Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's True--It's Snowed!

I can hardly believe it myself! It really did snow north of Atlanta yesterday afternoon/evening and this morning it is just a memory that has melted away thanks to the rain...ahh, however it was nice while it lasted.

Do you see the "ooo-ing" in his face? He was very excited!
On to other news, the first of my two sisters-in-law had their ultrasound yesterday, so we are getting a new....NEPHEW! This makes the 3 Greer kids five for five in the boy department...I tell you somebody has got to get a girl! My other sister-in-law has her ultrasoud in a few weeks and then me...we will see what happens.
Enjoy the winter weather, wherever you are!


amy said...

We are getting a new nephew as well and we also loved the snow! Sooo pretty!!!

Annabelle said...

Wow, when was the last time it snowed there??

The 5 Powell's said...

snow...i can dream, right? emma grace keeps asking to play in the snow - she has no idea what snow is but apparantly we've seen it on tv. i hope you get a girl! :) *grin* except that 2 little boys would be so much fun...then again, david would be such a good big brother/protector to a little sister. Ahhh..either way...I don't care. I'm just excited! :)

DeeDee said...

Karen, I heard about the snow "up north" but down here in the has only rained-cold non the less but still rain.

We are suppose to wake up to 24 degrees so it is getting but no snow!

BTW, how well does Public transportation do when the weather is icy down here?

I hope you find out you are getting a girl!!!!! But w/my kids, I am hoping WHEN our youngest daughter becomes pregnant, she will carry a a sea of females!!!!! Joy for your Sunday!

Toia said...

Hi, I am Toia. I'm glad to read about the snow. Down here in the south, we are no where near to getting snow at all. Sometimes, I pray that it will snow one day. Hey, you never know. Congratulations! I hope you get a girl too. My family is the opposite, our family is predominantly female. So, whenever someone becomes pregnant with a boy, the women in my family go crazy with all the buying this and that. Hey, either way (boy or girl) a baby is wonderful gift and blessing from God.

Vonda said...

Yeah it snowed in GA! I'm so glad Boo was able to get out there and play some. Hope you're feeling well with your pregnancy! Let us know when you know what you're having! Sitting on the edge of our seats. :) Love ya -V

Angie said...

I had so wanted it to snow down here!!! Just a wee bit further please!!!
I haven't seen you (bloggy wise) out and about!
I have missed you!
Be blessed :)