Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Oh my gracious! It's AUGUST 1st! PEOPLE! PEOPLE! Do you know what this means???? IT'S BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Crowd goes wild! Ballons and streamers EVERYWHERE! And this year, I am excited to say, I will be 30!!!! WAHHOO! Not that I think anything great comes with 30, except more wisdom than the previous year, but I enjoy birthdays...can you tell? Really? You can tell? hm...

Attention Family: In honor of birthday month, I will be accepting cards, gifts, flowers, notes, money, mail, email, blog love, etc. beginning today and ending on the 31st. Even though my actual birthday is before the 31st, I will still accept some lateness from the's a gene we can't control.

Show the Love: I have lots of friends, some of them have blogs, that have birthdays, I would enjoy it if you would show them some bloggy love this month, too.

Mandy - she is a wise, dear friend of mine who lives in Texas. She is due to have her third child in about a month and she needs to blog more. :)

D - he has a real name, but that's what his name is for this summer. :)

Laura - She is my brilliant/wisest sister-in-law and I love her dearly.

Meg - My neice Meg, who is Laura's daughter.

LeRay - friend and wife to a pastor, who just got in to blogging - you sent her some bloggy love a few weeks back through Thankful Thursday. Her son was born on her birthday!

Jim - my father in law; my neice (his granddaughter) was born on his birthday!

Michelle - a long time friend with twin girls and a little boy - her birthday is between mine and Jeremy's.

Kim - friend of mine with two little girls - they just moved to Alabama...:(

and lest I forget, my beloved, Jeremy, his birthday is 5 days before mine.
If you are an August baby, leave a comment and I will be glad to send the blogosphere, or the 10 people who actually read this, over to your blog!

Additions 8/2: Terri - She is one of my favorite people in bloggy land!!! Her and her family are in the final stages of adopting a little girl from China! Praise the Lord! And guess what - TODAY, 8/2 is her BIRTHDAY!!!

Happy Birthday to us! Happy Birthday to us! Happy Birthday to UUUUSSSS! Happy Birthday to us!



LeRay said...

Well I declare, aren't I feelin the birthday love!!! Thanks for remembering me and Joshua too! Happy Birthday!!!!

Angie said...

You are so funny!
Congrat's on your birthday (30 was a good year for me)--this is a big birthday month for my family as well---about 4 birthdays...means no $$$$ extra for anything! But all is good!
Have a great day!

Woman in the Tent said...

Congrats on 30! It goes by so fast, but you have a few days yet. Cool how you linked sites. Still figuring it all out. Nice you think my brother is sexy (ooh gross). Love Ya....

Tell Boo I enjoyed Chuckie Cheese and wish to see him very soon...maybe next weekend??