Monday, July 31, 2006

Birthday Month

I am so convinced that my birthday is so special it should be deemed a holiday. Not so much for the rest of the world, but it should be my holiday...I should not have to work on my birthday and I praise some former places I worked at by giving you birthday hours - a half day for your birthday. So, you could tack on 4 hours of vacation and have the whole day, or just take the half day...whatever you choose, because why? IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!
For those of you who have been on my birthday emails for the many years, you will know we add new people to the birthday list every year, but that's not really the important thing of this year. This year, marks the 30th Birthday of my Husband! Woo Hoo! I pray that he gets and does all he wants for his birthday. Without further's on to the birthday list.
The following people will be accepting emails, cards, letters, cash and gifts beginning today and running through the end of the month. This should give you slackers out there much time to get prepared and get it in the mail. I am sort of referring to myself, since I still haven't sent my dad's birthday card! Get with it Karen!!
  • Mandy - Her blog is Mickey's Wife and she needs traffic and visitors, so get on over there and wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, just a few days early. Her birthday is this weekend! She hasn't updated her blog in a few weeks, so this would be a good time to tell her to do so. hee hee I have known Mandy for SEVEN years!!! Right? Seven years?
  • Papa and Maegan - If you don't know, this is not only me and Jeremy's birthdays, but we celebrate with three other family members as well. My father-in-law and my niece celebrate next week, and my niece gets the special privelege of having her birthday on her Papa's birthday!
  • JULIA - I completely forgot about Julia, not because I don't love that sweet little thing, but I don't see her as often as I used to, so she slipped my mind...however, she is back now and this year she not only turns the big 2, but she is now a big sister! I pray she is doing delightful in that new role of hers and turning 2, hopefully won't make her terrible! Sorry Joy! :)
  • After that, it's my sister-in-law Laura - When we are together, we get mistaken for sisters and I always just say that we are. :) She is deep in her faith and walks a genuine walk with our Lord. I admire her for all the things that she does.
  • Drum Roll Please....Jeremy! I wouldn't say he is all that excited about turning 30, but he is handling it well. :) Jeremy has done alot in his 30 years and I look forward to walking next to him to see what the Lord does in the next 30 and beyond. He will have a birthday weekend filled with all the things good.
  • My dear friend, Michelle, is next. Her birthday is the day after Jeremy's and she has only been on the birthday list, for what, maybe this is the third year? I think that's right... She is the proud mama of twin girls and she will deliver her third baby in October...actually, maybe September if she is lucky. :) She is a fun girl who deserves lots of fun days!
  • Derik - I didn't forget about Derik, although I never talk to him anymore. :) He is busy planting a church in Little Five Points. He and Jeremy went to seminary at the same time and he lived across the parking lot from us. He then ventured to Amsterdam for two years and now he's back living in the area and like I said, planting a church.
  • ME!!!!!!!!!! Then comes me!!! I don't mind telling you that I am NOT turning 30 this year....that's next year!!! I love birthdays; can't you tell? Maybe it's because I am an only child, and birthdays are supposed to be special! I just have always loved having a birthday...maybe because it's the best excuse to have a party! Birthdays are meant to be spectacular and shared with the most treasured people in your life. I have already told Jeremy I want a party next year, okay?
  • Lauren and Katherine - These are Michelle's twins! They will be 2 this year! I can't wait for their little party.
  • Kim - Kim is a dear friend of mine and hers is the last birthday of the month. She is Kendall's momma and is also expecting her second baby next year. Yippie! Kendall is one of David's girlfriends...

So, that concludes the birthday list. I hope you all enjoy your birthdays and the Lord gives you your deepest desires as you celebrate the day you were born. May you enjoy it with your most treasured people in your life. Happy Birthday!

In His Love-


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Friday, July 28, 2006

Our Anniversary!

