Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Rest and Relaxation

Hey! I'm back!! We had a wonderful time, thank some of you for asking and thanks for the wonderful emails I received while I was away, taking a few days to spend with my sweet husband. Callaway Gardens was beautiful and I can only imgaine what it must look like during the Spring time! I can't wait to go back there and take Boo to see the butterflies. I honestly could have stayed all day at the Butterfly Garden. We toured the sites, enjoyed the Bed and Breakfast nearby, but most importantly talked. We do normally talk, but when we go away, we have an agenda. Agendas are awesome and it gives us the opportunity to focus and concentrate. We had some spiritual time talking and sharing and I believe the Lord was pleased by the time we spent. It's good to get away to put perspective on circumstances and to pray about how to handle certain issues when we return. I would recommend every married couple to do that once a year....just get away, go and pray together, and spend quality time with each other.

    It's November! Where did October go? Did anyone else feel that way??? I am glad, because I love the holidays, so I am all ready right now to get a Christmas tree! I think Jeremy feels the same way. Oh! I completely forgot to tell you...I got the most amazing gift. I have wanted one for a long time, but never really had a place for one, but my in-laws brought over the China cabinet!!! It's the only piece of furniture that I have never had in my whole life, and I was thrilled to get my mother-in-law's cabinet. It currently sits in our dining room, and we have made room for it and need to get rid of the cabinet that was there, but I can't wait to put my dishes in it!! It's my first piece of family furniture that I have. Whenever the Lord gives us a house one day, I hope to get my mother's rocking chair too. It's one of Jeremy's favorites.
    That's really the biggest news around here. Work is the same - busy, but good. Boo is doing well at school, but still needs prayer on the pottying. The GBC is next week and I am attending the Minister's Wives lunch. After that, well, it's Turkey Day!!!

    Have a great day in our Lord!


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    Jen said...

    glad u had a good time I like butterflys too
    where did october go? LOL im asking myself where the last year went my youngest was 1 yesterday

    Anonymous said...

    Great to hear that your time away was so good.