Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Are you busy?
I am busy!
Not busy enough to write about it, though. :) HA!
We had a get-together at our house last night...most of the pastoral staff came and some of our Sunday School leaders and then a few extra special friends that we have. It was great! Dessert and coffee all around and it was fun and homey in our little apartment. Boo has a little friend who came over and boy I tell ya, the two of them...they are so hilarious! She hugs him lots and he blows her off some of the time, but then always comes running back for more hugs and smoochies. The Pastor and the little girl's daddy commented that in about 10 years we are going to have to put a wall between them and no playing in the bedroom unsupervised. Seriously. She is a pretty special girl and I would love to have Gayle and Charley as David's in-laws! :) hee hee.
So, I am swamped at work, lots of paperwork to do and I have a class to attend today. The class should be good, but in the back of mind, I am thinking about Boo. He has his party at school today, Jeremy has his party at his office today, and Boo, well, he isn't feeling all that great. He's allergic to the holidays. Every major holiday he gets sick...think there is something "they" call that??? Maybe it's because we get so busy and his little body just doesn't adjust? Maybe it's because he hasn't had a decent night sleep in 4 days....I definately know that contributes to it. I hope he is okay today and that I can get my work done and manage to take Friday off.
I am not letting my busy-ness cloud my true thoughts I'll have you know...it's Christmas and I am looking forward to spending it with my family this weekend. My new nephew is home and I can't wait to hold that little boy and give him lots of smoochies...assuming I am not sick by Saturday! :)
I have more stuff to share, but like I said, I'm BUSY!

Never to busy for you, Lord-

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Updates and Pictures

(In Other Words - see below)

Please bear with me over the next week, since I am in the process of having my blog changed over to Beta Blogger...same address, no worries there, but maybe different look and something seems up with my header, so I am getting my designer, the lovely and talented, Goofy Girl, to take a look at it. That girl is in the middle of finals in med school, so say a prayer for her when you get a chance. :)

I am going ahead and posting more pictures for people to look at of our Christmas pictures. I am still in the process of sorting through them and making sure all the grandparents have what they need...cause, it's all for them. :)

These boys look deep in thought and coversation! I love the way Boo looks at his daddy...it's with awe and excitement most times. It's a special bond these two men of mine have...one with purpose and guidance, with fun and adventure, and most importantly a love for Jesus. Boo doesn't even know how special he is to have such a great daddy, but I get the feeling he's starting to learn that. Jeremy-you are an incredible father. I am amazed at the way you love our son and nurture him.

Here we are! So cuteness!!! I hope my aunt Sheila thinks we did okay with the color scheme. :) HA! She is all about that most years, and my mom thought I did good. David was a dream, seriously...he did so great and that's why we ended up with a bazillion pictures. He's only 2 once, right?

        I always love the before and after shots...they really show his true personality. Can you tell here that we are getting to the end and this may be the sign of a little hungry munchkin? Yeah, it definately is. It's the total Kernie face too. He gives me that look sometimes and I can't help but giggle knowing I most definately gave my mom and dad that same look when I was little.

        And then...he gives the shot of his life. This screams and oozes "I am so cutie!" His teeth look nice (bonus for the dental assistant in his life - GRANDMA!) and look at his cute little cheeks...don't you just want to squeeze and pinch em!? My aunts will totally love this picture.

        There you have it...the photo session in a nutshell. I have my new pictures on my desk today, and I am overjoyed to see my little Boo staring at me. It's a constant reminder of one of the purposes of my life.

        Have a great Tuesday!
        In Him-

        In Other Words - The Atmosphere

        "I am the one holding the keys to the atmosphere in my home."
        Teri Maxwell

        It's fun to hold the keys...at least that's what my Boo thinks. He knows the importance and symbolism for holding the keys. We are either going somewhere or coming home from somewhere, but there is great importance in having them if you are driving your car or trying to get into your house. So, you could say the price of holding the keys is, well, valuable.

        The atmosphere in my own home is equally as valuable. The way we talk to one another. The way we discipline. The way we help each other. These are all very valuable things and can easily be distorted and torn down if not taken seriously. I woudn't say it's so much ALL of my job or responsibility to keep peace in our home, but I do play a vital role. My tone of voice, the way I speak to my husband, the way I hold my tongue...all of these things are addressed in the Bible (see Psalms, Proverbs, James), so God thinks they are of exceptional importance.

        Women, as emotionally created beings that God so designed us to be...we can sometimes allow the emotions to control the atmosphere of our home. I want the emotions of joy, peace, and love to be the sweet fragrance that people see and smell and taste, but it's the other emotions of anger, bitterness, and chaos...those are the emotions I want no one to get a whiff of. This statement catapults me into a relationship with Jesus Christ. Apart from Him, I can do nothing (John 15:5). Apart from Him, I can't experience TRUE joy, TRUE peace, and TRUE love, which only comes from God above.

        Father- may the atmosphere of my home be found pleasing in your sight.


        Wednesday, December 06, 2006

        Portrait Innovations

        I forgot to bring my CD with me this morning, but I do have one picture of Boo and I to post. It's on my desktop and it's just the cutest. Daddy-I think you will love it, and fear not, you are getting one in the mail soon. :)

        Ain't he sweet??? Oh yes, he absolutely is!! I will post more tonight if I think about when I get home. Hope you enjoy the day the Lord has made. Rejoice!

        In Him-