Today, at approximately 2:45 PM, Jeremy and I celebrate 5 years of being married. I presume that 2:45 was about the time we were announced husband and wife...although I may be a few minutes off. hee hee Our day was incredible and I don't even want to imagine spending my days serving the Lord with anyone else by my side. It has been a journey and I look forward to many more adventures on this journey. I love you, Jeremy.
We are planning our celebration for tomorrow night, since Grandma will be taking care of the boo bear at her house. Overnight. YIPPIE! This is what Grandma's are made for. I had pondered on my Thursday Thirteen three weeks ago of whether to buy my husband a gift. I have opted to purchase him something, and at this time have not done that. I have been taking care of boo, who has been sick, and now I am sick, so it just really hasn't gone as well as I had hoped in regards to the gift. I know he got me something. I have an idea of what it might be, although, he likes to surprise, so I am trying not to get it in my head of what it might be. I will let you know later. :)
Jeremy is coming to have lunch with me today and hopefully he will want Mexican. I sure do!
My dad called me yesterday to say Happy Anniversary, since he must have read my blog post from yesterday! :) I thought it was funny and cute that he called, even if it was a day early. He reads my BLOG! He's probably my biggest fan and most avid reader. He finds this is a good way to know about what's going on in my life, day to day basically, although he did get a little upset that he read about my ambulance incident from here. oops. We live too far apart. Maybe the Lord will lead us to Florida, dad. :) Although, I would still be blogging by then, so he would still have to read it. ha!

Well, avid fans, you are in for the month of your life next month! August is BIRTHDAY MONTH! And, if you have just only started reading this blog, you will find out quickly that I LOVE BIRTHDAYS!!!!!! Particularly my OWN! So, on August 1st, tune in for BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day in our Lord!


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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Thursday Thirteen # 11

Thirteen Things about Our WEDDING Day!
Tomorrow Jeremy and I will celebrate five years of our covenant of marriage. I couldn't be more excited and looking forward to many more years of serving the Lord together. The second greatest gift I can give our child is a great marriage!
Enjoy the 13 Things about our Wedding Day!
1... We got married at FBA, on our home church at the time, in the sanctuary and had our reception downstairs in Faith Hall.
2... Jeremy did not want to see me before the wedding. Looking back, I think I might have decided to see each other, but I liked it that he was so determined about not seeing me.
3... We each had five bridesmaids and groomsmen as attendants. Three were family members and the rest are considered family when it comes to the two of us.
4... We signed a covenant of marriage and lit the unity candle. As we kneeled to pray, my friend Amy sang "Be Still and Know" by Steven Curtis Chapman. It's not your traditional wedding song, but it summed up all we wanted to exude in our marriage. I can't tell you the number of times God has called us just to Be Still.
5... While we were praying, I looked up to notice that Jeremy had blue tissue on his face from wiping it so much. It was cute. Also, the pastor leaned down towards the end of the song and asked Jeremy if he wanted to kiss his bride. Uh, yeah, uh-huh was the response, and the pastor kindly noted that it wasn't listed on the script. HA!
6... I never actually said I Do in our ceremony. The pastor skipped over a part and so Jeremy said I Will and I Do, and I never said either. It's okay, I have said I DO and I Will lots in the last 5 years.
7... The reception was great. We got to see just about everyone there. The cake...oh so good. The food was delicious and I was just happy as pie to be Jeremy's wife.
8... Jeremy and his fraternity brothers sang to me. They do this at everyone's wedding, and we had attended at least three that I know of and they sound fantastic. It is an honor to know some of those guys.
9... My bridesmaids did a great job at moving me around the room and not letting me get stuck in one place. My parents seemed to enjoy themselves and it was so great to see my family...even my great aunts and uncles. It was such a special day and it meant the world to me that they drove up here.
10... We walked out to a line of people blowing bubbles and it was the prettiest site ever! The pictures are so good! We left by limo and it started to rain as soon as we turned out of the church. Thank you Lord for waiting a few extra minutes!
11... We stayed at a hotel near the airport and flew out the next morning to New York City for 8 days! It was incredible! I love NEW YORK! We have some of the last pictures of the World Trade Center, since we got married in 2001. We hope to go back in a few years.
12... There is nothing like having a celebration of marriage and having friends and family to celebrate with you. We made a huge commitment before them and most importantly before the Lord. It was life changing.
13... There is NO ONE else I would rather spend serving the Lord with than Jeremy. He is a strong man who serves God from the deepest parts of himself. He is so not selfish. He puts our families' needs above his own. He is a man after God's own heart. He is a loving son, brother, husband and father. I love him great big bunches.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

He Has Been There...

