Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Opening Day

Yesterday was Opening Day for the Atlanta Braves! Now, if that doesn't scream April, I don't know what does!!! I was thrilled to be able to listen to the game on the radio from my office and the Braves won 5-3 over the Phillies. The day was beautiful and I could just imagine what my grandfather's view from heaven was like...

The Braves uniforms have a patch on them this year. It has the number 33 on it - in honor of my grandfather and Johnny Sain. They spoke about it on the radio...I immediately teared up. This season just wasn't going to be the same as years past. I called my daddy to talk to him last night. He felt the same way. I imagine if he gets the chance to come up this year it may be hard to see a game and know that my grandfather isn't there. His picture hangs in the Braves Hall of Fame...my husband told me I could go down there and see it any time I wanted. He's right.

I hope to take in a few games this year...more than last year, hopefully.

So, it's April. Spring has begun - the pollen is evidence. And baseball fans everywhere are hoping their team comes out swinging (pun intended). Enjoy the season!



Guinevere Meadow said...

Take me out to the baaaallllllgaaaammmeeee,

Take me out to the

brit527 said...
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brit527 said...

I found this post on a Google search and was touched by your words about your grandfather. Johnny Sain is my grandfather ("Granddad"), and I am also missing him this baseball season. Today was the 60th anniversary of Jackie Robinson's debut - Grandad pitched to him. After watching the Braves-Marlins game this afternoon, I found myself looking up articles about him and remembering how he told these old baseball stories to me. I just wanted to let you know how your posting spoke to me. Thanks, Caron