Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Completely His?

Has anyone out there read Shannon Etheridge's Completely His? I purchased it a while back and while I was sick a few weeks back I decided to pick it up. I gotta be honest...I couldn't get through the first chapter!!! Her words were jumping off the page at me, but I couldn't swallow them at all. I think, at first, it shocked me...if you have read the first chapter then you will know what I am talking about. It brought me to recognize more fully my "burning bush" experience, but in my heart and mind this is what I was thinking...
God, normally when you lead me to something you are (obviously) teaching me something through it, and honestly, (as if I couldn't be more honest with HIM!), I am not ready for what you want to teach me through this.
Have you ever thought that? Have you ever said that - I am not ready for what you have to teach me through this??? I explained it to my husband, because I was really shaken up by the things my mind was trying to wrap around. Here's what I said to my husband...
As a mom, and like most parents, I am in a protection mode when it comes to our son. "Don't run toward the street!" (a car could hit him), "NO, you can't go into the boy's bathroom, because mommy can't go in there and you have to go into the girl's bathroom, even though you desperately want to prove to me how big you are" (there could be someone waiting in there to snatch him and well, let's just stop our minds there!). I KNOW! I KNOW!
If you are one of my best girl friends reading this, or even remotely know me, you are saying exactly what I have already said to myself...I am OFTEN motivated by, dare I say it, FEAR! It's the fear of the unknown, like what or who might be lurking in that bathroom (but gracious alive, he's not even 4 yet!), and then it's the instinct to want to protect your child.
I can reason it in my mind like the best of them, okay. I can argue with the Lord all I want, but ultimately my protection won't be enough. God, the ultimate protector, will prevail. And gracious, if you just stumbled on me and my life, you will know that I know that sometimes things, not so great things, happen to very good people - friends and family - people we love and care about. THIS IS NOT A NEW CONCEPT TO ME! I guess, right now, I am learning to turn over even more of myself. My control freak grip gets tighter and tighter and my mind spins in circles and yet I hear the Lord's comforting words and I have to be intentional about accepting them. It's about turning off Satan's words in my head too...the constant bad thoughts that something could happen, and going back to the book, would I be like that family and trust and forgive so easily. I want to be that person, that family, but then I say..."Don't test me on it, Lord!"
If anyone out there has read the book, I would be interested in knowing your thoughts.

Monday, March 10, 2008

More Baseball Fun

To appease the family...
Can you resist this cutie face? I think not!!!!!!!!

Here he is showing off his new bat and stance...

Here he shows me how he swings hard...

At the plate...

He has his first real game this week, so he is so excited. He got his uniform - shirt, hat and socks - and is thrilled about wearing them! Grandma is coming up to see him play!! YIPPIE! It's going to be a busy spring.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Baseball Practice

Here is Boo enjoying one of his first practices as a Rookie Brave:

Nice stance.

Here is Coach Eric helping Boo

Here he is on 1st Base:

And here is on 3rd base! That would be the corner of Jeremy to the left and that would be Boo waving and yelling, what? Oh yeah, he was yelling, HI MOM!!!!! (The whole Bill Cosby syndrome - the dads teach them all they know about the sport and the first chance the boy gets when he scores or does something great, he says "Hey Mom!")

Monday, March 03, 2008

Snow Day #2

Finally getting around to downloading my pictures - all 100 plus of them! Some are from preschool, but most are from Snow Day and Baseball! So the next few posts will be full of fun pictures.

Snow Day #2 happened the day after we moved into our house!!! I don't know how we were so lucky, but honestly, it was tons of fun!

Enjoy! This is Boo excited about the SNOW! :)

As you can see...it's enough to make some snowballs!

Here is Boo getting ready to get a big one and throw it at me!

Here is what our neighborhood looked like from our driveway! Beautiful!