Sunday, December 02, 2007

Family Pictures

We went for our family photo this past week, in time for Christmas holidays and since I haven't gotten Boo's picture taken since his 3rd birthday, I figured he could shine his winning smile and boy did he ever! Jeremy was blown away, since after all, he only saw the pictures from his last photo session...not the actual child blowing me away with every tilted head and crooked little smile. Whew...3 1/2 years is so little time, but sometimes feels like an eternity.

So, here are just a few of his precious moments...

We could not have planned that any better...his jumping out of the tree was NOT PLANNED, he just did it and she captured it. It was hilarious!

With the white background it's hard to tell, but his hair tells you that boy is mid-air.

Awww, now that's my cutie boy.

And this would be one of our family shots. It became more sentimental to me when I realized that it would be our last family photo of just three.


You read that right, we are EXPECTING A BABY!!! I have included the countdown calendar and will move it to top in a few days. We are due mid-July and very very excited. Boo is thrilled and he really wanted a brother AND a sister, but we got confirmation that there is only 1 sac in there, much to his dismay. He said at first that the baby was growing in my heart (isn't that sweet????), but now it's in my belly. I have been dealing with high blood pressure for a few months now, so I need to keep my pressure down so I can carry the baby to close to full term. I will see a specialist because of the blood pressure, but we are not worried. God, in His inifite timing and perfect plan has granted us this...we are beyond grateful and marvel at His awesome ways.

In Christ-


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thankful List

I guess it's a little late to be posting this, but I am just now getting around to it. Thursday was a wash with traveling across the state and Friday we were up early and out the door and then we came home to catch up on the zzz's we missed. The weekend was kind of a blur with Jeremy preaching and visiting family, so I am just now sitting down to write this. I apologize, but it's not any less meaningful today. :)

I am thankful...
God's ways are not my ways.
We will close on our house on Friday.
Boo is a growing healthy little man.
He loves life.
He enjoys school.
His little brain absorbs information like a sponge!
Boo and his daddy make me laugh - A LOT.
For my husband, who loves, honors, and respects me.
For all the people in my life who make me laugh.
For the same people who push me toward the One True King.
For prayer...
For His timing...
For His most perfect way.
It's not always my way, but oh how it's perfect.

Much love,

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Almost Time...

Feast Week is over, was a little crazy there for a few days, but none the less, we have wet our whistles for what Thanksgiving day will be like at my in-laws. Boo, the picky eater, has settled in on cheese and bread, so that's most likely what he will partake in, sad really, he's missing my sweet potato casserole and my m-i-l's good cooking.
It's time to start cooking tomorrow for Feed the Need. We have lots of families who come to the church for needs and beginning tonight, the cooking started. We will partake tomorrow, teaching Boo about cooking and preparing our hearts for Thanksgiving, giving thanks to God Almighty for all He has bestowed upon us this year.
I am working on my Thankful list, but probably won't post it till later on Thursday...


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Feast Week

I know what you are thinking...Karen, it's not Feast week yet, that's next week. Well, indeed it is next week, but Feasting began today when Boo had his first feast at preschool. He gets another one on Thursday, the price of being in a 3-day and 2-day class respectively. He was a pilgrim. Oh gracious alive, I know you want to see pictures. They are coming, I's my goal for tomorrow - DOWNLOAD PICTURES, OVERWHELM BLOGGY FRIENDS, check check. :)
My first feast with my 2's will be on Friday, and then my second on Monday. I am so thrilled to see what the kids do and how they act when mom and dad are watching. Let me just tell you what these two's do to me each week, are you ready?

Monday/Tuesday- we go through the whole separationanxiety with one little boy. He cries, but is fine after 3 minutes...he so does it for mom. One little boy decided this week to blatantly spill his water ON.THE.FLOOR during snack AND lunch. So not like him, so I had a little chat with mom today. Yeah, she wasn't too thrilled either. He's the same boy who doesn't like paint, but coloring and stamping he is ALL OVER. One little girl perks up after chapel or music (it's her favorite, could be because I don't lead either of them). One girl has recently learned after two months that you actually can PLAY on the playground. Before that she just stood there for the 30 minutes we were out there. I have many little boys, but three of them stick together in a brotherhood of sorts, each respectively from Japan, Korea, and China. Coincidentaly or not one of them is the separationanxiety I spoke of and the other is the water spiller. I have one girl who just recently found her voice, but is also the same girl who holds her water cup while eating, therefore spilling it EVERY.DAY. Another little girl and little boy are my leaders. If my assistant and I fell over dead, the little girl could so lead the class, and the little boy would be her helper, since they both ask me WHY? WHY? WHY? I love them, and she is also the one who tells me she loves me A LOT. One little boy always has a runny nose, but oh my gracious, he's so cute. Another proceeds to stand in the corner and do his business each day...we are so on to him. Did I mention we are trying to potty train too? Let's see, oh and then there's the one who reminds me so much of Boo. In fact, his mother said to me today, after she witnessed my joyfully adundant child give a face and snap at me, that I actually had a little boy just like hers at home too!? This boy has groove and he is the shortest little on in all my classes. He smiles and I would so give him a million dollars. One little girl is the princess of the castle and knows it.
When Tuesday is over I go home and sleep it off till Thursday. No, just teasing. I actually do get up on Wednesday and take Boo to school, but try to go home and rest more or workout, whatever I feel like.

Thursday/Friday - I had such high hopes for the one little girl who was destined to be my greeter. Although, she didn't realize that crying and laying out on the floor at the door does not make for a good greeter. After about 10 minutes she all of a sudden will perk up and start asking questions and playing. I love her, she always wears bows, too. I have a set of twins who are the epitomy of a set of boy/girl twins. The girl is dominant, the boy, a great follower to his sister. He must sit by her, she doesn't give him the time of day. It's the funniest thing in the world. Their mom and I are new BFF's. This is the class of drama, for sure. I have 4 main leaders (3 girls and 1 boy) and an incredible amount of followers. One girl is my climber. One boy recently found his voice and has used it very well, I must say. They all love to sing. They think Ms. Karen is crazy when she dances and sings LOUDLY in chapel. :) One girl(leader) LOVES Backyardigans. I mean LOVES. It's awesome. One boy LOVES Spiderman, again LOVES. One boy LOVES Star Wars, again LOVES. One kid eats ALL of his lunch everyday and never complains. One girl always shows up late, but makes up for it in personality. I have a water spiller in this class too...same girl, different day. One girl questions all I do too...but I am so used to it these days, it doesn't even phase me.

Let me just say, these 24 little ones CRACK. ME. UP. I know you all think I am totally insane, but the good most definately, no, always outweighs the bad. Every one has their moments, even at 2, and I have seen them all come full circle and go back again. They bond with each other and have playdates and it's just the cutest thing to see them growing together. I totally have grown 7 sets of eyes in the back and sides of my head, and they know it. They push me to teach them better and I push them to absorb it all. It's a part time job with full time benefits.

So, on that note, I am exhausted.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Happy November!

