Sunday, November 09, 2008

Road Trip

I have been dying to see my friend Amy since her and Jason had their baby boy, so last Friday I packed the boys up and drove to Hartwell, GA. I have never been to Hartwell and didn't actually realize that I would practically be in South Carolina! :) The boys did so good in the car and Boo, well, he just couldn't wait to see little Max and more importantly - Jason and the offense Amy. :)
We arrived, we loved on little Max, took pictures of the boys, had lunch and then headed to the dairy farm...cows, think lots and lots of cows. Boo "purchased" one and wants updates on it...ha ha. :)
Here are the pictures...
Here's Max!!! Ain't he full of cutness? I think so...him and Peanut are 7 weeks apart.
Peanut and Max together
All 3 of the boys...

Up close and personal....

One of several cool things...according to Boo. This is the feed machine. They mix the feed up for the cows and then place it on this machine which drops it into all of the troughs for the cows to eat it...pretty neat, huh? He totally had to figure out how it all worked.

Boo driving the tractor with Jason...the second highlight of his day most likely

Last but not least...the mommies...

May the Lord bless you today!



Eliana said...

So, enjoyed your trip to the farm.

The Martin Family said... you have a new blog or have you really not updated since November? Ha ha! :>)