Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Give Thanks

With a grateful heart.
Give Thanks, to the Holy One.
Give Thanks, because He's given Jesus Christ, His Son...

I love making a statement and being reminded of a song that I sang as a youth in church. That was one of my favorites. I have been thinking lately of traditions and wanting to start one in our family. We have started several small ones for the three of us and hope they will continue on as the years do. I came across a cool thing today, though, that I just had to share. On the website Faith Lifts, Katrina wrote about something they do as a family and I think I am going to start it with Boo tonight. Now, we don't have a fire place, so that part will change, but the idea is still good as gold.
I think it's important to remind children to give thanks always. We have much more to be thankful for that we testify too, mainly because of the Cross. It's often that I go days without thanking the Lord for sending His Son, but that should always be on the forefront of my mind. What He did on the cross makes me who I am today. May I not let another day go by that I don't thank you Lord for what you did.

In Christ-

P.S. - This is my 100th POST!!!

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Jen said...

I love that song
we still sing it at my church
I like the sound of that tradition
If I were doing it I might do this:-
would look good if you draw a huge tree on a sheet of paper and stuck the leaves on it if I was doing it I would make surte the tree had roots to symbolize Jesus getting into our lives and rooting himself there firmly, whatever you do all the best family traditions are cool and remember for a long time by children
wish we celebrated Thanksgiving here in New Zealand might have to do it anyway :)

Ivey Elizabeth Sirmans said...

I just found your site from FaithLifts. I saw that you are a GA girl too. You are right, it is easy to forget to say a little thanks each day.

Anonymous said...

Good post, and ideas.

Anonymous said...

p.s. Congratulations for your 100th post!! :)

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