It's never fun when your baby is sick! I was home yesterday with my boo since he had a horrible diaper rash that left him screaming bloody murder at every diaper change and then crying for at least 30 minutes afterwards. Nothing was working, so it warranted a call to the nurse at 5:50 AM yesterday and then a trip to the doctor (we were just there last Wed!). We changed the meds he was taking for the sinus infection and then got him some cream for his rash. He has been feeling better, although my emotional side hasn't really gotten out of it yet. I have never cried so hard then I cried the past 36 hours over that rash. Him crying and screaming made me cry, because I knew the pain he was feeling was deep and horrible. His legs would shake, nothing would console him, and he couldn't even sit down because it hurt so bad. I was devastated...and the whole world came crashing in. I wrote in my post yesterday that it is impossible to do everything and do it well, and although I wasn't even trying to do my things well, everything was seeming impossible. I won't's difficult at times being a wife, mom, worker and manage those and then add on having a life with friends, having a passion for women's ministry but having no outlet or time for it, etc. However, with all that said, it's never difficult for long with Jesus. Amen?
I was driving this morning with boo bear and a song came on the know the song...the one that makes you think...and cry. Boo bear noticed me crying and when I was done he asked me, mommy, you done? I said done with what? He said crying. You done crying? Yes, boo, I am done. He said I love you, mommy. Oh, boo, I love you too. I also told him that God loves him too...more than anyone else in this world. He said God loves mommy too? And daddy too? Yep, boo, God loves mommy and daddy too. He loves everyone!
The song "I Have Been There" by Mark Schultz is a great song. I like Mark Schultz and his inspires me and really makes me think. If you have ever heard the song, you can get a visual picture in your head of the daily struggles of people and how Christ has been there...He knows what fear, pain, and sorrow are all about and most importantly He overcame the cross! I never have to worry or think anything is difficult for very long...Jesus has been there! He knows exactly what feelings I have. He knows exactly how much pain I can bear. He knows exactly what I will worry and fret over...and He also knows it won't take me long to turn it over to Him. I can say it wasn't always that way...but in this life, what can be more important than trusting Him?

Philippians 4:19 "And my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus."

In Christ-

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

In "Other" Words

"One cannot collect all the beautiful shells on the beach. One can collect only a few, and they are more beautiful if they are few."

~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh ~

My grandparents had a house on the beach when I was little. I can practically remember everyday that I spent there as a little girl. I went there for Spring Break and during the summer and then we would frequent there at other times in the year as well. My favorite thing to do was to collect shells! My grandparents would lay them all on the sea wall to let them dry and I took them home by the bag loads. Sometimes we made necklaces, sometimes we put them in lamps, sometimes my mom would use them on her plant hangers. I have those visions of those days as if they happened yesterday.

Anne Morrow Lindgergh was right about the can only collect a few and they are the most beautiful. I wonder what her "shells" were that she was referring to.

For the years that I have been a church member, involved in Sunday School, and leadership in those areas, I consistently have to remind myself to do things well. It would be easy for someone like me (ie...people pleaser) to be involved in a hundred things, but I wouldn't do them all well. They would only be done so-so. I don't think that's what God had in mind when he said in Luke 16:10 "He who is faithful in a very little thing is faithful also in much..." If I tried to do everything, even the things I really want to do, and do lots of things at one time, nothing would come out beautiful. It would be this thrown together mess and it wouldn't be pretty.

I encourage everyone in Christ to do what God has called them to do...the very thing He has gifted you to do...the very thing He has given you a passion for. Most importantly do it well.

