Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Internet Connection - Check, Check

We finally got our Internet connection hooked up at the new house...whew...I was going through some withdrawl!
We are settled in the house and loving every minute of it...even the bills that come with it. When you have waited as long as I have to own a home, at this point, you revel and thank God for everything! :)
Boo is loving his room and his bonus room - notice I said it was his bonus room! My mom made us some drapes for the dining room, and they are cuteness. The kitchen looks great and most nights I feel like Rachel Ray in my gourmet kitchen! It's a dream come true. The nursery is the only room really uncompleted, with items and furniture in no order and the walls haven't been painted yet...but we do know what color they will be painted.....drum roll please...

BLUE! We are having another boy and we are excited. Boo was thrilled and said that was what he always wanted...and God heard his prayer. Isn't that sweet? Yeah, at that moment I felt horrible that I had been calling it "she" for the last 6 weeks. My blood pressure is staying down and the specialist is thrilled with that. I even got a 3-D sonogram and it was pretty cool too...they said the 20 week appointment will be so much more clear. Can't wait!

I hope everyone is doing well and I hope to get around to visit you all soon...I miss my bloggy friends!


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Vonda said...

Congratulations Karen on your baby boy who will be arriving soon. How precious that Boo is so excited about having a brother. So glad you're enjoying your great home. God is so good isn't He??? -V