he would throw a toy in and off the step he would jump in after it. It was awesome. We came home and had been gone 3 hours - the most we have ever spent at the pool. I was burnt, but not too bad. David, with 50 SPF, got nothing.
I love day dates with Boo...he even took a nap for me! Now, that's impressive.

Weather was beautiful, hope you had a great one.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thankful Thursday

This week I give thanks with a grateful heart for...

Life! Sometimes it goes so fast and it passes by, but sometimes I just enjoy reveling in the thought of it all. The way the Lord gives life and takes away makes me stand in awe of Him. I don't like it when He takes life away - I have seen many friends lose children from their womb and watched my grandparents pass away recently - but after it's all said and done, I revel in Him. I glorify Him and I praise Him for life and breath. He has a purpose and plan for all on this earth and even through the times of storms, He has a purpose. All for the glory of Him!

Baseball! Now, I love me some baseball folks...if you didn't know that, then you don't know who I am! Thanks to my grandfather I love the game. I grew up watching it and knowing it and then doing the stats for it in high school. It was the reason Jeremy asked me on our first date - Georgia Tech was in the playoffs - and it's the reason I got to see my family this past weekend. My youngest cousin is in town playing ball with a travel team. He is here this week too and although we haven't made it to a weekly game, because of the time he plays, it's nice knowing he is here and so is my aunt and uncle. I hope to see them all again this weekend. Sidenote: Boo LOOOOVVVEESSS his NOLAN and his NENE. In fact, he calls them my Nolan and my Nene. It's hilarious and my aunt just smiles oodles when she hears him say it.

Anniversary! On the 28th, Jeremy and I will celebrate 6 years of marriage. If you were there on that day, you would know that I enjoyed every piece of that special day, even down to the rain, that the Lord held off till we got in the limo. I loved my dress, I loved our friends and family all gathering there, the cake was great, and oh my heavens, that precious man standing at the altar waiting for me, well, he's just the greatest. I could go on and on, but I will do that next Thursday, if I have time. We have registered Boo into Camp Greer (i.e. Nana and Papa's house) on Wednesday night and we'll be back to get him on Saturday. Waaahoo...

Music and Scripture! I watched my husband and my son play guitar tonight on our bed. It was the sweetest moments a momma can have and I just love that my son gets music. Jeremy has a guitar, but doesn't play and we have considered selling it so often, but seeing our son sing out loud some of his best Dave Crowder and Matt Redman would make anyone say "Sign that boy up for lessons!" I know he is three, but he is learning a great deal about music and worshipping the Lord. He has learned 8 scriptures that he recites before bed and he is now recognizing that a lot of the songs we sing have the verses in them. It's all starting to make sense. Thank you Lord for you - your Word and the way you use people to write songs to give you glory.

Change! Now, what kind of blog would this be with the title "Changed by His Love" if I didn't like change? I have learned over the years to embrace change, even change that doesn't directly affect me negative or positively. Embracing and adapting are words I turn to frequently when changes are occuring.

Holy Spirit! I saw an active way that the Lord brought Jeremy and I to some thoughts about things this past week. It was clear that our own spirit was working through each of us and reminding us to think about things and then we started talking and we were on the same page about a certain topic. It was the neatest experience. It wasn't something big or life changing, but an outer circumstance taking place around us and had it gone much further without us questioning, talking and sharing, it could have gotten real bad, real fast.

There are so many more things that I am thinking about on a daily basis that I am thankful for - freedom, worship, rest, doctors, and so much more. I pray you are finding an place of thankfulness in your life. For more Thankful Thursdays, visit Laurel at Laurel Wreath - our guest host this week.

Soaking Him up!


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I Won!

Oh my gracious...I can hardly believe it! I won!
Oh, you want to know WHAT I won?
I am so glad you asked!

I won the contest at 5 Minutes for Mom for Mandisa's full length CD (due in stores on July 31st!) and since I was the grand prize winner, I won her book Idol Eyes! Oh my stars! I just can't believe it. Thank you Janice and Susan!!!