I am loving the Fall weather! I love not having to wear's not that I love socks, but I do enjoy having softer feet. Halloween came and went without a blink from us. With having it on a Wednesday night, we didn't participate in trick or treating. We normally don't...not that I have anything against it, but Boo hasn't really gotten the whole idea of dressing up. He has never had a costume, because he hates being hot, so the best he got was a Halloween shirt each year. We haven't lived in a neigborhood that had an event or anything, so we always went to a Fall Festival thing at church and that sufficed. Next year, however, we will live in a NEIGHBORHOOD!!!! A real neighborhood, with friends and neighbors who actually get together and do life together. Oh praise Him! I am so excited. And the welcoming committee already greeted us, and it's no coincidence, because the guy is on a multi-church committe with my husband Jeremy! So, we already have instant friends with a child the same age as ours! I couldn't be more thrilled. Just under 30 days till closing.
I have been busy preparing my kids for a killer throw down of November, with lots of crafts and planning for THE FEAST. My room moms are working overtime gathering all good things and people to attend and I am busy getting my kids prepped and up on their Indians and Pilgrims. :) I love my job. Can I just say that? I really do. I miss my old job too, and the people, but I really enjoy my new one.
And so, it's time to put the Boo to's Fall Back time. Gracious alive if he wakes before 6:30 I am going to be miserable. He actually napped today and we have kept him up till 9, so prayerfully that boy will sleep in...although, I am not counting on it. He has had this habit lately of coming and sleeping on the couch in the middle of the night.
Don't forget to change your clocks back!!


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Our New House!

We got the house! It happened last night, but I have been so busy day dreaming about my colors, that I just haven't gotten around to blogging about it. :) Just teasing. We did call family and some friends last night and I was busy today doing some cleaning - Boo and the bathroom. That's another story for another day.
This is the front of the house. That is a bonus room over the garage!

Ahh, the great room. It has a huge vaulted ceiling. The color is a little dark, so we will be lightening that up a little.

This is the kitchen. Don't get used to it, since it's all going away. The wall is a nice green, but it is not pretty. The countertop was spray painted as well. In the background you can see the red color, which is the dining room. They took this picture standing in the breakfast nook. We will most likely put some hardwoods down, get new cabinets and new appliances.
So, that's a small sneak peek into the house. When we repaint and fix it up, I will post more pictures...that will be a few months.


Saturday, October 20, 2007

Covenant vs Contract

It just blows my mind what can happen in a week. A week ago last Wednesday I called a realtor lady whom we met at a Home Buying Seminar. She was nice and I clicked with her, so I figured she might be able to help us locate a home. We have been looking for a while, so I just needed some help finding what I wasn't seeing. By Sunday we were out looking, by Wednesday we had narrowed it down to a neighborhood and Friday my mom came to look at the two we had chosen. I was okay with the houses. Did you hear? I was just okay. I have settled in my mind that we couldn't go any bigger or any more money, so I was okay with it being a small cute house in a nice neighborhood...and then we said, well, can we just go by these two other houses in two different neighborhoods in a different school zone? They are a little more money, but we want to see them. Voila. We see them on Friday with my mom and gracious alive, she and I love them and Jeremy loves it too! Dinner, tried to sleep, and by 6:00 PM today we made an offer. DID YOU HEAR ME? We made an offer on a house!!!!! Now, this is not really a time of celebrating, it's just a time of waiting. pure torture, I say. :) hee hee.

In dealing with all that, it gave me a new found perspective on this contract and covenant thing. We hear and preach so much of marriage being a covenant, much like the one Christ made with his Bride, the Church and it was so hard bringing the word contract back in my realm of thinking. When we sign those lines, it is a contract. We want certain things, a price, closing costs, warranties, etc., and the other party wants money. We are thinking of paint colors and furniture and this is a big deal.

My marriage is just as equally a big deal! I didn't sign but one piece of paper, the marriage license, to marry Jeremy. Aside from the words and promises I made to Him, before God and everybody, there is no "contract" of sorts. It's a covenant relationship. It's vital. It's important. It cannot be broken. So, in the midst of all this, remind yourself this week that your marriage is not a contract, it's a convenant.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Spend the Night

Boo had a spend the night on Friday at his grandma's house. He was sooooooo excited...I think he actually forgot to say goodbye to me! We had a social to attend, but we really just wanted a full nights sleep. He has this annoying habit of waking up in the middle of the night and taking his pallet and bringing it to the living room and laying down on it. This morning he actually got up at 5:30 and turned the TV on...uh, no. I told him to turn it off and he did, but then he brought his pallet to my room to sleep. That lasted about 20 minutes until he crawled into bed with us. By this time, it's like 6:30, so I didn't say anything...I mean, good cuddles are fun! He actually fell back asleep, which was nice...

All that to say...nothing. Absolutely nothing.

You want a cute story? Here's the dialogue from this morning:
So after he did all that nonsense stuff, around 7:45 AM, he comes in sniffling. Sometimes when he is acting sad, he sniffles. So, he was sniffling and I said, what's wrong. He said he "wants a baby." Uh. OK. I just look at Jeremy, who starts to snicker. I picked him up and he hugs me tight and says he "wants a baby." Again, OK. So, like what would you do with a baby. Response: "Um, I would put it in the carseat and put that in the stroller and push it." That's sweet Boo...would you like a brother or a sister. "I want a brother AND a sister." On that note he leaves and I look over at Jeremy (again) and he says, hm...I hope he isn't prophetic.
I can't really decide if I would rather Boo not be prophetic about the two kids...I mean, I would like 2 more, preferably not at the same time, but ya know, God knows, and it could happen.
All that to say...I want a baby. Are you praying?


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Time for Reflection...

I think it's good and healthy to reflect on the places, phases, and points in your life where the greatest impact of change has taken place. Let me be clear that this is not a point in time to worship the place, phase or point or wish you were back in that spot...I have done that and that is NOT healthy. Let me be clear when I say this is a time to reflect on Him.
This very day two years ago I was resting uncomfortably in a hospital bed. I was sick. I just had gallbladder surgery five days ago and was unable to keep anything in my system. Although I didn't feel too bad, the on call doctor said no fluid down, must come back to the hospital...the last thing I wanted to hear. With that said, I arrived there and they made me comfortable and the doctor met me before I got to my room. He said it will most likely be overnight and then see how it goes. Bad turned to worse when they would give me food and I would not be able to hold it down. For three days I had no food, not even ice was horrible. My in-laws came to visit and helped take care of Boo...Jeremy had only been at the church about 2 months when all this two very best friends came to visit me in the hospital, which was so was a trying time. I didn't see Boo all week! It was hard. By Day 3 end, I was irritable, and my angel arrived for the night shift. She was a member of our previous church and I had worked with her daughter in the college ministry. She took me on and got me the help I needed. I practically diagnosed myself and by the next morning I was waiting for the doctor for his 6 AM rounds. I demanded a new nausea that didn't make me sleepy and sick, and I got it...and that made me turn a new corner. You could only have the medicine every 12 hours! So, I got my dose at 8 PM that night, loved it, and expected it the next AM at 8. Yeah...right.
It wasn't ordered, so at 8 AM, they had to order it. The lab, being backed up in the morning, was running a bit slow...this is exactly the moment the Lord stepped in. He was always there, but now more evident than ever. For the next hour and a half I waited. I was hungry and my breakfast had arrived and I couldn't eat it, because I was so nauseaus, because I was waiting for my medicine! Vicious cycle...
And that's exactly where the Lord chose to meet me at. I had no one. I had no one else to turn to...but HIM! I prayed for what seemed like hours, at 10 AM, I was dosed up and was able to eat my first meal in weeks! It was only liquid, but it was still oh so good. By the next day the moved me to soft foods and I was able to keep those down all day and then got to go home. It was the longest 6 days of my life and yet it seemed like just the beginning.
My life drastically changed after those days. I never felt more free in my whole life.
I got a lot more bold after those days in the hospital. I also found my true calling in the Lord.
It's good to reflect and see where I have been...nothing happens coincidentally and although it was hard and painful, and I missed my boys and my family worried, it was all for the sake of knowing Him more.

