Saturday, April 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Boo!

Boo Bear-
It's your birthday weekend! You love are much like mommy in that way. Today is your party and right now I am watching you play Candy Land with all 4 pieces all by yourself. You blow my mind. You crack yourself up with silly phrases and knock-knock jokes and I think you grow 2 inches each night! Yesterday you had another hit off the pitcher at Tee-Ball and you were so thrilled with yourself. Your timing is getting better and I am so proud of you. You didn't realize this, but another little boy on your team was there with his Pepa and he was calling out his name while waiting to reminded me that your Pepa would probably be so proud of you too...he's probably got a front row seat from Heaven.
This is an exciting year for you, as you are getting a little brother in about 2 1/2 months. You keep asking me when he's going to get here, but most days you just want to feel him kicking in my belly. You tell me how much help you are going to be when baby comes. You say you want to dress and feed him and that you will rock him in the rocking chair...I love your willingness and attitude about it. :)
You love preschool and your teachers love you. You are very smart and doing things well beyond your age already. Daddy and I are impressed. You are enjoying playing outside in our backyard with all your sports balls, particularly while Daddy cooks on the grill and you are absolutely in love with the new umbrella that sits on your picnic table! It's awesome. Most days you just want to eat outside now...which cracks us up.
Last weekend you and Grandma planted flowers together and you have been diligent about watering them each day. You enjoy getting the mail and you totally love Tuesdays, because that's when the garbage man comes. You are strong enough to carry the recycle bin down to the street and you enjoy your "chore" of taking the cans and plastics to the bin. You are an enormous help to me.
I can't even begin to explain what a joy you are to me. You are strong-willed and want your way most days, so I stay on my toes for new ways to keep you grounded and engaged. Your food choices are getting better and with a little coaxing still you have pretty much learned I ain't the short order cook. The other night after dinner you and I sat at the breakfast nook and just talked...I have asked the Lord to write that memory on my heart forever. It was a joy.
I love you more than I will even begin to comprehend or write down! But always know there is someone who loves you more and deeper than Daddy or I ever can and that's the Lord! You know this fact already, becuase we talk about it often and I hope that one day when the Lord knocks on your heart you will be ready to accept Him.
I love you!


Saturday, April 05, 2008

March 2008

I have been meaning to post these, and I thought since we are leaving for vacation tomorrow, I would clean my camera disk here goes...
Here is grandma and Boo in his new TENT! That would be the one his Aunt She-She MADE him! Cool huh???

Here are Boo and Daddy and the Chick-Fil-A COW! We were at the Easter Egg Hunt at our church and the cow was nice enough to come too. :)

Here is Boo on Easter Sunday...playing with the eggs, which is the norm...he made Grandma and I hide the eggs about 8 times and even Grandma got to help find them! :)

And here we are at church on Sunday...Last year with just three of us!!!

Off to the beach for a little R&R!