Friday, June 30, 2006

First Graduation

Last night was David's first official graduation from something. I guess if you count graduating from baby food to solid food or graduating from crib to big boy bed, then this would be his third graduation...
It's his first official with documentation though! Oh goodie...stuff for the scrapbook!!! Come on, if you are any friend of mine, you thought the same thing! :)
Two weeks ago, we began swim classes at the local county pool. He was pretty excited and this would not be his first adventure in the pool. I took him all the time when he was little in the neighborhood that we used to live in. But, this was a class...we have a teacher (Ms. Denise) and we have instructions and there were other kids there 8 of them!!
David did extremely well. He swam with me most nights and Daddy took him for two of the nights, during the 8-week course. Last night was the finale though and they got to go to the outside pool/play area...even down the big slide with mommy! It was so awesome. I think he liked the little slide the best, even though he came down in a pool of water face first on the first run down. was awesome.
He got his little green card/certificate and a lollipop...oh, and he gave his teacher a moochie! It swept her off her feet...she had to sit down. It was hilarious!
So, we started the summer with a bang and will spend the next 6 weeks or so chillin' out. We are not going on vacation till September, so I will probably just dream about it till then. :) We do have some big stuff coming up though...
Our 5-year Anniversary is at the end of July!
I am going on a trip with my co-workers to St. Simons!
Jeremy's 30th Birthday is in August...
followed by my 29th five days later!
We have some major stuff going on in August, and we are booked solid each weekend with church stuff and birthday stuff. It should all be a blast though.

In Christ-

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Carnival for Blogging Chicks

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Apologies #2

As I was writing yesterday, it came to me that the second part of an apology is the forgiving part. As I was thinking about writing about that, I came across Paula's post regarding the issue of forgiveness. It was nice to read what she had to say and the comments too.
I think forgiveness is not in our nature, since we are human, but as followers of Christ, we certainly should show the same forgiveness as Christ showed us. Now, that is very tough for some people...I mean, how would you tell your molested child to forgive their predator? How do you tell your friend to forgive her cheating husband or visa versa...
Those are tough issues and I am not down-playing those issues in any way. Forgiveness must include truth. If I forgive, I am telling the Lord, not just that person that I truly forgive them...all that they have said or done, all that followed after that - the hurt feelings, the gossip, the back-biting, etc.
One of the comments on Paula's blog was about forgiveness and reconciliation. I think the reconciliation part is the best outcome, but isn't always possible. Sometimes the person has died, and I have seen in many cases (that I know of) pastors will ask you to sit in front of an empty chair and talk to it as if you were talking to that person. I think that's a great way to get those emotions out. It does depend a lot of the situation and the relationship you have with that person.
Only Christ can give the strength and attitude to forgive. If I dare think for a second that I, in my own strength and power, can truly forgive, I am fooling myself and denying who He is. The Lord is the maker of forgiveness and reconciliation and repentance...not to mention that maker of our hearts. When you trust in Him, you will find the true Love you have been searching for.

In His Hands-

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I don't know of anyone who likes to give an apology. Do you? It's a very humbling experience to give one and it completely means admitting that what you did or said was either not right, stupid, wrong, or hurt someone's feelings. I think on many occasions I can go without an apology. Sometimes there isn't time for one, or a need for one. However, there are just certain circumstances where one is rightfuly deserved and that same one will never be received.
It's been two weeks since we had "the incident" at my office, and let me first clarify a few things...there was no robbery or crime committed here. No one was physically injured or hurt. However, my co-worker will not be returning to our office. This was a decision made by the people in charge here and I am not really all that surprised. With all that said, the thing I have been waiting for is an apology. It frustrated me that for as sorry as I was told my co-worker might be, I wanted to hear it from her own lips. After holding on to that for a few days, it occured to me that is most likely never going to happen, and then the flood of thoughts came...
  • Why is it that I want an apology?
  • Will it really help me to hear an apology?
  • What if she truly doesn't know what happened, can she be sorry?

And the Lord got a hold of me after my flood of thoughts came...