I promise to post a review of the book and CD when I get them.

In Him-

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday!

I am thankful with a grateful heart this week for:

Obedience - Now, that might sound silly, but I have witnessed pure obedience this week in a person and I just gotta say, I am SO proud of that girl! If she is reading this, and I suspect she is, then I hope she will know divinely that I am speaking about her. It took guts to be completely obedient and she did it! Her road has been bumpy and it may still be bumpy, but she doesn't have to care what others think, she was being obedient and she is leaving all the consequences up to Him. Rock on girl!

Daddy's Birthday - Tomorrow is the 13th - Friday the 13th, but it's also my dad's birthday! Wahoo for him! He isn't really all that "down" with birthdays like me, and he is reading this thinking, "where's my present?" and he should know by now that it's not ready and I probably won't get around to sending it till next week. Sorry Daddy!! :) This week is packed, but I haven't forgotten and I love you. I absolutely love you! :)

Calm/Storm - I am most grateful this week for the calms and the storms that rage around us. Sometimes the news of change can be perceived in two different ways. We were looking at it in a sense of good and our dear friends were receiving the same news with fear and hurt. How can that be? I am not really sure the ins and outs of it all, but all I can say is the peace we feel is only from the Lord. I don't know what the future holds in regards to this change taking place, but I do know that He is in control and we will rest in that. Bring the Rain!
Friends - I have a dear friend in Texas that just started a blog. Her name is LeRay and she is incredible. Her and Chris used to serve with us at FBA and I miss them. Please go visit her and leave her a comment...just say Hi! She loves comments!! :) She posted about a mutual friend of ours coming for a visit with their kids...I miss them both so much. Truly wonder and great women of God who taught me a lot about pressing on and keeping up my house with child. I am better for knowing them.
For more, Thankful Thursdays, visit Iris at Sting my Heart.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

In Other Words

"Relying on God has to begin all over again every day as if nothing yet had been done."

~C.S. Lewis~

"Come on Boo! Let's go! We are late late late....for a very important date." As usual, we struggle to get dressed, get moving, get the bag packed and out of the door in a short amount of time. Does this sound like fun to you? And if that wasn't enough, we would do this approximately 6 times a week - five work days, and the oh so important day - Sunday. Getting out the door for church was sometimes like pulling teeth. Hubby has already left because of duty and responsibility and getting Boo unglued from the morning cartoons was enough to make me batty.

Notice, I didn't mention one word about God. There was no relying on God to do any of that. And yet my frustration level was

I don't, nor did I then, just say some magic prayer and all of sudden the three year old obeys perfectly and gets dressed by himself and is ready in took conscious thoughts and prayers to get the ball rolling. We still have our moments, but, honestly, who doesn't? And three year olds, they have their moments, people.

Relying on God. Total dependence on Him. Putting my faith and trust in His hands, because honestly, I am nothing without Him. Acknowledging that I am not in control, and when the wind and waves start coming at me, I rest and rely on Him to deal with the circumstances of this life. Barking at my son was not going to help him have a cheerful heart and be ready to take on his day, but preparing him - giving him his time limit; preparing his heart for church while we are getting dressed - telling him who all will be there and how the Lord wants to speak to his heart today; showing him we don't rush around like fools - that's not the way of our Father.

I have been more convicted and convinced than ever that children are lurking. My child, or anyone else's for that matter, doesn't want to see me talking and preaching to them and never living Christ out in front of them. I want my son to know that his daddy and I love Jesus and we are willing to go great lengths with Him. We have been rejoicing in our house this week over paying off our debt - it has been an eye opening lesson on relying on Him, and we have already begun to see the reward for obedience.

Have a blessed day!


Monday, July 09, 2007

Why I love me some Jesus

I was tagged by Terri at In His Hands to list 5 reasons why I love Jesus! Just FIVE?? Oh gracious alive, how will I narrow it all down to FIVE!

