Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Giving thanks with a grateful heart this week for...

First week of school - It was not only Boo's first day, but also mine. It was a little touch and go there for a while, but I recooped on Wednesday and am ready to face a new set of faces for Thursday and Friday. Wish me luck! Just think, 12 2-year olds, in one room, for 4 hours, with 2 teachers...ain't life grand? (laugh, people, much laughter!) Next week it will be 5 hours. I posted pictures below.

Boo - He's 3 people and I am pretty tired of changing him. He turned a massive corner just days ago by not wearing pull-ups...of course, the day after I purchased a new bag worth, but hey, it's worth it. He hasn't managed to fully put it all in the potty (you all know what I mean, right?) but this is like his 4th night in under wear...people, much rejoicing is going on in this house...can I get an Amen, and maybe some encouraging words on how to get him to go #2 in the potty???

New Jobs - It's not every year, nor should it ever be again, where both Jeremy and I have new jobs, like within the same month and weeks. I gotta say, just a little over a week ago I was re-thinking this whole thing...knowing in the pit of my heart God has called me for this purpose and really asking Him, "WHAT am I DOING?" After talking through it all, I relinquished my fears and laid them down (many times). It's really the only way. :)

Friends - I am always thankful for good friends...bloggy friends and best friends and new friends. A girl in my SS class just had her baby yesterday...I was a priveleged friend who got to hold the baby today at the hospital...I was the first non-family visitor! How awesome! It gives me baby fever... I had a girls night out last week and it was enjoyable and it should be. Between the three of us we have 7 kids total. It's nice to have a night out every now and then with no kiddos.

I missed you all last week! It's nice to be back! Can't wait to visit! Thanks to Iris for hosting!!! Love you girl! For more Thankful Thursdays, visit Iris and Sting my Heart.



on the Rock said...

Really cute picture! And all the potty news, that's too funny, lol:) Great list
God Bless!

Tiffany said...

Wow, such a busy week indeed! Great list.


Crystal said...

Cute pictures! Great news about potty training, that always seems like a huge hurdle but once they get it it's such a blessing!

snippets said...

cute pictures!
having great friends is always a blessing ... :)

Prayful said...

Busy indeed!!! Thanks for sharing the blessings!!!

Do come over and share my Thankful Thursday too.

God Bless.

Hopeful Spirit said...

"Baby fever." Oh, that rings a distant bell . . . :-)

Just remember that your son isn't always hitting the potty (yes, we know exactly what you mean!) and that should cure the fever! If that doesn't do it, think about going to work with no sleep after staying all night with a teething baby!

That didn't cure it, did it?? Oh, well . . . I tried. :-)

Kim said...

Two of my adopted kids were a little over 3 years old before they were potty trained, one came to me almost trained and Gabrielle, well she decided to train herself around 24 months, which I must say I really preferred. My Mom kept telling me to not stress over it, they wouldn't go to kindergarten in diapers (which was my fear). It'll come, in all I think I have potty trained 8 kids and they all got the hang of it before it became embarrassing. LOL. Blessings to you.

Terri @ In His Hands said...

What a great and busy week for you! As soon as I stopped stressing, Jackson took charge. :) Oh, and I think I finally resorted to M&M's. lol

Great list---what an exciting time for you all!


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I need a girl's night out! That sounds like so much fun!

Your list was wonderful to read - hope this coming week is just as filled with blessings.

(I am terrified of potty training my little guy! My daughter was so easy but they are totally different- yikes!! :)


Kathleen Marie said...

What a great list and a great week and a busy one at that... 12 two years olds! Whoa!

Lynn said...

Just a delightful thankful heart. You make me smile. I enjoyed beging part of your home for a moment. Thank you.

Mary said...

Thanks for sharing. Potty training is always a blast! Glad things are going well. And we all know that even the big ones "miss it"! :)
Blessings on your day.

tonsofsons said...

Hey ~ don't feel bad about the potty thing. When they are ready, they will do it. I have 5 boys. My third son didn't go until after he was 4. UGHHHH!

Angie said...

Karen! I am sorry I haven't been over here this week!!! It is "billing week at the office" job to print the bills of the clients (about 2 1/2 reams of paper) Still working on it!
Anyway, I so missed you! But back to your post---I know you are pooped! Great pictures! No matter how bad the Braves play...I still root for them! (Although we live in FL and are about 6 hours from Bravesville)
The potty training...well, what worked for us (much training w/my grandsons) Rylan, the one w/autistic spectrum disorder was most difficult, but finally he has it. Zackary is short---trouble with that, especially since he refused to stand on the stool. But he "tippy toes" because he insists on standing like the big boy he now is! My daughter was having trouble w/the #2 issue. He just wouldn't go. He was scared to sit---he is very small and I think the size of the toilet was scary. But he did not like "potty chairs nor the "seat" that we bought. So I kept him all weekend and when he first got there, I showed him a bag of "gummy Shrek's" I had brought home. I explained that every time he had to go #2 (we say poo-poo "sorry"), he could have 1 piece of Shrek gummies. He was thrilled!
So he "thought" he had to go more than he did. Twice I gave him a "freebie" because he was trying so hard. But he had NO ACCIDENTS! And told me each time. We were thrilled! Potty training can be trying, but it is fun memories too.
Enjoyed your post, sorry I rambled on so much! I probably gave you more info than you wanted!! Hee hee!!

Laurel Wreath said...

Ah yes, baby fever but the you realize you have to potty train another, hehee. So glad the new jobs for both you and hubby are going well. And I hear much rejoicing on the potty front =)

Have a great weekend.

MandyMom said...

Some children are so much easier to potty train than others. I am STILL potty training my 4 year old right along with my TWO year old. It's amazing. But, my daughter (4yo) has had so many issues, and is now battling dehydration (GAH! THIS HEAT!)... which all have hindered our potty training journey. I've learned not to stress about it... because they WILL get it sooner or later. We just have to be consistent in helping them get there.

And WOO, is there a huge case a babyfever all over the world. I am nearly 41 weeks of pregnancy, and am having "HAVE THIS BABY" fever! :D

Anonymous said...

Great list. I know on the potty training. My son was a little over 3 when he was finally trained for #2. He was scared of going in the potty so one day I knew he had to go and I made him sit there till it came out. Been fine ever since. Doubt that would work for most kids though. I also incorporated a potty treat basket. Remember that this is just a season.