In Christ-


Friday, July 21, 2006


Some of my family is in town from Orlando, since my cousin is playing in a baseball tournament in the area. It's been nice knowing they are nearby. I got to take David to see them on Tuesday and we had such a great time! David ran up to them and gave them hugs and high fives like he knew exactly who they was completely precious. As we sat and watched the rest of the ballgame, had lunch with them, and then came back to their hotel, I realized how much I really miss them. As we said goodbye that day, in hopes of seeing each other again, I was sad. My mind wandered back to a time when I was little...we didn't live close to each other then...they were in Texas and we were in Florida, but during one of their visits to Florida we got to see them. They only had two kids then, my youngest cousin was only a glimmer in their minds, so I could have only been about 11-12 years old. I remember leaving Sarasota and sobbing my eyes out most of the way home. I just really wanted to spend time with them. I missed them. So, when I was leaving them on Tuesday, I got that same feeling in my heart. It was weird to think of that moment all those years ago. It was even more weird that I was having that feeling of missing them so much. I normally get to see them on average about once a year, maybe twice, and I was overcome with emotion of wanting to be with them and see them more.
I don't know what the future holds and where the Lord will have us be...maybe it's Florida, maybe it's not. Wherever it is, I pray that I stay as close as I can through the miles.

Thank you Lord for reminding me how important my family is and how much I miss them.
I love you!

In Christ-


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Thursday Thirteen # 10

Graphic courtesy of Kelly - Diary of the Nello
Thirteen Movies I could watch over and over...and why
  1. Field of Dreams - Kevin Costner, but more importantly the story. My dad's dad played baseball, so it's a sentimental movie for our family. The daughter's name is Karen in the movie...
  2. Bourne Identity/Supremacy - Matt Damon plays an awesome role and I have loved both of the movies...I think we should expect a third.
  3. Spy Game - Now, who couldn't love some Robert Redford and Brad Pitt...the ultimate CIA/spy good!!! If you haven't seen it, I highly recomment it.
  4. Monster, Inc.- The Boo Bear hasn't seen it yet, although I am sure he'll like it. John Goodman and Billy Crystal were great as the voices of Sully and Mike Wazowski. It's just a cute movie.
  5. Lord of the Rings - I admit I partly could watch it over and over to understand it, but when the hubby is watching too, I just ask questions. It's long, but it's so good!
  6. Star Wars - Any of them! I grew up on those movies, so the three they released in the last few years have been awesome to put the story all together.
  7. Saving Private Ryan - I know...I know...the first 30 minutes could make anyone hurl, but it's just a very inspirational movie! If you can handle the gore of the fighting, then you should see it.
  8. Catch Me if you Can - A true story nonetheless. Leonardo di Caprio and Tom Hanks played opposite roles together like pros. I just couldn't believe it was true that the guy swindled millions as a late teen!
  9. Die Hard - Oh I am a big Die Hard fan...I have begged for the trio set for years now...I stopped asking last year, since no one took the hint. I just like Bruce Willis in these movies and the action adventure.
  10. Pretty Woman - My husband loves to joke that everytime this is on TBS or TNT, I find out and for three days it's what I watch. He's partially right...I like Julia and Richard!
  11. Anna and the King - The story of the King of Siam (played by Chow Yun-Fat) and widowed British schoolteacher (Jodie Foster). Beautiful story! Jodie Foster has played lots of roles, but this one is different.
  12. Erin Brokovich - Also a true story...watching Julia Roberts play Erin was incredible. I thought she did a fabulous job and deserved her Oscar for it. Since we are on it, I'll say that Ocean's 11/12 and Mona Lisa Smiles are all great too...I like Julia!! :) She is a native Georgian, ya know.
  13. Chronicles of Narnia - We got to see this on Christmas night and I loved it. My husband read the books, but I haven' that I saw the movie, it makes me want to read the books.