In Christ-

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Lacking in Thought

Is it possible that I have become lacking in thought process, enough to not write for a week??? Or, my gracious, have we been that busy?! I caught up on so many peoples blogs last night and am still catching up. It has been a long, slow week, one filled with lots of discipline. We are still very much trying to learn how to use our ears around here...and yes, I am referring to the little angel in our house, who has recently chosen to not listen and obey. It's okay. We are okay, and we are learning...nothing wrong with that. It's just a tad frustrating. God is prevailing, I am joyful to say.

This would be a good time to plug the Pink Lids on the Yoplait yogurt cups for the next 5-6 weeks in honor of Breast Cancer month; because, let's face it, EVERY LID MATTERS. I made a pink box to stick at our preschool desk for all of us to participate in. We have one teacher battling it right now and another battled it a few years ago. It reminds me so much of Marla and that's why I chose to spearhead the campaign this year for the pink lids. She lost her battle earlier this year, leaving behind a sweet husband and two incredible boys. She served her last few years in the church's preschool and I felt like her service had come full circle. Eat up the yogurt, for the ones we have lost and the ones behind yet to be diagnosed yet.

One more week of September and then it's officially the Fall/Holiday season. I was just telling my kids yesterday at school what a busy October we have. It's picture day, Pumpkin Patch, Fall Festival, oh my. It's gonna be awesome!

Whew...maybe I wasn't lacking in thought...
My boys are gone to breakfast though, so I need to get some small cleaning tasks done before they return...

In Love,
Karen :)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Friend

Last Friday my friend at the Five Powell's gave birth to a little boy! So cuteness! She just rec-created her blog, so I would love for you to drop her a visit and comment. I just spoke to her on the phone and she is in great spirits...maybe it's because it's her third child.
Don't you know how the phone calls are when it's the first child?? Come remember...

Monday, September 10, 2007

First Tech Game

Oh yes, my dears, it's Football Season! Boo and Jeremy headed to Boo's first GA Tech Game this past Saturday! This is him, all decked out and ready to go. What? You are wondering what the monkey is all about? OH, I am so glad you asked!!! Ben, the monkey, came home from preschool with Boo last week. It was Boo's responsibility to take care (feed, change his clothes, journal) and then today he brought him back to class, with pictures and journaled items to talk about in circle time! It's a very cool thing and we were blessed to have Ben in our home for a few, some other lucky boy or girl will take him home toward the end of the week.
Boo had a fabulous time at his first game with his daddy. I had some girl time with my mom at the very crowded Daisy Festival. Boo had so much to tell me that he did at the game, like yell "GO Jackets!" really loud. We are so proud! :)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Giving thanks with a grateful heart this week for...

First week of school - It was not only Boo's first day, but also mine. It was a little touch and go there for a while, but I recooped on Wednesday and am ready to face a new set of faces for Thursday and Friday. Wish me luck! Just think, 12 2-year olds, in one room, for 4 hours, with 2 teachers...ain't life grand? (laugh, people, much laughter!) Next week it will be 5 hours. I posted pictures below.

Boo - He's 3 people and I am pretty tired of changing him. He turned a massive corner just days ago by not wearing pull-ups...of course, the day after I purchased a new bag worth, but hey, it's worth it. He hasn't managed to fully put it all in the potty (you all know what I mean, right?) but this is like his 4th night in under wear...people, much rejoicing is going on in this house...can I get an Amen, and maybe some encouraging words on how to get him to go #2 in the potty???

New Jobs - It's not every year, nor should it ever be again, where both Jeremy and I have new jobs, like within the same month and weeks. I gotta say, just a little over a week ago I was re-thinking this whole thing...knowing in the pit of my heart God has called me for this purpose and really asking Him, "WHAT am I DOING?" After talking through it all, I relinquished my fears and laid them down (many times). It's really the only way. :)

Friends - I am always thankful for good friends...bloggy friends and best friends and new friends. A girl in my SS class just had her baby yesterday...I was a priveleged friend who got to hold the baby today at the hospital...I was the first non-family visitor! How awesome! It gives me baby fever... I had a girls night out last week and it was enjoyable and it should be. Between the three of us we have 7 kids total. It's nice to have a night out every now and then with no kiddos.

I missed you all last week! It's nice to be back! Can't wait to visit! Thanks to Iris for hosting!!! Love you girl! For more Thankful Thursdays, visit Iris and Sting my Heart.


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

First Day of School and Pictures

AHHHHH! The first day of school has come and gone...and let me tell you, my feet hurt! Well, at least they did. It was one tiring day, and it was only the first and not a long one at that. We don't have lunch the first week, so it's only 4 hours worth. I will spare you the sorted details of a crying little boy and upset little girl who wouldn't part with her bag...because although it was my first day of school teaching 2 year olds, it was my little boy's first day of school too!! He has two fabulous teachers who have been working together for years. He managed to have a great first day, with only 1 accident, in which they brought him to me to change him, which was okay....he managed to stay dry and clean the rest of the day. Praise the Lord. He is getting bigger by the moments...wanna see?First Day of School picture - new shoes, new shirt, new haircut, although it looks a little rough today! hee-hee This little man of mine was so excited about going to school that while he was waiting in my classroom for the bell to ring, he kept asking me "Did the bell ring yet?", "Was that the bell?" That's how much this kid was ready for school to start!

And, since I didn't give you any pictures the last month, here are some more...
Here are my 3 favorite guys in the whole world!! Papaw, Boo and Jeremy...we are headed into the Braves game, if you can't tell by the shirts that Boo and Jeremy have on!

Here are my two cuties, with Boo actually giving you the cutie face! Priceless.

And the three of us enjoying each other and the game.

So, all is well in Boo-land!



Sunday, September 02, 2007

Ahh, September

I felt as if August was long, but that's okay, because it was birthday month, so it can be as long as I want....
Alas, it's over. The last birthday celebration was fittingly on the last day of the month, in which Jeremy and I enjoyed dinner at a plush place near the night life part of Atlanta. We had a gift card that my old company gave us for Assistant Day, so we enjoyed ourselves, ala no Boo, who was living up life at Nana and Papa's house...yes, again. It was technically his last week of Summer! He enjoyed Nana and Papa's house, and Aunt Laura's house while I met with all my students and parents during last week. I was exhausted by Thursday afternoon...and I will have you know that I took a nap every day last week...couldn't explain the level of exhaustion, it was surreal.
Jeremy preached today while the pastor was out of was on struggles and he used the life of Jacob as his example. It was good and we got out early! I know, that's not really the point. :) Just a sidenote.
Because it's September, that means College Football has begun...can I get a Sting Em for the Jackets whomping on the Irish??? Oh yeah baby! We proudly wore our White and Gold yesterday and what a game! We are hoping to take Boo to a game this year...we will let you know how that goes.

For all my Siesta friends out there, the Siesta party has been set - click the words Siesta friends back there (<-) to see what the big deal is...can't wait to see you all there...if you are planning on it, please let me know, I want to meet up! :) I know Preacher's Wife is going!

