Saturday, August 04, 2007

Grandma Land

Boo went to Grandma's yesterday to spend the day. Jeremy had to be "in-house" this week and we had no one to keep the little man. Luckily, the grandma came to our rescue! She picked him up at the church and then we went and got him last night. I called to check on him and her during the day...she says he talks big. I agreed. She says he looks taller. I agreed with that too. He is just growing up so fast.
Grandma Land is filled with many things, but two things are for sure...the lay of the land is all for him and the dog, Buzz, is his best friend. He is a big helper, taking trash cans back to the house, getting the mail, and always willing to walk with her when she takes Buzz for a walk. She sets up a pool for him to play and he smells like suntan lotion when I get there. He sure does love his grandma.
The last few weeks he has had some incredible time with his grandparents...I am so thankful for their willingness to take Boo and love and nuture him. They may not do everything like Jeremy and I do, but it's okay; it's the priceless moments that help mold who Boo is. Two more weeks till Papaw comes and spends a few days with us too!!! We are headed to the Braves game!!
His memory is growing and being filled with memories of the last year - Disney, Busch Gardens, and even most recently he is recalling the time he spent with Nana and Papa to us. He knows 8 scriptures very well and told me all about Jonah and the whale from reading a book the other day. He blows my mind.
Happy Saturday to all!


Shelly said...

Wow! You got a smart little youngin'! Have fun at the Braves game! I'm jealous! lol

And it was tender to read that you treasure your parents molding of him, even if they don't do things like the two of you. I think that's wise to be able to take the good too ya know!?

MandyMom said...

I love to hear about my daughter's day when she spends it away from me. She's four, and it still amazes me when articulate sentences flow from her lips.

I especially love to hear her talk about how Sunday school went and what exactly she learned.

HowToMe said...

Those moments mean a lot to his grandparents, too. Good days. You're wise to give them time to know one another. Grandchildren are the crown of the aged :-)