  • Karen, you don't like apologizing, why would you want to MAKE someone else do it? Because, Lord, I think she needs to apologize. It's the RIGHT thing to do.
  • Karen, you don't always do the right thing. Yeah, I know, but I gotta be better than her, right? OOPS. (Come on,everyone admit have thought that before! :))
  • Karen, will you forgive her? Well, of course I will Lord... Really? Really forgive her? Okay, God, you know my heart...I forgive easily on some things and not so easily on others. I expect high standards from others and get frustrated when they don't acheieve it. I have to forgive her to rid myself of the thoughts I have and to move past the situation at work. Yes, Lord, I will forgive her.

At that point something occured to me...God must hear lots of "I'm sorries" each day. Some of them being true repentance and others being well, just sorries. I know it's wrong and not very Christ-like to not want to forgive someone. And because I know it's wrong, I will work through that with the Lord and move on. You can only hold bitterness for so long before it eats away at you and the Lord forces you to deal with it. During all this I accepted the fact that the apology is not the end all of anything. It's going to be okay if I never get an apology. He also reminded me of the things we are teaching David right now....the scriptures...

Love your neighbor as your self - Matthew 22:39b

If you are struggling with apologies - having to make one or waiting for someone to apologize, know I am praying for you. I know I am not the only one who struggles with this.

May the Lord bless you this day.

In Christ-


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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thursday Thirteen # 7

Thirteen Things about Karen:

1...I am an only child. I like it most days. If I had brothers and sisters, I would probably wish I was an only child. I used to like being the center of attention all the time, now I just enjoy it on my birthday, and when I am having a baby. (Those are two great reasons to be in the center of attention!)

2…I love daisies! They are my favorite flower. I had them on the tables at our reception. Whenever Jeremy buys me flowers, they are usually daisies.

3…Mexican food – I could eat it every night if Jeremy would let me and if I wouldn’t gain the weight. :) I just really like Mexican food. Spicy is good.

4...I love to write. I write to vent. I write to make people laugh, because there is just nothing better than a good story to make someone laugh. I write because I want my child(ren) to read them one day and see the kind of person I was before I was a mom and before they were too young to know.

5...I am a believer in Jesus Christ. He's the Son of God. Fully God, Fully Man and he came so that we may have LIFE and have it abundantly.

6...I work. I have many hats, but I where these four hats everyday (M-F): Servant to the Most High God. Wife to Jeremy. Momma to David. Assistant at an office. The last one I don't do on the weekends. :) I like all my jobs and we have good and bad days in each of them.

7...Seminary. That was a particularly stretching time in my life. I think Jeremy and I did a good job at building our marriage on a firm foundation and being away from family is helpful when you first start helped us focus on God and each other. I say now that everyone should go to will definately stretch you and help you focus on the One True thing.

8...Music - OMGoodness...I love music. I know I have said that many times before, but I can honestly go from one emotion to the next in a great song. Music can be soothing to me, can help me focus on God (during worship songs), can get me all excited and silly, or make me wanna change the channel. :) I like it that I got that trait from my dad and that I am instilling music into David. He has asked me to sing every morning in the car this week...does he not know I don't sing all that well? Apparently to him, I sing great!

9...Sleep - I need it. I like sleeping and I used to be great at it...that was before having to share a bed with someone and have a baby. :) I still get a good night's rest, but would love more hours to snooze, ya know.

10...I like to organize. I have done wonders at many offices by organizing. I wonder if I could be a full time organizer? To love organizing this much, you gotta have lots of cool things to help you organize!

11...I love to scrapbook! I also wish I could do that all the time too. It's fun to create pages and put pictures on them, and that's just part of organizing! :) My scrapbooks aren't all that elaborate, but I like them.