Oh my gracious! Y'all! I have not even begun to tell you about my little preschoolers. Oh how cute and enjoyable they are!! Classes begin on Tuesday! I am excited and Boo is just as excited! I have already re-thought about this several times, but know without a doubt God called me to this purpose. Let's see if I feel the same after the first week! :) hee hee...just teasing. Oh! And Jeremy's job is going well too...lots to learn and deal with, but we are both chugging along.
And, I hate to do this, but if you would say a little prayer for Boo...he is having some trouble with the potty skill, and I really don't want to have to leave my free day to come change him on Wednesdays. It's bad enough if he does the deed in his pants and I am working that day, then they will come bring him to my room for me to change him.
Okay, that's all.


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Birthday Weekend

Thanks to everyone who emailed me well wishes for my birthday and condolenses for my grandmother's passing. I appreciated all of them.
My 30th birthday was indeed incredible, and isn't actually over yet...y'all know I have until the end of the month!!!!! Seriously, my two best girlfriends are having dinner with me on Thursday night at our favorite place, Cheesecake Factory. I am looking forward to that, as we are going out with no kids. They are the same two who met me on Friday at the local deli, with all our kids in tow (we are outnumberd 7 kids to 3 adults) and we actually had my mom there and one of the other girl's mom, 7 to 5, not all bad. :) We let the kids play in the Pottery Barn kids for a little bit that day too...
My wonderfully, terrific, outstanding, godly husband made me an appointment for that evening at my salon to have my hair highlighted. Oh, it is indeed highlighted alright...looks a lot more blonde now.....ahhh...I have been wanting to do that for a while now. I will have to post pictures soon. After that, my boys took me to Macaroni Grill (my choice) and we had a wonderful dinner and dessert for my birthday! It was awesome!
Saturday was filled with wonderful memories as we honored my grandmother at a memorial service. I spoke and so did my husband and we played lots of her favorite music. My husband's family came and so we all had lunch together at Chili's...another favorite of mine. We spent the afternoon with my mom, uncle, aunt and cousin. It was extremely nice.

Full week ahead, with parent and child meetings this week...we are allowing the little boo man to go to his Nana and Papa's the week and will spend some last summer vacation time with them before school starts. We will be wrapping up birthday month style.


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thankful Thursday

"Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body; and be thankful." Colossians 3:15

I am thankful with a grateful heart this week for...

Peace. When a loved one passes away unexpectedly, I long for God's peace. Only it can truly bring comfort and healing to such a weird experience. He has certainly done that for me and my family and for that, well, there just aren't any words. We rejoice knowing my grandmother is truly in His hands.

Preschool. I have been busy working on my 2 year old preschool room and have been having the time of my life with my assistant teacher! Boo has been having a good time too, enjoying playing with some other kids. I still have so much to learn and do, but having a level lead meeting today helped tremendously. I can't wait for school to start!! :)

Family. I just have to cousin, Nolan, made the USA Jr. Olympic Baseball Team and is in another country right now playing baseball for the good ole' USA. Folks, there just isn't a better jersey to wear. I am just so excited for that kid. Remember Fontana, just stamp it on your brain. The kid has my grandfather's genes! Also, my dad was in town this past weekend and we enjoyed a Braves game and luncheon with some of my aunts and uncles was nice.

Birthdays! We celebrated Jeremy's on Sunday, and mine is Friday! WAAHOO!

God's Perfect Plan. You know what I mean...there just isn't anything better than God's perfect plan. Even when we found out that my grandmother passed away on Monday morning, it was never not in God's perfect plan. I kept thinking that this is the last thing I needed this week. I had a meeting to get to at the preschool, I was already starting to not feel good with a head just was a blow to my week. Life is a constant state of divine moments though, so I didn't want the minute to slip by without acknowledging that my life is in Christ...I never have to venture far or step off the cliff without Him. He's always there. He always has been. His eyes never left the situation or circumstance and nothing EVER surprises Him. Praise the Lord.

Many blessings to you all!


Tuesday, August 21, 2007


God's plan for my week hit one of those life altering moments when my mom called yesterday morning to let me know my grandmother, my last living grandparent, passed away. Totally unexpected. I have been emotionally dealing with that aspect for the past day and a half as well as supposed to be working on my preschool room, and if that wasn't enough, now I have a cold. I am in a miserable state right now, but, on the bright side, I have a blessing of a son who knows how to play by himself and for that I am grateful.

Let me introduce you to my grandma, Josephine, Gigi:
Boo and GiGi - I actually named her GG, for Great Grandma, but she signed everything GiGi, so it stuck.

Here we are a year ago.

This is Boo, Grandma (my mom) and GiGi at Christmas time last year and the last one is me, Boo, my cousin Patrick, and GiGi. Last picture of us together.

Grandma (GiGi) was a special lady! She loved the Lord and first introduced me to church as a little girl. She prayed for 20 years for my grandfather to stop drinking and saw it come to fruition. She was loyal, almost to a fault. She was devastated when my grandfather passed away 6 years ago, but managed to place her faith in God and move to an assisted living with my mom and uncle's urging. It seemed like that prolonged her life some...she met friends there and enjoyed some special moments with those ladies. I will miss her greatly. Lord, I already know she is enjoying time with You.


Sunday, August 19, 2007


I am sure you are just dying to know...
The motion to recommend Jeremy as the new Minister of Administration passed with flying colors and he will begin tomorrow...although, he has been taking on more responsibility for a few weeks now. In fact, last week, he was at back to back to back meetings for three nights...ahh, the life of a minister. :) hee hee.
Meanwhile, I am enjoying being at home more, although, I wasn't actually at home. hm. I guess I should say I am enjoying not being at work 40 hours a week. I will be working in my classroom this week and HELLO, it's BIRTHDAY WEEK! Which is so much greater than birthday month!!! Jeremy's birthday is actually TODAY and mine is FRIDAY! WAAHOO, birthday cake is in order.
Come back all week! It's party time!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Catching Up

Whew...the weekend is not over yet, but I have some catching up to do! :) I was tagged by Terri from In His Hands the other day for 10 things that have happened to, here goes something...
  1. I got my license suspended for 6 months when I was 20 years old for going over 22 mph. On my way to church, no less.
  2. I was rear-ended in my brand new car just 2 days after getting it.
  3. I absolutely had the wedding of my dreams just six years ago.
  4. I have met many famous baseball players and their families, because of my grandfather.
  5. I carried a baby for 41 weeks and never had a contraction. He was 9.8 pounds!
  6. My parents are divorced, but remain friends. It certainly makes life easier.
  7. I am an only child and one of the closest relatives I have is my aunt. She's more like a sister.
  8. When I married Jeremy, I gained instant brothers and sisters.
  9. I sang a solo on one of our choir tours, and I don't think I sing that great at all.
  10. When Christ entered my life and heart some years ago, I was forever changed.

My friend, Christine, gave me a complete blessing by honoring me with the Nice Matters Award! I am so excited, this is truly an honor!

The Nice Matters Award is given to "those bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world. Once you've been awarded please pass it on to others who you feel are deserving of this award."

How exciting!! There are so many people that bless me each day! Here are just a few:

Havard Family and The Preacher's Wife

In Him-


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Today is the DAY!

