Friday, May 02, 2008

Counting Down... that the accreditation people have come to the preschool and we have 2 weeks of school left, I feel the need to blog...I know, I know, I have been out of touch for my 2 fans that I have, so apologize. I would say that I'll be back with more, but when school ends, I plan to rest and play a lot with Boo before the next baby gets here...which will have to have a countdown too.
So, yeah, the accreditation people raved about what a wonderful preschool we have and how the teachers do a great job, etc. was a true blessing to be a part of it. They had few recommendations and lots of commendations, so I say that's a good thing.

Meanwhile, we celebrated Boo's birthday last weekend and that was all fun and dandy...think 14 kids ranging in age from 2-5 and then breathe a sigh of relief that it was not at your house or mine and that McDonald's did their job well. Publix, on the other hand, disappointed me, which NEVER happens....I have NEVER had a problem until this past Saturday. I ordered Boo's cake a week in advance and I get there about an hour AFTER I told them to have it ready and you guessed it, No cake. They said "we have made lots of Diego cakes" and you know what I said to that...GREAT, THEN FIND THE ONE WITH MY SON'S NAME ON IT!!!! I was on my way to the party already! So, we had to leave, Jeremy dropped Boo and I off at McDonald's to make sure they were doing their job (and they were) and he went back to the Publix to get the cake. They did give us a discount, which was nice, but oh glory, it was touch and go there for a few minutes.

Oh gracious alive, is that ticker on the right correct? I am 29 weeks today...holy wow. I did know that, but it still seems so far away, but really, it's not. I missed my appointment yesterday, which never happens, but I changed my day and time, and I should know better to do that, I am a creature of habit! Anywho, I go on Monday to my regular appointment and then I think I have 2 more weeks till the specialist again. After that it will be EVERY WEEK at the specialist, since they are predicting a high BP after that and then they want to view my baby and weigh him each week...fine by me...just give me those pretty ultrasounds of him.

Before you ask, yes, we have a name, and no we aren't telling. :) His middle name will be after my dad and grandfather. His first name we are not budging on. :) If you ask Boo, he'll tell you Peanut Tree and won't budge either...he's holding out for his "special prize" when he gets to the hospital...because he kept the secret! :)

So, there's the update...
Much love,


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