Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Weekend

Happy Easter!
I pray you all are celebrating the miraculous death and resurrection of our Lord this weekend. I had the pleasure of being off on Friday, by my choice, and I so enjoyed spending the day with my Boo bear and some friends. Jeremy did some golfing, even in the cool weather, with 3 of the other pastors, and I know they enjoyed themselves despite the wind.
I found myself caught up on several of my Daily Visits to the right hand side reading the wonderful words about Easter and our Lord. I am consumed with Him, ya know. I don't understand all of His ways, but oh, I can't imagine a day without Him.
It's sometimes hard putting into words what the cross means to me...I see His suffering there, His pain, and I feel it, but nothing like He felt and endured. I weep for Him, but am consumed with His perfect Love. I raise my hands to Him to see His outstretched arms. I long to be near Him and imagine often what Heaven will be like.
All that gets a little bit fuzzy when I think about my friend suffering with cancer. She is a wife to a fellow minister, mom to two awesome boys, and to be it bluntly, she is escaping this earth a little bit more with each passing day...
It all gets a little bit fuzzy when I think of M, H, and C - three children, among many, who never breathed a breath on this earth, born to two of my dear friends. Their sadness and life realizing they would never see them again till Heaven...and then to see the Lord give them back healthy, strong children to love and care for.
It all gets a little bit fuzzy when I think of B, a dear friend of mine who desires a child more than anything and is struggling to get one.
I have learned to trust His heart on these occasions that come under the unexplained category. I have said on previous posts that God is God! He is in control and He can do as He pleases, which dismays some people. He is no less on His throne and no less the Lord because of the circumstances in our life. Can you handle that? Difficult to swallow? Not what you wanted to hear?
I have been there. I have been in those shoes where it was hard to comprehend why or how the Lord was doing or in the midst of something. The fact is, I don't have to wonder, I just have to have faith. Just have to have if it's something I JUST GET. Not normally that easy, but I often sense the Lord asking me, "Do you trust me? Can you trust me in this?" If I say no, then I am saying I don't believe in who He is...if I say yes, then I must gather the sense to trust Him. It's daily. It's active. It's relational.
As you approach the cross this weekend, particularly tomorrow, and you burst into songs about it and the Lord rising again, think of what He did and then think of what He wants you to do about it now.
Embrace the cross...
In Him-


Guinevere Meadow said...

This reminds me of one of my favorite verses. (I can't recall the reference right now, as it's 2:30 am and I'm up with a baby who *should* be sleeping but is reverting to his newborn state of waking up frequently..grr... and my brain is all fuzzy.) "My ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts are higher than your thoughts." It is often so difficult to comprehend the mind of God. Sometimes these difficult things are only brought to our understanding after the fact, other times we may never know until we reach Heaven. Thanks for sharing these thoughts with us!

The Preacher's Wife said...

it's daily, it's active, it's relational...

I love lives in the days of the unknown, doesn't it?

Hope you had a wonderful Easter!