I am foregoing my usual Thankful Thursday, not because I am not thankful, but because I have about 789 things to do before Noon! :) My dad is on his way here, and poor Boo couldn't even sleep last night knowing the fact that Papaw would be here in just hours!!! We have grocery shopping to do, laundry to finish, and cleaning to get done.
We will be busy bees this weekend with the Braves Hall of Fame lunch and game tomorrow and then hanging with Papaw the rest of the weekend. Jeremy's birthday is on Sunday, we are slammed this weekend!

Karen :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

In Other Words

I am so excited that In Other Words is back! And, Iris, a woman after my own heart, chose song lyrics by one of the greatest worship leaders, Matt Redman. Enjoy the thoughts of Blessed Be Your Name!
"Blessed be Your name
When I'm found in the desert place
When I walk through the wilderness
Blessed be Your name"
~~Matt Redman~~
Oh how I love that song! I can recall so many times that the Lord has used it in my life...
When we first came to the church here, 2 years ago, August 1st, I wanted a house. We had a 15 month old and I wanted a yard for him to play in. I was not secretive at home by telling Jeremy, probably every 18 minutes. After having to return to work just 4 months later, I though for sure now we could definitely think about moving from our apartment...we still had debt, but did it really matter? (nice thought process, huh?) At church one Sunday I opted to go to the first service since I had to work in preschool during the second service. It was totally the Lord prompting me, because that morning we sang this song! I was joyfully singing and we got to the part that says "you give and take away"...I felt that the Holy Spirit asking me to give up the one thing I wanted more than the Lord. Yep, you guessed it, the desire of wanting a house. I couldn't understand why He was asking me to give it up, except for the fact that it was consuming my life!! The end of the story for that is, because of our obedience and following what He wanted, we are in a better position now to purchase the house...the very house God wants for us.
When my grandfather passed away in February, I was taking a discipleship class about a worship book by John Randall Dennis. I was learning that my circumstances cannot be my guide for worshipping Christ. Circumstance change, but my God, He's forever and He never changes. As I got in the car that day to drive home after talking to my dad and other family members, I made a conscious choice to worship Him. Yes, I was grieving, but that wasn't going to be my deterrent to worshipping Him! I went to this song by Matt Redman and sang it loudly! It reminded and confirmed to me that no matter my circumstance - whether in the wilderness or desert, or land of plenty, I was going to worship Him. It took some time for my grief to hit me, but when it did, I was ready to praise Him even more.
Be surrounded today with Him and not just the circumstances of life.
In His Hands -

Monday, August 13, 2007

THE News...

I know you all have been waiting, holding your breath, for THE News. I wanted to respect the procedures and wait till it was announced in church this past without further ado...
After talking, much prayer, and a unanimous recommendation from the Personnel committe, next Sunday Jeremy will be voted on for the Minister of Administration position! It all started the few days after Jeremy got back from Africa, and I referred to it vaguely here in this Thankful Thursday from July 5th.
This is completely God's dream/plan come true. I can honestly say I was floored. I felt while Jeremy was gone to Africa that the Lord was going to keep us here, which I felt much peace about, but didn't know how He would actually do it...and then all this came down.

There were many things happening around us during this time...we had a few churches calling and we were really at a vulnerable time, but oh my gracious, I could not have imagined that this would be His plan.
After Jeremy met with the committee Wednesday night, they called about 25 minutes after he got home with their unanimous decision to recommend him. I cried, I am not going to lie, I cried! I was just so overwhelmed about God's grace and goodness during this time. It was totally worth working the past year and a half to pay off our stuff and get things in order to serve Him more fully. I look forward to sharing with you more about all of this, but you can be in prayer for the vote this Sunday, which is also Jeremy's birthday!!!!!! How exciting!

Have a great Monday, and start of school for so many kids today!


Thursday, August 09, 2007

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful with a grateful heart today for...

God's hand and provision - only it can satisfy and be completely what we need! He answered a huge prayer last night and I can't tell you till Sunday, so you will have to come back!!! :) It's all good, very good. It still blows me away! I got to call my mom to tell her and I could tell she was just so overwhelmingly excited for us. We have been obedient to God's calling in many ways over the 6 years we have been married, but never have we seen His hand more clearly than during the past 2 months. And to clear up rumors, no we are not pregnant! :) Although, if you would agree to approach the throne on my behalf regarding that, I would appreciate it.

Today is my last day at the landscape company. I am sad...but I am excited about what the future holds - see below. We will be enjoying some Mexican for lunch today, because I so enjoy it!!! :)

It's still birthday month! I am eagerly counting the days till my birthday, because I Love Birthdays...I love cake too, can I just say that? The working out thing might hinder that, but do you honestly believe I will let that happen? What kind of world would this be with no cake?

It's a great day for loving Him. Enjoy His ever-present-ness today. Happy Thankful Thursday!


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Almost the last day...

Today is the second to the last day of work...I could have done that for days upon weeks, but I spared you the details. Be thankful, cause this girl loves a countdown. And while we are on it, my birthday is...

less than 17 days away!
If you recall, it IS Birthday Month!
After tomorrow, I won't have to think about change orders, construction of a project, invoicing, warranties, or architect plans. I will however be able to spot a river birch, magnolia, red maple, holly, and some various other trees, and I can tell you the difference between certain hollies, because gracious, I got me an edumacation working here. Seriously, I am wiser in the landscape department and about life too. I have worked for some great people in my short years, and I can tell you that these people rank highly on my list. I will miss them.
As I move on to begin the next adventure God has planned, my excitement builds. I am nervous too, but more excited than anything. I have been telling Boo recently how Momma and him get to spend more time together, in which he loudly proclaims, "YEAH!" and claps his hands. We are gonna have some fun, that's for sure. I will be working at our church preschool 4 days a week, but it's only 5 hours a day!! Boo will attend 5 days a week and I have Wednesday off and Jeremy normally has Fridays off, so we are hoping to get back to having more family time and not being exhausted all.the.time.
And, since i have been raving about my working out, it's probably time I fess up about my arms being sore. Like going on 2 days sore. The lady trainer worked me over on Monday, and thankfully my next training session with Sorin isn't until Friday. I still have about 42 hours to recover, and so help me if he says "Let's work Arms" in his best Ukrainian voice. I am already starting to feel better and have more energy, maybe it's just psychological. :)
Have a great day!!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Grandma Land

Boo went to Grandma's yesterday to spend the day. Jeremy had to be "in-house" this week and we had no one to keep the little man. Luckily, the grandma came to our rescue! She picked him up at the church and then we went and got him last night. I called to check on him and her during the day...she says he talks big. I agreed. She says he looks taller. I agreed with that too. He is just growing up so fast.
Grandma Land is filled with many things, but two things are for sure...the lay of the land is all for him and the dog, Buzz, is his best friend. He is a big helper, taking trash cans back to the house, getting the mail, and always willing to walk with her when she takes Buzz for a walk. She sets up a pool for him to play and he smells like suntan lotion when I get there. He sure does love his grandma.
The last few weeks he has had some incredible time with his grandparents...I am so thankful for their willingness to take Boo and love and nuture him. They may not do everything like Jeremy and I do, but it's okay; it's the priceless moments that help mold who Boo is. Two more weeks till Papaw comes and spends a few days with us too!!! We are headed to the Braves game!!
His memory is growing and being filled with memories of the last year - Disney, Busch Gardens, and even most recently he is recalling the time he spent with Nana and Papa to us. He knows 8 scriptures very well and told me all about Jonah and the whale from reading a book the other day. He blows my mind.
Happy Saturday to all!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful with a grateful heart this week for...