12...I love vacations. I think there are many purposes to a vacation, but somehow I always need another vacation after my vacation. Isn't that always the case? :)

13...I am a fun, outgoing and personable girl. You would never know that i was an only child...I share pretty well. ha.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Days Off

At this juncture in my life, I work outside of our home. I pray this is not always the case, but the Lord did not promise me it would or wouldn't be, so till the seasons of life change, I do what He calls me to. So, when I get a day off, it's a joy. I work at a pretty flexible place. My office does go on and work when I am not there, and occasionally they miss me. :) Not true...we are little worker bees, so I know it's busy when I am there and busy when I am not there. I have taken a few Tuesdays off this summer in order to take David to some activities that the church was having for preschoolers. I invited some of my friends to join us, and we made a few hours of it at Jump Zone. What a fun place! David loved it and I must admit, I even loved it too...although, my body is telling me today how much I loved it, if you know what I mean! :) My back hurts, I feel out of sorts, and my guess is I just lived it up too much at the bounce place. :) ha! Oh well. It's worth it to spend a day with my little one.
In the afternoon, we took dinner to a couple who just adopted a baby a few weeks ago. The girl and I have been friends for about 7-8 years, we got engaged the same night and were married 2 weeks apart in July of 2001. (She actually got the date I wanted! :)) She is one of the first people I met at FBA and it was just the sweetest privilege in the world to take her dinner. They got their baby after trying for a long while and the Lord opened up a door for them to get a newborn through adoption. He is a sweet little thing, and David overheard me say 'lil punkin' to him and so David calls him Baby punkin'. It's so cute!!!
We wrapped up our day off at swim lessons. We were to blow bubbles last night, but David would rather drink it, instead of blow bubbles. Still learning, but it's fun watching him take it all in and enjoy the water.
Enjoy the days off!


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Monday, June 19, 2006

My Big Boy

My Big Boy deserves a special post today. He deserves lots of praise! He is for sure a BIG BOY!
David got a big boy bed on Saturday. It's a platform bed from
Ikea. It was fun picking it out and we wanted one that could be on the floor, and had legs that you could put on later. We also wanted to make sure a normal twin mattress fit on it. Sure enough, we found this one. We purchased a mattress at another store and then went to Walmart for some special sheets! Grandma came along for the adventure and we all had a nice day out. Daddy put David's bed together and since he didn't have a great nap, do you know that kid went right to sleep with no problem?? NO PROBLEM what so ever! I was in shock. He woke up only a few times because his bear had fallen off the bed, but he went right back to sleep. I am beginning to think maybe we need to get rid of his nap...
On Sunday he did manage to nap, but only after going back and forth with him. I ended up putting him in the crib, but he cried to be put in his, we moved him and he took a pretty good nap, even came out and told us he was "awake now."
Sunday night proved to be my demise. He was already putting up a fight in general about going to sleep, so we battled for a while over the bed situation. It's hard, since we used to shut the door on him and I thought he would feel more comfortable knowing we were in the living room or nearby, but whether you close it or open it, it doesn't matter, he still comes to it and opens/shuts/cries, whatever. So, I put him in the crib and let him cry it out for a few minutes. He actually went to sleep, so I left him there. In the middle of the night he woke up and wanted to go to his bed, so Jeremy moved him and he slept the rest of the night there.
I so think God spoiled me by allowing him to sleep through the night the first night on his bed! :) I know it will be a matter of training him and taking time each night to do that. I think part of it was it's Sunday night, going to work the next day, and given last week, I think I was having some anxiety about work. It's so's actually annoying. I am even off tomorrow (one of my days off this summer to do fun stuff with the Boo kid), and I just needed time to rest and not think. I know it will all work out...this week is swim lessons!!! WOO HOO!
Also, just when you thought the big boy story had ended...oh, he did something else very big boy-ish. Yep, pottying. That kid did it all by himself! Now, I know that will take more time and training, but the fact he did it by himself is awesome. We (Jeremy and I) did a dance and sang a song and made David feel very special. With the excitement of that, no wonder he didn't want to sleep! :) HA!
We had a wonderful Father's Day weekend and Jeremy got just what he wanted for his day. Golf stuff! David and I had a good time at the golf store with him and had a nice dinner at Olive Garden. It's awesome to see how much David wants to be like Jeremy. He wants to pray like daddy (with head bent over on the new bed and hands folded) and repeats every word that Jeremy says. Oh, and if that just isn't enough for you all (some of you have already stopped reading for fear of throwing up on yourself because my son is so awesome!! :)), but he has learned his first set of scriptures...
Love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and Love neighbor as self.
Now, that's the Greer family version, in case you were wondering (some people get all caught up in the version...that makes me sad). He will learn versions and all that later, the point is he got the scripture. He also does not need to know where it comes from at this time...he will learn it.
I am so excited for him. He is learning new things and becoming the man God wants him to be. I hope all the Daddies out there had a wonderful Father's Day.
Happy Father's Day to my dad (Papaw), to Jeremy's dad (Papa) and to Jeremy.
In Christ-

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Friday, June 16, 2006

This week...