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Monday, July 17, 2006

In "Other" Words

"When life whacks you so hard your head flies off, sew it back on and keep going."
~ Mary Pierce ~
Sounds like the title of my first book!
Life happens, ya know...and we have no control over it. God has already ordained what will take place in our lives, from birth till death...He knows we will come to forks in the road and which path we will travel. He knows that when tragedy strikes, we will either turn to Him or run away from Him. Oh Lord, may it never be that I would turn away from You!
Just a little over five years ago, I sat at my grandfather's funeral. I was calm and numb as I watched my fiance read the eulogy that I had written. For as much as I was mourning on the inside, in 95 days I was getting married to the man I had prayed for. This man and I were embarking on a spiritual that led to seminary and back and a life in full-time ministry. I was so thrilled God had put us together. I felt so lucky that Jeremy had chosen me! :) I felt honored that he wanted me to serve next to him.
In the depths of who I was though...I was saddened to know my grandfather would not be sitting in the sanctuary on my big day. I was hurt that God allowed it to happen, when that was one of the greatest things that he was looking forward to...being at my wedding. But I pressed on. I buried the pain and hurt. I married the man in late July of 2001 and nine months later, as Easter approached, I came face to face with the pain and hurt I had buried. At our church in Fort Worth, we attended a Maundy Thursday service where we took the Lord's supper. As we entered the service that night, we were given a piece of paper to write down our sins that needed to be forgiven. On the other side of the paper you were to write down the people God wanted you to forgive. Oh, Lord, I was busted. A year had gone by since my grandfather's death and I was still harboring an extreme amount of bitterness.
My grandfather was hit by a car at a gas station on his way to pay for his gas. The man who hit him had an open container in his car...and was not sited for it. (That's illegal in this state!) My grandpa was rushed to the trauma hospital in this area and after 5 days we made the decision to remove him from life support. We waited an extra day, since the 4th day fell on my mom's 50th birthday. It was a sad time in our family. The wind was blown out of my sails, or I guess you could say "Life wacked me so hard that my head fell off!" So, as I sat in that service, it was time to sew my head back on and keep going. It was time to forgive the man who put my grandpa in the hospital.
As I walked down the aisle that night to put my piece of paper in the plate and take of the elements of the Lord's supper, I stood in awe of God and His forgiveness. I don't deserve it, but by His grace I get it. I can't ever hold forgiveness from anyone, since that would be against everything Christ says in His word.
At the time I knew God would make great things come out of my grandfather's accident, but I never expected me to be the beneficiary of some of those great things. Just two years ago, the 3 year anniversary of my grandfather's death was approaching, and I was also approaching having a child. As the time grew near, my mother was fearful that the day of the accident would be my child's birthday...well, as it happened, that's exactly what took place. The Lord knew all of that, and made April 27th a better day in the life of our family. Not one scarred, but one with joy.
In Christ-


The summer seems like it's just kicking into gear, although it's almost over for the school kids. A teenage girl at church yesterday told me school starts August 14th for her...good golly, that's less than a month away! I then thought that there will come a day (and it's coming soon) where my whole year will be planned around summer vacation. At this juncture in my life, I can plan to go to Disney World in September, when the rates are cheaper and the days aren't as hot, but when my little one goes to school, those days are long gone...unless of course, I homeschool. :) Nothing against homeschool, but just don't believe that God has called me to do it...yet. He may, he very well may, but the agreement with my husband at this given time is I will not as long as we are in the states. Should the Lord call us elsewhere, then I am sure he will equip me to homeschool them, should that be necessary. Now that we got that cleared up...
Summertime feels like the most wrong time to be changing my eating lifestyle, but it seemed like the perfect time to me and Jeremy. So, we started a new plan called Spark People. I have included the link for you, in case you want to check it out. We have been on it for a few days now, and honestly, it's a nice change. It's everything you already know, but it's on the computer and I can keep track of my food and what a healthy range I should be staying in with regards to Carbs, Fat, Protein, and Calories. We are really enjoying it. We have actually found something we like... Yippie!
My family is on their way from Florida today! WOO HOO! My cousin is playing in a baseball tournament and I gotta tell you, I can't be more excited than I am right now about seeing them. It's been over a year since I saw them last. They get pictures of the boo-bear every now and then, but it's nothing like seeing the real thing up close and personal! My cousin and I are 13 years apart and then he and my boo-bear are 13 year apart...weird huh? What's more weird is that my cousin and my son could pass for brothers! Especially with the haircut that boo has right now. Speaking of that, I think it's been 4 weeks now since the haircut, and it's's growing. I am going to have to start putting some gel in it soon... :) hee hee Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing the fam tomorrow, and oh, I have the day off tomorrow...and I have been given permission to leave a little early the rest of the week. WOO HOO! I may get frustrated at times with working...I mean, I know the Lord paved the way for me to work here and ordained it the time for me to work, and He even gave me a huge peaceful heart about it, but it's still hard sometimes to leave my boo bear and not want to do things during the day with friends; but I gotta say, this is a great place to work. They are flexible with me and they push me to be a better worker.
Have a great Monday!