Christ in my Life - I have said it a hundred times, I would just be a puddle of mess without Him! He is my Rock, my Source of strength, my Guide. He did the ultimate in Love by sending His Son to this earth to pay the penalty for my sins. He sent the Holy Spirit to overtake my conscience and make me realize my need for a Savior. Praise the Lord!

Working Out - Yeah, I know, you are thinking, who is thankful for working out. Oh, I am ladies, I am! I started with my personal trainer this week and it's hard, but girls, I can taste and see the end project - me thinner and healthier, and I WANT THAT. I want life and I am actively choosing it.

My Boo - He blows my mind so many days with his memory of trips and times he has done special things with people. He was recalling last week and Chuckie Cheese and then he was thinking about our trip to FL and going to Busch Gardens with his Papaw and seeing elephants! He is one of the greatest gifts the Lord has given me...which is why working out is so important, so I can be here to enjoy him.

Birthday Month - Oh my sweet mercy, if you didn't know, it's BIRTHDAY MONTH!!! ALL month! Come BACK for more! Addendum: It's Terri at In His Hands birthday today! She is participating in Thankful Thursday! Drop by her site!!

Old Job/New Job - I have one week left at the Landscape Company and then I will have some days off and then begin training and working in my preschool room. It's bitter-sweet really. I will be sad to leave Tri Scapes and the people there, but I am looking forward to spending more time with my boys.

The Lord grows my heart each day for more of Him...I am learning that when that happens it's because He wants more of me too.

Be Blessed today!



Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Oh my gracious! It's AUGUST 1st! PEOPLE! PEOPLE! Do you know what this means???? IT'S BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Crowd goes wild! Ballons and streamers EVERYWHERE! And this year, I am excited to say, I will be 30!!!! WAHHOO! Not that I think anything great comes with 30, except more wisdom than the previous year, but I enjoy birthdays...can you tell? Really? You can tell? hm...

Attention Family: In honor of birthday month, I will be accepting cards, gifts, flowers, notes, money, mail, email, blog love, etc. beginning today and ending on the 31st. Even though my actual birthday is before the 31st, I will still accept some lateness from the's a gene we can't control.

Show the Love: I have lots of friends, some of them have blogs, that have birthdays, I would enjoy it if you would show them some bloggy love this month, too.

Mandy - she is a wise, dear friend of mine who lives in Texas. She is due to have her third child in about a month and she needs to blog more. :)

D - he has a real name, but that's what his name is for this summer. :)

Laura - She is my brilliant/wisest sister-in-law and I love her dearly.

Meg - My neice Meg, who is Laura's daughter.

LeRay - friend and wife to a pastor, who just got in to blogging - you sent her some bloggy love a few weeks back through Thankful Thursday. Her son was born on her birthday!

Jim - my father in law; my neice (his granddaughter) was born on his birthday!

Michelle - a long time friend with twin girls and a little boy - her birthday is between mine and Jeremy's.

Kim - friend of mine with two little girls - they just moved to Alabama...:(

and lest I forget, my beloved, Jeremy, his birthday is 5 days before mine.
If you are an August baby, leave a comment and I will be glad to send the blogosphere, or the 10 people who actually read this, over to your blog!

Additions 8/2: Terri - She is one of my favorite people in bloggy land!!! Her and her family are in the final stages of adopting a little girl from China! Praise the Lord! And guess what - TODAY, 8/2 is her BIRTHDAY!!!

Happy Birthday to us! Happy Birthday to us! Happy Birthday to UUUUSSSS! Happy Birthday to us!


Sunday, July 29, 2007

Rest of the Week and Home from Camp

Been out of touch, but all for good reason...been on "vacation" from the grind and from the Boo. :) I only worked three days last week, so I was writing my Thankful Thursday from my own room! Thursday was nice! We worked out with a trainer at our apartment complex - that was not the nice part. I didn't eat breakfast, so it didn't start out so good. After an apple it got better, but after finding out the cost I fell into much nausea again. We agreed to discuss it and we would let them know.
After that, we drove up to Helen, GA. Nice drive from our place and we managed to dodge most of the rain. We watch several people make fudge and candy apples and walked around looking at all the nick-nacks. We drove up to Unicoi Lodge and scoped it out...I recalled a retreat I went to there years ago, and Jeremy and I just enjoyed being with one another, talking and sharing and laughing - lots of laughter. He took me to eat at a new seafood place near Lake Lanier park and it was yummy.
Frida we started our day at the driving range. Hubby got a new driver and wanted to try it out. I brought a book to enjoy, but managed to hit a few balls myself. :) I am still learning. We then drove and made a huge decision to join a fitness club. We liked the place, knew some friends went there, and took the plunge. This wasn't a spur of the moment decision; it's been a long time coming. I went to another appt on Tuesday where my BP was still's not just's LIFE CHANGE and it needs to happen soon or I won't be around to see my child grow up. That might sounds drastic, but it's truth, and I am up to admitting that I need help, so that's why we joined the fitness club. We each have our first appointments on Monday evening.
We topped Friday night off at Stoney River Steakhouse. We didn't gorge ourselves, because, you know, the fitness club, but we did have a great meal.
Saturday, our actual anniversary, was spent going to get the BOO BEAR! We met at a 1/2 way point, had lunch, and then brought our Boo home. He looks so much taller and talks some mature. Oh my heavens...I just missed him sooooo much! I did enjoy the time with Jeremy as well, so maybe in a few months he can go back and spend some time. My sister-in-law wants him now and she didn't get that much time with him...:) He had a great week! We had a great week! Till next time....

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful with a grateful heart this week for...

July 28, 2001 - The day this event occured in my life. That man standing next to me, holding my face, sealed our marriage with a kiss. I then became Mrs. to the future Pastor. I enjoyed so much of my wedding day. It was beautiful outside, it rained after we left, it was just so memorable. I stood in the back of the church while the minister gave Jeremy a charge - some statements that he agreed to with an "I will or I promise." Those were unique and special because the man who did our ceremony was a good friend of ours and helped Jeremy define His call to pastor and head to seminary. His charge was of being the head of our house and loving me, but it was also about fulfilling the call God placed on Him. It was an incredible thing to listen and watch from the back of the church.

Here we are at the reception - those smiles are forever. When times get down a smile always enhances the despair that we might be feeling. Learning to smile through the adventures has been our ammo against anything.

This man has helped change my life.

He loves Jesus.

He is a wonderful example of a godly husband and father.

He knows scripture. He isn't afraid to use it. :)

He helps around the house. Dishes - he does them!

He isn't afraid to be silly with me. Can a girl get an Amen?

He isn't afraid to change a diaper. Praise God.

He respects and loves me with all he can physically. When he loses the strength to do that, he turns and asks for more from the Lord.

He is smart. Oh, is he ever smart...

He has a big family.

He is respected by many, even at his ripe age of 30.

He is knowledgeable beyond his years.

He loves to worship. He can't keep a beat. God knows he can't, and He doesn't care. I still remember how we knelt at the altar on our wedding day, committing our lives to the Lord, and our committment to each and how I looked up at him and noticed the blue tissue all over his face. That was reason to giggle a little.

