Saturday, July 21, 2007

Date Day with Boo

Must have been the luck of the draw - only one load of laundry to do, house pretty clean, Jeremy gone to help friends move, family went back to FL today, hm...sounds like we don't have a thing to do or be at! Maybe we should celebrate?
Boo and I got our gear on and headed to the pool - it's a mere 50 paces to the pool, up hill. Decked in our swimsuits, lotion (Boo) and packed a bag of towels, snacks (priorities people!) and drinks...we were ready. After an hour of play, we drove to Chick Fil A and got lunch and brought it back, while dodging wasps and yellow jackets, we managed to eat our meal and play more. Watching Boo be so confident in the pool was incredible. He had his swimmies on, but he would throw a toy in and off the step he would jump in after it. It was awesome. We came home and had been gone 3 hours - the most we have ever spent at the pool. I was burnt, but not too bad. David, with 50 SPF, got nothing.
I love day dates with Boo...he even took a nap for me! Now, that's impressive.

Weather was beautiful, hope you had a great one.


Annabelle said...

What a fun day! :)

Jen said...

pleased you had a nice day together
shame you got sun burnt
hope you recover from it soon

nell said...

Sounds like a beautiful day and great memories for the future.