This past Sunday, if you would have asked, I probably would have told you that it would be the same old week, same kind of work, but it would be good, since Father's Day is this weekend and knowing us, we would celebrate all weekend. Well, Monday was looking good, but by Tuesday morning, the week would take a turn that I would not forget.
Without giving out too much information, and jeopardizing myself or anyone else, I will try and give you a short account of what happened.
When a co-worker of mine got to work on Tuesday morning, she found our office in a very distrubed way. Our other co-worker's car was there, but she was no where to be found. When I got there, I got a brief synopsis and the first co-worker left for the hospital, since they located the co-worker there. Over the next hours of the day, a lot of details would be found out, but so many would not be placed together. Our bosses (husband and wife) returned the next day and the wife gave us more information that she had found out from the co-worker and her mother. She did not reveal too much information, since as the co-worker's employer, she is bound, but it did help the rest of us put some pieces together. By Friday, much more information had come to light, but only our co-worker, who was taken to the hospital, and will now be on an indefinate leave of absence knows what really occured there.
It's a sad situation and every one has their speculations and what not. My boss and his wife are tied, since they can't/don't want to reveal too much information as employers. This puts us a man down in the office, with enough work for more people than we have. It's been a tough week. It's been an emotional roller coaster. It's been hard not to think every minute of my day about it.
We were able to leave at lunch today and I have managed to not think about it, aside from re-telling some of it here. I am praying the weekend will prove to be restful in the Lord and trusting Him to get me and this office through this time. Pray for us as often as you think about it.
I will let you know how it goes over the next few weeks.
Much love-

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #6

Thirteen Things about My DAD

1...My dad is his parents only son and he is the oldest child.

2...He has three sisters who follow behind him, each about 3 years apart.

3...He lived next door to his aunt and uncle, who also had 4 children...all girls! He was still the only boy between the two families.

4...My dad grew up attending Braves games at Milwaukee County Stadium.

5... Him and another players’ kid left the security people at the stadium baffled at how they could get from one side of the stadium to the other on foot faster than the security guys on golf carts.

6...My dad is 2 months and 12 days younger than my mother, and reminds her of it every year.

7...When I was younger and my mom had bowling night, dad and I would sometimes eat the ultimate meal - Pizza and Fries! Pizza from Little Caesar's and fries from Burger King!

8...My dad and I loved wrestling. No, not with each other…on TV! We would rent the wrestling videos from the store and for Christmas one year he bought me tickets to see it at the USF Dome. We went, had a great time, and that’s where the statement, NO MORE MEAT entered my vocabulary. It means, “we wanna see the good wrestlers…forget the ‘fill time, meat’ wrestlers.”

9...My dad does not call me by my name...even though he is the one who picked it out. He normally calls me by my nickname, and to be honest, I don't mind that at all. :)

10...In the line of work my dad used to do, he owned a bucket truck. I remember going up in the bucket one time as a kid and when we came down, I bumped my chin and bit my lip...that was the last time I rode in it.

11...My dad loves to cook! And he's good at it. He likes taking a recipe and changing it to make it his own. He can cook for me anytime.

12...My dad isn't close by, so I don't get to see him that often, but oh my goodness, he reads my blog! In fact, he unfortunately found out about the ambulance trip (see below) through my blog. oops. Sorry Daddy! I love you!

13...This was my dad's softball number and he was born on the 13th.

Have a great Father's Day Weekend!

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

My FIRST Ambulance Ride...

