Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Shine! Passion 2007

I am just now getting around to telling you all about the incredible four days that Jeremy and I spent with 22,000 of our closest friends in downtown Atlanta. Passion 2007 was...well...as they said on the 268 blog, God. It was GOD. The post-passion dilema they they describe on there is so true...I will never in all my days be able to describe and share all the incredible things God did.The main point that you need to know is He showed up. HE. God. HE SHOWED UP! Now anything is going to be cool when God shows up, but this, well, it took my breath away several times.
I must give props to our small group of Katelyn, Sarah, Trey, Ben and Mark, because they were just an incredible group of college students. They are extremely good kids, but more than that, they get IT. They get God, and I couldn't ask for much more than that.
The speakers. They were AWESOME. God spoke through each of them and they completely poured out all God had for them to say. They spoke of sexual sin and humility and kept our attention with laughter and truth. Beth Moore did a breakout session for just girls and we (me, Sarah and Katelyn) all had a good time laughing it up during that. Sarah and I attended a session with Christy Nockels and Rachel Hughes in which we found equal enjoyment discussing life, boundaries, and juggling all that with career and raising kids.
The music. If you know me, you know I love worship. The songs bring you in and force you to deal with the glory and majesty of our Lord. He is awesome and beautiful and He is just. He is incredible and the reason for my joy and He is also calling me. He knows my name. He calls me friend. It was an awesome experience to worship for those four days. I came home saying every year should be spent opening in four days of worship.
The result. I absolutely went expecting and praying for the Lord to move and speak mightily. I know we were there with college students and I want them so badly to change their campuses for Christ...to change their lives for HIM. And I absolutely knew He would speak to me and Jeremy during it...but, oh, I was not expecting all that. My life is continuing to be burned in the fire and re-molded as I seek to follow His heart, His way, His purpose for my life. Jeremy and I stayed up late several nights sharing about all God was speaking to us about. Changing lives. Changing hearts. This is our heart's cry.
My thoughts. For the past several months I have read Jim Cymbala's books, Fresh Faith and just finished reading Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire. My thoughts and life have been moved by the scripture and realizing all that God can do if we call on Him. Attending Passion 2007 just made it more real and gave confirmation of all that God can do through the lives of those who will call upon His name. Putting truth into action and relying on God's power instead of our own...well, it can change your life. :)

May the power of His word be alive in your heart and in your life today.
In Christ-


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