In Christ-

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Blogging Chicks Carnival #6

It's Week #6 of Carnival of the Blogging Chicks! This week we had a theme...Dreams! GO RIGHT NOW and check some of these chicks out. We have all kinds of dreamers...some of eternity, some are day-dreamers, some think their dreams make a great movie, others dream of the future of their family.

Hurry! These chicks don't stay in one place for long...

Till next week....

Preview: Next week's theme is Summer!

In Him-



Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #9

Graphic courtest of Kelly, Diary of the Nello
Thirteen Things about the Number 13!
In honor of it being July 13th, 2006
1...Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of the number 13. I had no idea there was even such a thing!
2...The number of loaves in a Baker's Dozen.
3...The number of cards in a single suit of a standard deck of playing cards.
4...The number of original colonies that the United States was founded from.
5...The number of stripes on the United States flag - six white ones, seven red ones.
6...The Great Seal of the United States has 13 stars above the eagle, 13 leaves on the olive branch, 13 olives on the olive branch, 13 arrows held by the eagle and 13 bars on the shield...and that's just the beginning.
7...The number in the title of some great movies, such as Apollo 13 starring Tom Hanks and Kevin Bacon; 13 going on 30 starting Jennifer Garner; and let's not forget, Friday the 13th!!!
8...The number of people sitting at the Last Supper - Jesus and 12 apostles.
9...NBA star Wilt Chamberlain wore the number and he considered it very lucky for him and very unlucky for his opponents.
10...NFL star, and my mom's favorite football player, Dan Marino also wore the number and passed for more yards than any other quarterback in NFL history.
11...Due to the fear of the number, most buildings do not have a 13th floor.
12...The number is the atomic number of Aluminium.
13...This number was always my dad's softball jersey number and not coincidentally, it's his birthday TODAY! Happy Birthday Daddy!!
Most stats were provided from Wikipedia.
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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Beautiful Feet

I enjoyed some "me" time the other night (see post below on how important that is)...this time, in the tub. I love a good hot bath occasionally and I felt this one deserved since I wasn't feeling all that well. I lit the candles, got all settled in the tub, full of bubbles, and ahhh...relaxed. I put my feet up out of the water and noticed them, with some intrigue. Now, my feet aren't really anything to be noticing. I actually think they aren't that great, in fact, I think they are kind of fat. Aside from all that, I noticed how pretty they looked. Isn't that odd, since I just explained how un-pretty they were? :) The candlelight shown at the perfect place and I actually thought for a second I had cute feet. :) hee hee. It immediately reminded me of the scripture from Isaiah and also repeated in Romans.

"How lovely on the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who announces peace and brings good news of happiness, who announces salvation, and says to Zion, "Your God reigns!" Isaiah 52:7

"How will they preach unless they are sent? Just as it is written, "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news of good things!" Romans 10:15

I had a friend of mine from a small group who loved that verse and she most definately had cute beautiful feet...both beautiful in the sense of tan, nails painted, long, cute feet and then in the sense of scripture and bringing good news!
The picture depicted in Isaiah is breathtaking. Imagine running to tell people good news, peace, to often am I not running, but only walking or waiting for them to come to me. It was an incredible reminder of what I am to be using my beautiful feet for.
Thank you Lord for the reminder of what you gave us feet for. May my feet travel the length you have determined telling others about You. May they be quick when you say RUN! May they ponder each step when you say SLOW DOWN! May they be still when you say WAIT!

In Christ-

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

In "Other" Words

Christian Women Online has found another way to encourage and inspire! Each Friday, a quote will be posted and we can write about what the quote says to us. It's a way to jot down thoughts and examine our lives a little more. Join me as we dive into In "Other" Words.