Now, doesn't that title just make you jump out of your seat? GOOD!
Just so we are clear, the ambulance ride was real. It was for ME...not for David. So, no worries, okay. The boy is fine. Jeremy is fine. And I am now fine. :)
We decided to attend the Super Regionals Baseball Game at Georgia Tech on Saturday at 1 PM. It was overly hot out and at the top of the third inning, I got dizzy and almost passed out (hearing loss, sweating profusely, afraid to move...yeah, ALL THAT!) A nice cop found Jeremy, the paramedics came and took me downstairs to the Visitors Locker Room. Three other people can in with the same symptons as me...I was in bad shape. Low blood sugar, low blood pressure, dry heaving...debating the ER trip, but after a few minutes, decided I should go. To make a long story a little shorter, Crawford Long is a nice hospital, and if you are ever in the area, I would highly recommend it. :) 5 HOURS later, they discharged me and I was fine. I had a nice bag of fluids, gave some blood and "other" things and all is right with the, did I mention GEORGIA TECH is going to the COLLEGE WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!!! WHOOP! Um, yes, I was the girl who asked the score during my brief Ambulance ride and hospital stay. By the way, when you get assigned at Crawford Long to a room that starts with an H, that means Hallway. So, I was in H-4; Hallway 4. They have to look at me everytime they walk by, which is good. I got to see three dramas take place (which only made my stay longer) and I even got to watch them vent someone, which involved them doing CPR on him too. Yeah, it was pretty event-filled, but not for me. If you know me, then you know my hospital stays are not brief and not normally un-eventful for me, but this one was, depsite the fact that I came by Ambulance.
Whew, so that was the weekend. David was with grandma and not with us, so that was a good thing.
I want to say that God does take drastic measures to draw you closer to Him, and to get your attention. If you are my three closest friends with the initials (J, M, and B) then you each understand that last statement. God is doing that now to some of you. You are not alone. God is using His measures and means to tell you something. Oh. Please. Listen.
I will write more tomorrow...
In Him-


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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #5

Thirteen Favorite Songs for Worship:

1... Majesty by Chris Tomlin ("Forever I am changed by your the presence of Your majesty" That's how I picked the name for this blog. See this post for more explanation.)

2... When I Think About the Lord by Starla Harbin "When I think about the He saved me, how He raised me, how He filled me with the Holy Ghost, how He healed me to the utter most...When I think about the Lord, how He picked me up and turned me around, how He placed my feet on solid makes me wanna shout, Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus!..."

3... Blessed be the Name by Chris Tomlin "You give and take away."

4... This is My Destiny by Dennis Jernigan This is a great song about all the great things God thinks about me and what He does for me.

5... My Savior, My God by Aaron Shust "My Savior loves, My Savior lives, My Savior's always there for me, My God He was, My God He is, My God He's always gonna be!"

6... We Delight by Caedmon's Call "We delight in the Law of Your Word"

7... Lifesong by Casting Crowns "Let my Lifesong sing to You"

8... Praise You in This Storm by Casting Crowns "I will praise you in this storm" See this post for the full chorus.

9... Beautiful One by By the Tree "Beautiful One I love, Beautiful One I adore...."

10.... I Am by Mark Schultz "I AM, the fount of living water, the risen Son of Man, the Healer of the broker, and when you cry, I AM."

11... I Have Been There by Mark Schultz "I have been there, I have overcame the cross and I have been there..."

12... I See Love by Steven Curtis Chapman, Casting Crowns, Third Day. See this post for the full song.

13... It is Well with My Soul words by Horatio Spafford, music by Philip Bliss. One of my all time favorite hymns.

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Carnival for Blogging Chicks!

Just wanted to let all the Blogging Chicks know about the new Carnival! If you are already on the BlogRoll, check out the Meta Blog on the first carnival for Blogging Chicks!

Are you a Blogging Chick? If you are a chick and like to blog, then why not?



Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Dinner Conversations

Since I went to work in January, we have had more meals at our dining room table then ever before. I can think of many reasons why that is the case, but I have deduced they were really all excuses, and not very good ones really. My momma said when I first went back to work that I would be more organized, since I have less time to do everything...well, she was right! With all that goes on to make our house run smoothly, I was going to need a little help with the laundry, cooking, bathing, and, I must confess, my hubby is INCREDIBLE! He helps me out so much and I think after five months of working, we run like a well-oiled machine when it comes to getting everything in order.
So, back to dinner...
I didn't really believe how true it was that dinner around the table sparks great times with your family until I actually have seen it take place in our home. I have always desired as David (and others should God allow) got older, we would always sit around the table, talk, share stories from the day and it would be an incredible time. Well, I have to desire no longer, since it's an actual reality in my home. Now, I am not saying every night it happens, because some nights we go out or to eat with others, but on the nights we are home, it's so nice to sit down, the three of us and eat and catch up. David's dinner conversations are limited, since after all, he is 2...but oh the joy of seeing him tell me about his day - what he ate, what he painted, what books he read, who was at school, who he played with, any accidents (he is good aboute telling you who bit who, who pushed who, who cried...come on, it happens everywhere...I am just glad that biter is under control now! :)) His face tells you even more than his mouth ever could, since he is animated (like momma). I am so thankful for this time. It's sometimes a little hairy, since David does not eat anything, but we do it. He asks to "get down from table" and is polite and thankful for what you give him...again, if it's what he eats and likes.
I am glad I no longer feed him first and then eat with Jeremy...I like it that we all sit down and eat together. Last night stuck in my head because David swapped seats with Jeremy and got on his knees, bent over the table and folded his little hands...just chatting away about the goings-on in his little life. It was precious.
I am so thankful to God for giving us these times!

In Him-


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Saturday, June 03, 2006

A New Nephew

I wanted to let you all know that we will be receiving a new nephew this year! My sister-in-law is expecting her second child later this year and we are very excited! I imagine our other nephew (aka: The BIG Brother) is thrilled and I bet they are since they saved everything from the first child.
Hip Hip Hooray!
This will be the fifth grandson for my in-laws and the eighth grandchild overall. I think we are on a roll for boys...this year will make the third year in a row that my in-laws have received the gift of a grandchild, and I think the "baby time" goes back to our court for next year. Hm.
Think three-plus years is enough time between David and the next one? (I am just thinking out loud, not really for comments, although, I will gladly accept them!)

I am exhausted from the day...big birthday party for a one-year old. We got to catch up with some friends from our former church, so that was so nice! We haven't seen many of them since December.
I hope each of you are having a great weekend.
Have a great Lord's Day!



Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #4

Thirteen Things David does that make me giggle...

1...He sings every morning in the car on the way to school - Wheels on the Bus, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and my all time favorite - Baby Bumblee (he ends it with 'Mommy Happy!')

2...We were talking this morning about the trees and after a short pause he says, "GOD made it!" Yep, that's right, God made it all...which lead to a deeper conversation on all the things God made.

3..He thinks he is the tickle monster and is ticklish in all the same places I am ticklish!

4...On the drive home a few weeks ago, he learned about Hay Bales (since they were in a big field) and he calls them "Hey Bales" (waving to them). They were gone now and that prompted him to ask me yesterday, "Where Hay Bales go?"

5...After prayers yesterday he told us "God is SO BIG!" (included with hand motions for the SO BIG part).

6...When he hears his daddy putting his key in the door to come in, he yells "Daddy!" and runs to the door to greet him.

7...If his daddy or me have been gone for an extended period, he does the same greeting (see #6) and also says, "Missed you" in the sweet David voice.

8...He loves his grandma! Oh my goodness, he thinks that grandma hung the moon! He talks about her and her doggie, Buzzy, all the time.

9...He loves church- he loves seeing Parker, Keef, Brian, Steve, Alan, and Jason. He knows what Steve does (David does the hand motions to lead the orchestra/choir) and when you ask him what anyone else does, he just stands there.

10...He says that his Sunday School class is "Jesus with Jennifer" since that's what they learn about and that's who teaches them.

11...He has a ritual at night that involves hugs, moochies, knuckles and high-bobs. That's a code for our family! :)

12...He plays with the garage and car set, that I got him for Christmas, like it's brand new everyday.

13...He sings Bob the Builder and Thomas the Train songs at the drop of a hat.

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