He adores me and our son. I still remember how big his smile was when he held Boo that first day of his life.

I remember the first time he told me he loved me - in Chattanooga, on the bridge.

He is God's precious gift to me. God loved us so much that He saw fit for us to be together. This Saturday will be 6 years! It has flown by and yet stayed still all in the middle of those 6 years. It has been adventurous and fearless all in the same hours. It has been trying and helpless all in the same minutes. One word? Incredible.

Jeremy - I love you and I can't imagine taking this journey with anyone else by my side. He has called us to an incredible life with Him. I am enjoying the ride.



For more Thankful Thursday, please visit Iris at Sting my Heart.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Newlyweds Again

Did you hear that?
Yeah, me too.
Nothing. You could hear a pin drop in this place! No little hear ME??? NO LITTLE MAN!
Boo is enrolled at Camp Nana and Papa this week. I said goobye to him last night really when I put him to bed, but managed to sneak into his room this morning (early!) and kiss him and tell him I loved him. He will be there till Saturday. Nana and Papa will take such good care of him - I know this, because my in-laws raised 5 kids. I wasn't sure who was more excited - Boo or Nana! He will get to see his cousins and auntie too, I think. Praise God for family.

How am I? I doing okay, but like I said you could hear a pin drop! Jeremy is at a meeting and I am home just relaxing, cathing up with old friends and all of their kids and family. So, we are newlyweds this week...and did I mention, this weekend will mark SIX YEARS for this Greer family. Hard to believe that much time has passed and that we used to live in Texas for a brief stint of our marriage. We are taking some time off later in the week to spend with each other and get away from the grind of life. The Do Not Disturb sign will be up come Thursday. :)

On another note, my replacement at work started today. Hip Hip Hooray!!! I love her dearly and pray that she stays a long time there...I have three weeks to take my brain out, dump all the work info and put it in her brain. Wish my luck! :)

Resting in Him-

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Date Day with Boo

Must have been the luck of the draw - only one load of laundry to do, house pretty clean, Jeremy gone to help friends move, family went back to FL today, hm...sounds like we don't have a thing to do or be at! Maybe we should celebrate?
Boo and I got our gear on and headed to the pool - it's a mere 50 paces to the pool, up hill. Decked in our swimsuits, lotion (Boo) and packed a bag of towels, snacks (priorities people!) and drinks...we were ready. After an hour of play, we drove to Chick Fil A and got lunch and brought it back, while dodging wasps and yellow jackets, we managed to eat our meal and play more. Watching Boo be so confident in the pool was incredible. He had his swimmies on, but he would throw a toy in and off the step he would jump in after it. It was awesome. We came home and had been gone 3 hours - the most we have ever spent at the pool. I was burnt, but not too bad. David, with 50 SPF, got nothing.
I love day dates with Boo...he even took a nap for me! Now, that's impressive.

Weather was beautiful, hope you had a great one.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thankful Thursday

This week I give thanks with a grateful heart for...

Life! Sometimes it goes so fast and it passes by, but sometimes I just enjoy reveling in the thought of it all. The way the Lord gives life and takes away makes me stand in awe of Him. I don't like it when He takes life away - I have seen many friends lose children from their womb and watched my grandparents pass away recently - but after it's all said and done, I revel in Him. I glorify Him and I praise Him for life and breath. He has a purpose and plan for all on this earth and even through the times of storms, He has a purpose. All for the glory of Him!

Baseball! Now, I love me some baseball folks...if you didn't know that, then you don't know who I am! Thanks to my grandfather I love the game. I grew up watching it and knowing it and then doing the stats for it in high school. It was the reason Jeremy asked me on our first date - Georgia Tech was in the playoffs - and it's the reason I got to see my family this past weekend. My youngest cousin is in town playing ball with a travel team. He is here this week too and although we haven't made it to a weekly game, because of the time he plays, it's nice knowing he is here and so is my aunt and uncle. I hope to see them all again this weekend. Sidenote: Boo LOOOOVVVEESSS his NOLAN and his NENE. In fact, he calls them my Nolan and my Nene. It's hilarious and my aunt just smiles oodles when she hears him say it.

Anniversary! On the 28th, Jeremy and I will celebrate 6 years of marriage. If you were there on that day, you would know that I enjoyed every piece of that special day, even down to the rain, that the Lord held off till we got in the limo. I loved my dress, I loved our friends and family all gathering there, the cake was great, and oh my heavens, that precious man standing at the altar waiting for me, well, he's just the greatest. I could go on and on, but I will do that next Thursday, if I have time. We have registered Boo into Camp Greer (i.e. Nana and Papa's house) on Wednesday night and we'll be back to get him on Saturday. Waaahoo...

Music and Scripture! I watched my husband and my son play guitar tonight on our bed. It was the sweetest moments a momma can have and I just love that my son gets music. Jeremy has a guitar, but doesn't play and we have considered selling it so often, but seeing our son sing out loud some of his best Dave Crowder and Matt Redman would make anyone say "Sign that boy up for lessons!" I know he is three, but he is learning a great deal about music and worshipping the Lord. He has learned 8 scriptures that he recites before bed and he is now recognizing that a lot of the songs we sing have the verses in them. It's all starting to make sense. Thank you Lord for you - your Word and the way you use people to write songs to give you glory.

Change! Now, what kind of blog would this be with the title "Changed by His Love" if I didn't like change? I have learned over the years to embrace change, even change that doesn't directly affect me negative or positively. Embracing and adapting are words I turn to frequently when changes are occuring.

Holy Spirit! I saw an active way that the Lord brought Jeremy and I to some thoughts about things this past week. It was clear that our own spirit was working through each of us and reminding us to think about things and then we started talking and we were on the same page about a certain topic. It was the neatest experience. It wasn't something big or life changing, but an outer circumstance taking place around us and had it gone much further without us questioning, talking and sharing, it could have gotten real bad, real fast.

There are so many more things that I am thinking about on a daily basis that I am thankful for - freedom, worship, rest, doctors, and so much more. I pray you are finding an place of thankfulness in your life. For more Thankful Thursdays, visit Laurel at Laurel Wreath - our guest host this week.

Soaking Him up!


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I Won!

Oh my gracious...I can hardly believe it! I won!
Oh, you want to know WHAT I won?
I am so glad you asked!

I won the contest at 5 Minutes for Mom for Mandisa's full length CD (due in stores on July 31st!) and since I was the grand prize winner, I won her book Idol Eyes! Oh my stars! I just can't believe it. Thank you Janice and Susan!!!

I promise to post a review of the book and CD when I get them.

In Him-

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday!

I am thankful with a grateful heart this week for:

Obedience - Now, that might sound silly, but I have witnessed pure obedience this week in a person and I just gotta say, I am SO proud of that girl! If she is reading this, and I suspect she is, then I hope she will know divinely that I am speaking about her. It took guts to be completely obedient and she did it! Her road has been bumpy and it may still be bumpy, but she doesn't have to care what others think, she was being obedient and she is leaving all the consequences up to Him. Rock on girl!