"Once in a while you have to take a break and visit yourself." - Audrey Giorgi
Ms. Audrey must of had children...ya think? I didn't nearly need to visit myself as much when I was married with no kids, but now I feel it's an absolute necessity at times. I feel that many thoughts could arise out of this statement, but the few that rise out for me are this...
I like being alone sometimes; not often, but there are needed times of re-grouping myself. I am not refering to quiet times with the Lord...although I may appear to be alone in a room when I am having a quiet time, that is not the case...the Lord is there! He is there when I am re-grouping too, but in a different sense.
In other words...we are never alone or apart from Him. I couldn't run fast enough or far enough out of his view, even if I tried. And, oh how I have tried sometimes! :) When I am "visiting myself" I am normally doing something. That might be contradictory to what Ms. Audrey was speaking about, but that is the case for me. I love scrapbooking, but I normally do it in waves. That's a time of visiting myself. I reminisce over the pictures, I think of the day it happened, the event, the people and it's normally fairly quiet. I visit myself when I am reading. I visit myself when I am cooking. I visit myself when I am working out. All of these things I am doing something that I enjoy doing, and that's how I visit myself.
I also think it's important to connect with other women. I have posted before about having good girl know, the ones you call when you are up to your eyeballs in formula and diapers and don't know how to get out of it. When I am spending time with my girlfriends, I find I am refreshed and renewed by enjoying their company, their stories, their attitudes on life. My husband and my son notice when I have had some good girl time; the same way they notice my time with the Lord.
In Him-

Monday, July 10, 2006

Blogging Chicks Carnival #5

If you haven't checked out the Carnival of the Blogging Chicks, yet, it's a must see. What are you waiting for? A personal invitation? This is it...please GO HERE now. NOW! NOW! You are missing out on some cool chicks...

Next week it's a theme that we is waiting to be determined by vote! OOOOOhhh...I know you are so curious now, that you will go

Have a great Monday!

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Superman Returns!

I totally meant to do this last Monday, but somehow forgot! How could I forget Superman? Jeremy and I got to go to the movies...I say got to go, since if you have little ones, then you will know what I mean when I say's not often you get to go to the movies, unless it's for a Disney movie. ha! We went and saw Superman Returns and it was so fabulous! I didn't fall in love with him as a little girl, but was curious enough this time to want to check him out. The guy who played Superman/Clark Kent (oh, gosh, I hope I didn't spoil that for anyone...hee hee), Brandon Routh, is incredible and looks much like Christopher Reeves did playing Superman years ago. Kate Bosworth rocked as Lois Lane and Kevin Spacey was perfect as Lex Luther. It gave lots of backstory, so if you need a refresher course on Superman, you will most likely be satisfied with what you get in the movie. The ending was open, so obviously, we will see him again...

A must see movie for this year!

Have a great day!

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Friday, July 07, 2006

Happy Birthday Jonathan!

I am writing a Birthday tribute to a sweet little boy named Jonathan. He turned one on Wednesday and he is the joyous blessing of our friends Kaci and Clay. We met Kaci and Clay at Wedgwood Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas, while we were attending seminary there. Kaci worked at the seminary. Neither of us had children then, and Jeremy and I couldn't have found better friends there than these two people. Kaci and Clay were strong Christians, who had been married about a year longer than us and were wise in their ways. When we left Texas, we must have chatted for days about them...we missed them deeply. As the months passed, we got to see them again when Jeremy graduated and we made the trip back to Fort Worth for the big event. We could only have dinner with them, since they were headed out of town, but it was so good to hug their necks and see them...if only for a brief time.
We have not seen them since then, but they are fondly in our hearts, and with the technology of the Internet and Vonage, I can communicate with Kaci all I want! :)
When I got pregnant with David, I knew Kaci and Clay had been trying a while for a baby. I wrote this post back in May about what the Lord called me and Jeremy to do while we were pregnant and Kaci and Clay were one of the first couples we prayed for. Kaci is also the only girl I know who took a pregnancy test and the day of or a day later called to tell me she was expecting. I knew she was...only because she never calls me!!! :) So, when I heard her voice on the answering machine, I just knew it had to be that. I was touched that she thought about calling, honestly.
It has been a pure delight to watch her grow as a mommy this past year. She is very good at it, and I know I am not there to view all her meltdowns, or Jonathan's meltdowns, but I know Kaci and she is a woman with a pure heart. She keeps me challenged.
Clay, Kaci and Jonathan - WE LOVE YOU! Happy First Birthday Big Boy! May the next year of learning be incredible.

