Friday, January 05, 2007

The New Year!

Whew! We made it through Christmas and New Year's with no major or minor incidents in our family and for that, I am grateful and blessed. It has been a long two weeks that I have been gone, so I will do my best to catch you up...

We began Christmas on the 23rd, celebrating with Jeremy's family. We got to see our new nephew, Joshua, and he is quite the cutie pie. Boo had a great time playing with his cousins and all we could do was imagine what next year would be like with FOUR boys that will be 5 years old and younger. WOW! Good thing mom and dad are moving...yep, that's right, Jeremy's parents are moving out of their little cape cod home to a ranch with a basement closer to the church that Jeremy's dad is serving at. The next few weeks they will pack up, so we will celebrate that.
Christmas Eve was busy (it was Sunday, so it's a work day), but we managed to have a great time. We decided against the child-friendly 4:00 service, since uh, my toddler is still sleeping at that time, and went to the 8:00 Lord's Supper service. I gotta say, Boo did pretty well, and the funniest part of the whole evening...well, let me just say, it was probably the funniest moment of 2006! So, Jeremy has a part in the service...his part is to read the scripture, you know, the Christmas story from the Bible. Boo and I are in the balcony, so he can see, and maybe behave through most of it, and when Jeremy starts reading, Boo starts repeating!!!! Here's how it went down...
Jeremy: "there were some shepherds..."
Jeremy: "an angel of the Lord..."
Boo: "ANGEL? Mom, Angel!"
Jeremy: "today in the city of David..."
Boo: "DAVID? That's me!"
The caps are stressing the LOUDNESS of the words coming out of his mouth. Ahh, yes, he wants to be just like his daddy. I love that!

Christmas Day was awesome. Grandma came up and we waited till she got there to open presents. That kid could not get enough...he kept asking for more presents pretty much up until we took the tree down days later. :) Boo got lots of goodies, mostly trains, but he did get a new chair and Cars sheets and bedspread. WOO HOO! He was thrilled. Jeremy's parents came over for dinner and we all had a great time.
The day after Christmas we went to my family's house and spent time with my aunt and uncle, cousin and grandmother. It was good and Boo racked up again, getting a huge tool set with tool box. WAY COOL! Thanks to Aunt She-She and Uncle Apple Juice. :)
We both returned to work after Christmas and Boo returned to school...although, it was so dead around there that he actually said it was only him and one other girl there. That was kind of sad, but I knew he was having a great time despite that his best buddy wasn't there.
And then...and was time for the New Year. As is customary in our household since we got married, we have yet to stay up and ring in the New Year. In Texas it was easier, because of the time change, so we actually did stay up till 11:00 that year and rung it in with the Eastern Time Zone, however, after that year it just didn't happen. So, we went to bed at a decent time, because the next four days would hold to be the most incredible, tiring, awesome days in our lives...but that will have to be saved for the next post. :)

In Christ-

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