Daddy's Birthday - Tomorrow is the 13th - Friday the 13th, but it's also my dad's birthday! Wahoo for him! He isn't really all that "down" with birthdays like me, and he is reading this thinking, "where's my present?" and he should know by now that it's not ready and I probably won't get around to sending it till next week. Sorry Daddy!! :) This week is packed, but I haven't forgotten and I love you. I absolutely love you! :)

Calm/Storm - I am most grateful this week for the calms and the storms that rage around us. Sometimes the news of change can be perceived in two different ways. We were looking at it in a sense of good and our dear friends were receiving the same news with fear and hurt. How can that be? I am not really sure the ins and outs of it all, but all I can say is the peace we feel is only from the Lord. I don't know what the future holds in regards to this change taking place, but I do know that He is in control and we will rest in that. Bring the Rain!
Friends - I have a dear friend in Texas that just started a blog. Her name is LeRay and she is incredible. Her and Chris used to serve with us at FBA and I miss them. Please go visit her and leave her a comment...just say Hi! She loves comments!! :) She posted about a mutual friend of ours coming for a visit with their kids...I miss them both so much. Truly wonder and great women of God who taught me a lot about pressing on and keeping up my house with child. I am better for knowing them.
For more, Thankful Thursdays, visit Iris at Sting my Heart.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

In Other Words

"Relying on God has to begin all over again every day as if nothing yet had been done."

~C.S. Lewis~

"Come on Boo! Let's go! We are late late late....for a very important date." As usual, we struggle to get dressed, get moving, get the bag packed and out of the door in a short amount of time. Does this sound like fun to you? And if that wasn't enough, we would do this approximately 6 times a week - five work days, and the oh so important day - Sunday. Getting out the door for church was sometimes like pulling teeth. Hubby has already left because of duty and responsibility and getting Boo unglued from the morning cartoons was enough to make me batty.

Notice, I didn't mention one word about God. There was no relying on God to do any of that. And yet my frustration level was

I don't, nor did I then, just say some magic prayer and all of sudden the three year old obeys perfectly and gets dressed by himself and is ready in took conscious thoughts and prayers to get the ball rolling. We still have our moments, but, honestly, who doesn't? And three year olds, they have their moments, people.

Relying on God. Total dependence on Him. Putting my faith and trust in His hands, because honestly, I am nothing without Him. Acknowledging that I am not in control, and when the wind and waves start coming at me, I rest and rely on Him to deal with the circumstances of this life. Barking at my son was not going to help him have a cheerful heart and be ready to take on his day, but preparing him - giving him his time limit; preparing his heart for church while we are getting dressed - telling him who all will be there and how the Lord wants to speak to his heart today; showing him we don't rush around like fools - that's not the way of our Father.

I have been more convicted and convinced than ever that children are lurking. My child, or anyone else's for that matter, doesn't want to see me talking and preaching to them and never living Christ out in front of them. I want my son to know that his daddy and I love Jesus and we are willing to go great lengths with Him. We have been rejoicing in our house this week over paying off our debt - it has been an eye opening lesson on relying on Him, and we have already begun to see the reward for obedience.

Have a blessed day!


Monday, July 09, 2007

Why I love me some Jesus

I was tagged by Terri at In His Hands to list 5 reasons why I love Jesus! Just FIVE?? Oh gracious alive, how will I narrow it all down to FIVE!

5 Reasons Why I love Jesus:
  1. He is not silent on my behalf. (Isaiah 62:1) In my bible, where it says Zion and Jerusalem, it's circled and my name is put there. It was in a sermon that I did that, and it reminds me that for my sake, He is not silent.
  2. His wind blows in my life. (John 3:8) When I allow His wind to blow, instead of my own, I stay in the path of His will. It's easy to get of course, but it's so worth the outcome!
  3. Abundant Life. (John 10:10) He came so that we may have life and have it abundantly. I am constantly reminded of choosing life. His life. The one He lives IN me. (Gal 2:20)
  4. He is the Lord! (Isaiah 42:8) He is in control and I don't have to worry. Now, do I still worry? Yes, because I am flesh, but He doesn't want me to worry, He wants me to trust Him!
  5. He loves me. (John 3:16; Prov 3:12; John 13:34) The whole Bible is a story of ultimate love from God the Father onto His people. Love comes with sacrifice and Jesus proved to be the ultimate sacrifice.

I tried to pick some unique whys of loving Jesus. He is powerful and graceful when I lack all of that, and yet he calls me Child. Friend. Bride. He lacks in nothing. Oh, thank you, Lord, that you LACK in NOTHING!

I have tagged The Preacher's Wife and Guinevere Meadow and anyone else that wants to join.


Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thankful Thursday

This continues to remind me to be thankful and how fast the weeks are flying by! Giving thanks with a grateful heart today for...

Yesterday! The day was just beautiful! We drove up to Commerce to the Outlet malls. I can say we were not the only ones with that idea. We had a blast. Boo did great shopping (it's hit or miss lately) and we all got some nice things. He even had his first "trying on" session, and let me tell you, I think we have created a monster! He tries on his shirts and stands and poses in the mirror, checkin' himself out. It's hilarious. Jeremy got another pair of jeans, now, he in fact, has TWO, count them, TWO pairs of jeans. Now we are cookin' with gas. I got a really cute jacket and shirt and sweater for the Fall/Winter. They were all a steal of a deal.

Freedom! Although we didn't do the traditional thing yesterday, we did eat well and watched the fireworks from our TV, which is absolutely the best place not to deal with traffic while trying to get to bed, ya know? With all that said, it didn't matter where we celebrated, we thought of the people who laid down their lives for us to have such freedom. We are a blessed nation and people! (That's what my husband's sermon was on last week!) We are not to be lack in being a blessing to others as well.

Debt-Free Living! In all our years of marriage (6, this month), we have always held some chunk of debt...and that is true no longer. In our minds we had it all paid off this past Feb/March when we knew we would be getting extra money back on our tax returns from the previous year! It was a total God-send. For some reason though, the day that we deposited the check has now become a date of significance...Jeremy deposited the check last Wednesday, I gave my notice last Wednesday, and the Pastor and Jeremy had a unique conversation on Wednesday as well. Not coincidence, but completely the Lord. I can only say this from complete experience - there is just nothing greater than following the Lord's will. Sometimes it's a long process, we don't know what's on the other side, we just know we are called to do THIS for as long as He says. Blessed be His Name today!

New Life! My best friend gave birth last Thursday to Baby Caroline. She is the third child born to my friends and oh my heavens, she is just precious! I was able to go to the hospital on Friday with our other friend, Michelle, and we all just had the best time being together. Praise the Lord for new life in that family! The way you grant life, oh Lord, it's truly amazing.

Lessons! There has come a point in my life where God is absolutely teaching me a lesson. I am learning to be grateful in the lessons and the path He is leading me (us) on. This is one of the toughest lessons and it's sometimes so difficult I don't want to talk about it. I am making baby steps in admitting that I can't take it anymore and want life change to come about through this lesson. Continuing to praise You Lord through this patch of focusing of You to help me make better choices when it comes to food.

May you be a blessing today!

Soaking Him Up!


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Last Chance

It's your last chance to sign up for any of the Fourth of July contests at 5 Minutes for Mom! All comments and posts have to be in by Midnight tonight. Good Luck!



Saturday, June 30, 2007

Pictures Galore

I am organizing my pictures this morning, so I figure it's probably time I post some! I think I promised Boo's birthday pics back in April/May, so I will start with those first. Enjoy the plethora of photos!! :) I have loaded them to because it will automatically scroll through them for you.

The next is our vacation to Florida...

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Have a blessed weekend! Jeremy preaches this Sunday! :)

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