In Christ-

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Pushing Daddy's Buttons

My mom called last night and Jeremy and David got to talk to her, since I was working out. While David was on the phone with his grandma, she asked him what he was doing. He said watching TV and pushing Daddy's buttons. (This is where you laugh out loud...for serious.)
My mom didn't get it, since she was consumed with why she was calling...something about a house burning down (no, not hers), but acutally David was pressing the buttons on Jeremy's shirt. Sweet David doesn't actually realize yet that "Pressing someone's buttons" is a phrase we use when we are making people mad or upset and we know just the way to do, for instance, nope, wait...better not share that. Whew...good thing my filter kicked in at the right time.


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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #8

Graphic courtesy of Emily
Thirteen Things I thought about before 7:30 AM...

1...6:00 AM - It's time to get up again? Didn't I just do this a few hours ago? Oh, it's Thursday!'s only Thursday?

2...6:02 AM - I think I hear David. Hubby briefly knocks on the bathroom door; I suggest he get him and bring him in our bed, maybe he will rest. (Yeah, fat chance)

3...6:03 AM - Oh! But wait! It's Thursday Thirteen! I didn't play last week (too much going on=lousy excuse) and I would love to play this week. I missed everyone last week! I REALLY DID! :)

4...6:15 AM - Time to make the donuts. Oh. Wait. Wrong thought. Time to do my hair! Oh yeah, that's it. I posted a devotional on my mirror last night...I need to be reminded of it often, so I think I will stand here a minute and reflect on having a pure heart.

5...6:19 AM - Well, hello David! David, sleeping in mommy's spot in the bed, "Morning Mommy! I missed you" Awwwww!!!!

6...6:20 AM - Find something to wear's work, just work. Nobody all that important, since they are all on vacation. Pick something!!!!!!!!

7...6:25 AM - My five year anniversary is in 22 days. I wonder if he is buying me something...I think we are going for fondue and grandma is keeping him overnight at her house! If it all works out, it will be sweet.

8...6:40 AM - Time to pack it up...have I done everything - got dressed, matching shoes, taken vitamin, drank a cup of water, got the boy and all his stuff, moochie the daddy...yep, that's everything!

9...7:00 AM - Oh yeah....we are bookin' it today. I love it when everyone else is on vacation. It makes my drive a breeze and I might actually have a few minutes to spare at work (for TT!), barring David doesn't put up a fight at school.

10...7:15 AM - He put up a small bit of clingi-ness, but I still bet I can make it to work early. David got an invite to this little girls birthday party...we'll probably go, since she is so cutie patootie, and David and her, well, there might be something there. :)

11...7:20 AM - Setting a record pace to work. I wonder if I should get the man anything for the anniversary. No? Yes? Maybe?

12...7:22 AM - Has it really been five years? What was I doing five years ago this time? I was working at MTW far, one of the greatest places I have ever worked. I am sure I was up to my eyeballs in last minute prep, but I am fairly certain that I was enjoying it. I thought about the girl who took my place at my job. Misty. Her husband worked for FBA too...they now serve in KY. I miss her. I should email her and see how things are going.

13...7:25 AM - I am here! Writing my TT! It's Thursday! Only one more day of work this week. It was a three day week, do I really have anything to complain about? nope.

Hope you all had a great Fourth!

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Church Celebration

The Fourth of July celebrations always get to me. We sing all the great songs about America, see the pictures of our forefathers, of men fighting war for our freedom, and I think to myself that everyday should be Independence Day! I get goose bumps when I hear the know the one...Proud to be an American. As I sat in church today, I thought of the men on our stage who served in our military...good, upstanding men in our church and in our community. I haven't had the chance to meet all of them yet, but I pray that I will. I thought about the word freedom and how we all take it for granted. Freedom is two fold for me...I am thankful for the freedom our country has in many aspects, but I am the most grateful for the freedom I have accepted in Jesus Christ.
Like I said...everyday should be Independence Day!

I pray everyone has a great Fourth of July!

In Christ-

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