Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Updates and Pictures

(In Other Words - see below)

Please bear with me over the next week, since I am in the process of having my blog changed over to Beta Blogger...same address, no worries there, but maybe different look and something seems up with my header, so I am getting my designer, the lovely and talented, Goofy Girl, to take a look at it. That girl is in the middle of finals in med school, so say a prayer for her when you get a chance. :)

I am going ahead and posting more pictures for people to look at of our Christmas pictures. I am still in the process of sorting through them and making sure all the grandparents have what they need...cause, it's all for them. :)

These boys look deep in thought and coversation! I love the way Boo looks at his daddy...it's with awe and excitement most times. It's a special bond these two men of mine have...one with purpose and guidance, with fun and adventure, and most importantly a love for Jesus. Boo doesn't even know how special he is to have such a great daddy, but I get the feeling he's starting to learn that. Jeremy-you are an incredible father. I am amazed at the way you love our son and nurture him.

Here we are! So cuteness!!! I hope my aunt Sheila thinks we did okay with the color scheme. :) HA! She is all about that most years, and my mom thought I did good. David was a dream, seriously...he did so great and that's why we ended up with a bazillion pictures. He's only 2 once, right?

        I always love the before and after shots...they really show his true personality. Can you tell here that we are getting to the end and this may be the sign of a little hungry munchkin? Yeah, it definately is. It's the total Kernie face too. He gives me that look sometimes and I can't help but giggle knowing I most definately gave my mom and dad that same look when I was little.

        And then...he gives the shot of his life. This screams and oozes "I am so cutie!" His teeth look nice (bonus for the dental assistant in his life - GRANDMA!) and look at his cute little cheeks...don't you just want to squeeze and pinch em!? My aunts will totally love this picture.

        There you have it...the photo session in a nutshell. I have my new pictures on my desk today, and I am overjoyed to see my little Boo staring at me. It's a constant reminder of one of the purposes of my life.

        Have a great Tuesday!
        In Him-


        Jen said...

        lovely pictures
        boo has a lovely smile :)

        Anonymous said...

        What sweet pictures.
        Maria in the UK

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