Saturday, September 22, 2007

Lacking in Thought

Is it possible that I have become lacking in thought process, enough to not write for a week??? Or, my gracious, have we been that busy?! I caught up on so many peoples blogs last night and am still catching up. It has been a long, slow week, one filled with lots of discipline. We are still very much trying to learn how to use our ears around here...and yes, I am referring to the little angel in our house, who has recently chosen to not listen and obey. It's okay. We are okay, and we are learning...nothing wrong with that. It's just a tad frustrating. God is prevailing, I am joyful to say.

This would be a good time to plug the Pink Lids on the Yoplait yogurt cups for the next 5-6 weeks in honor of Breast Cancer month; because, let's face it, EVERY LID MATTERS. I made a pink box to stick at our preschool desk for all of us to participate in. We have one teacher battling it right now and another battled it a few years ago. It reminds me so much of Marla and that's why I chose to spearhead the campaign this year for the pink lids. She lost her battle earlier this year, leaving behind a sweet husband and two incredible boys. She served her last few years in the church's preschool and I felt like her service had come full circle. Eat up the yogurt, for the ones we have lost and the ones behind yet to be diagnosed yet.

One more week of September and then it's officially the Fall/Holiday season. I was just telling my kids yesterday at school what a busy October we have. It's picture day, Pumpkin Patch, Fall Festival, oh my. It's gonna be awesome!

Whew...maybe I wasn't lacking in thought...
My boys are gone to breakfast though, so I need to get some small cleaning tasks done before they return...

In Love,
Karen :)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Friend

Last Friday my friend at the Five Powell's gave birth to a little boy! So cuteness! She just rec-created her blog, so I would love for you to drop her a visit and comment. I just spoke to her on the phone and she is in great spirits...maybe it's because it's her third child.
Don't you know how the phone calls are when it's the first child?? Come remember...

Monday, September 10, 2007

First Tech Game

Oh yes, my dears, it's Football Season! Boo and Jeremy headed to Boo's first GA Tech Game this past Saturday! This is him, all decked out and ready to go. What? You are wondering what the monkey is all about? OH, I am so glad you asked!!! Ben, the monkey, came home from preschool with Boo last week. It was Boo's responsibility to take care (feed, change his clothes, journal) and then today he brought him back to class, with pictures and journaled items to talk about in circle time! It's a very cool thing and we were blessed to have Ben in our home for a few, some other lucky boy or girl will take him home toward the end of the week.
Boo had a fabulous time at his first game with his daddy. I had some girl time with my mom at the very crowded Daisy Festival. Boo had so much to tell me that he did at the game, like yell "GO Jackets!" really loud. We are so proud! :)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Giving thanks with a grateful heart this week for...

First week of school - It was not only Boo's first day, but also mine. It was a little touch and go there for a while, but I recooped on Wednesday and am ready to face a new set of faces for Thursday and Friday. Wish me luck! Just think, 12 2-year olds, in one room, for 4 hours, with 2 teachers...ain't life grand? (laugh, people, much laughter!) Next week it will be 5 hours. I posted pictures below.

Boo - He's 3 people and I am pretty tired of changing him. He turned a massive corner just days ago by not wearing pull-ups...of course, the day after I purchased a new bag worth, but hey, it's worth it. He hasn't managed to fully put it all in the potty (you all know what I mean, right?) but this is like his 4th night in under wear...people, much rejoicing is going on in this house...can I get an Amen, and maybe some encouraging words on how to get him to go #2 in the potty???

New Jobs - It's not every year, nor should it ever be again, where both Jeremy and I have new jobs, like within the same month and weeks. I gotta say, just a little over a week ago I was re-thinking this whole thing...knowing in the pit of my heart God has called me for this purpose and really asking Him, "WHAT am I DOING?" After talking through it all, I relinquished my fears and laid them down (many times). It's really the only way. :)

Friends - I am always thankful for good friends...bloggy friends and best friends and new friends. A girl in my SS class just had her baby yesterday...I was a priveleged friend who got to hold the baby today at the hospital...I was the first non-family visitor! How awesome! It gives me baby fever... I had a girls night out last week and it was enjoyable and it should be. Between the three of us we have 7 kids total. It's nice to have a night out every now and then with no kiddos.