5 Reasons Why I love Jesus:
  1. He is not silent on my behalf. (Isaiah 62:1) In my bible, where it says Zion and Jerusalem, it's circled and my name is put there. It was in a sermon that I did that, and it reminds me that for my sake, He is not silent.
  2. His wind blows in my life. (John 3:8) When I allow His wind to blow, instead of my own, I stay in the path of His will. It's easy to get of course, but it's so worth the outcome!
  3. Abundant Life. (John 10:10) He came so that we may have life and have it abundantly. I am constantly reminded of choosing life. His life. The one He lives IN me. (Gal 2:20)
  4. He is the Lord! (Isaiah 42:8) He is in control and I don't have to worry. Now, do I still worry? Yes, because I am flesh, but He doesn't want me to worry, He wants me to trust Him!
  5. He loves me. (John 3:16; Prov 3:12; John 13:34) The whole Bible is a story of ultimate love from God the Father onto His people. Love comes with sacrifice and Jesus proved to be the ultimate sacrifice.

I tried to pick some unique whys of loving Jesus. He is powerful and graceful when I lack all of that, and yet he calls me Child. Friend. Bride. He lacks in nothing. Oh, thank you, Lord, that you LACK in NOTHING!

I have tagged The Preacher's Wife and Guinevere Meadow and anyone else that wants to join.


Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thankful Thursday

This continues to remind me to be thankful and how fast the weeks are flying by! Giving thanks with a grateful heart today for...

Yesterday! The day was just beautiful! We drove up to Commerce to the Outlet malls. I can say we were not the only ones with that idea. We had a blast. Boo did great shopping (it's hit or miss lately) and we all got some nice things. He even had his first "trying on" session, and let me tell you, I think we have created a monster! He tries on his shirts and stands and poses in the mirror, checkin' himself out. It's hilarious. Jeremy got another pair of jeans, now, he in fact, has TWO, count them, TWO pairs of jeans. Now we are cookin' with gas. I got a really cute jacket and shirt and sweater for the Fall/Winter. They were all a steal of a deal.

Freedom! Although we didn't do the traditional thing yesterday, we did eat well and watched the fireworks from our TV, which is absolutely the best place not to deal with traffic while trying to get to bed, ya know? With all that said, it didn't matter where we celebrated, we thought of the people who laid down their lives for us to have such freedom. We are a blessed nation and people! (That's what my husband's sermon was on last week!) We are not to be lack in being a blessing to others as well.

Debt-Free Living! In all our years of marriage (6, this month), we have always held some chunk of debt...and that is true no longer. In our minds we had it all paid off this past Feb/March when we knew we would be getting extra money back on our tax returns from the previous year! It was a total God-send. For some reason though, the day that we deposited the check has now become a date of significance...Jeremy deposited the check last Wednesday, I gave my notice last Wednesday, and the Pastor and Jeremy had a unique conversation on Wednesday as well. Not coincidence, but completely the Lord. I can only say this from complete experience - there is just nothing greater than following the Lord's will. Sometimes it's a long process, we don't know what's on the other side, we just know we are called to do THIS for as long as He says. Blessed be His Name today!

New Life! My best friend gave birth last Thursday to Baby Caroline. She is the third child born to my friends and oh my heavens, she is just precious! I was able to go to the hospital on Friday with our other friend, Michelle, and we all just had the best time being together. Praise the Lord for new life in that family! The way you grant life, oh Lord, it's truly amazing.

Lessons! There has come a point in my life where God is absolutely teaching me a lesson. I am learning to be grateful in the lessons and the path He is leading me (us) on. This is one of the toughest lessons and it's sometimes so difficult I don't want to talk about it. I am making baby steps in admitting that I can't take it anymore and want life change to come about through this lesson. Continuing to praise You Lord through this patch of focusing of You to help me make better choices when it comes to food.

May you be a blessing today!

Soaking Him Up!


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Last Chance

It's your last chance to sign up for any of the Fourth of July contests at 5 Minutes for Mom! All comments and posts have to be in by Midnight tonight. Good Luck!