I missed you all last week! It's nice to be back! Can't wait to visit! Thanks to Iris for hosting!!! Love you girl! For more Thankful Thursdays, visit Iris and Sting my Heart.


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

First Day of School and Pictures

AHHHHH! The first day of school has come and gone...and let me tell you, my feet hurt! Well, at least they did. It was one tiring day, and it was only the first and not a long one at that. We don't have lunch the first week, so it's only 4 hours worth. I will spare you the sorted details of a crying little boy and upset little girl who wouldn't part with her bag...because although it was my first day of school teaching 2 year olds, it was my little boy's first day of school too!! He has two fabulous teachers who have been working together for years. He managed to have a great first day, with only 1 accident, in which they brought him to me to change him, which was okay....he managed to stay dry and clean the rest of the day. Praise the Lord. He is getting bigger by the moments...wanna see?First Day of School picture - new shoes, new shirt, new haircut, although it looks a little rough today! hee-hee This little man of mine was so excited about going to school that while he was waiting in my classroom for the bell to ring, he kept asking me "Did the bell ring yet?", "Was that the bell?" That's how much this kid was ready for school to start!

And, since I didn't give you any pictures the last month, here are some more...
Here are my 3 favorite guys in the whole world!! Papaw, Boo and Jeremy...we are headed into the Braves game, if you can't tell by the shirts that Boo and Jeremy have on!

Here are my two cuties, with Boo actually giving you the cutie face! Priceless.

And the three of us enjoying each other and the game.

So, all is well in Boo-land!



Sunday, September 02, 2007

Ahh, September

I felt as if August was long, but that's okay, because it was birthday month, so it can be as long as I want....
Alas, it's over. The last birthday celebration was fittingly on the last day of the month, in which Jeremy and I enjoyed dinner at a plush place near the night life part of Atlanta. We had a gift card that my old company gave us for Assistant Day, so we enjoyed ourselves, ala no Boo, who was living up life at Nana and Papa's house...yes, again. It was technically his last week of Summer! He enjoyed Nana and Papa's house, and Aunt Laura's house while I met with all my students and parents during last week. I was exhausted by Thursday afternoon...and I will have you know that I took a nap every day last week...couldn't explain the level of exhaustion, it was surreal.
Jeremy preached today while the pastor was out of was on struggles and he used the life of Jacob as his example. It was good and we got out early! I know, that's not really the point. :) Just a sidenote.
Because it's September, that means College Football has begun...can I get a Sting Em for the Jackets whomping on the Irish??? Oh yeah baby! We proudly wore our White and Gold yesterday and what a game! We are hoping to take Boo to a game this year...we will let you know how that goes.

For all my Siesta friends out there, the Siesta party has been set - click the words Siesta friends back there (<-) to see what the big deal is...can't wait to see you all there...if you are planning on it, please let me know, I want to meet up! :) I know Preacher's Wife is going!

Oh my gracious! Y'all! I have not even begun to tell you about my little preschoolers. Oh how cute and enjoyable they are!! Classes begin on Tuesday! I am excited and Boo is just as excited! I have already re-thought about this several times, but know without a doubt God called me to this purpose. Let's see if I feel the same after the first week! :) hee hee...just teasing. Oh! And Jeremy's job is going well too...lots to learn and deal with, but we are both chugging along.
And, I hate to do this, but if you would say a little prayer for Boo...he is having some trouble with the potty skill, and I really don't want to have to leave my free day to come change him on Wednesdays. It's bad enough if he does the deed in his pants and I am working that day, then they will come bring him to my room for me to change him.
Okay, that's all.