Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful with a grateful heart this week for...

July 28, 2001 - The day this event occured in my life. That man standing next to me, holding my face, sealed our marriage with a kiss. I then became Mrs. to the future Pastor. I enjoyed so much of my wedding day. It was beautiful outside, it rained after we left, it was just so memorable. I stood in the back of the church while the minister gave Jeremy a charge - some statements that he agreed to with an "I will or I promise." Those were unique and special because the man who did our ceremony was a good friend of ours and helped Jeremy define His call to pastor and head to seminary. His charge was of being the head of our house and loving me, but it was also about fulfilling the call God placed on Him. It was an incredible thing to listen and watch from the back of the church.

Here we are at the reception - those smiles are forever. When times get down a smile always enhances the despair that we might be feeling. Learning to smile through the adventures has been our ammo against anything.

This man has helped change my life.

He loves Jesus.

He is a wonderful example of a godly husband and father.

He knows scripture. He isn't afraid to use it. :)

He helps around the house. Dishes - he does them!

He isn't afraid to be silly with me. Can a girl get an Amen?

He isn't afraid to change a diaper. Praise God.

He respects and loves me with all he can physically. When he loses the strength to do that, he turns and asks for more from the Lord.

He is smart. Oh, is he ever smart...

He has a big family.

He is respected by many, even at his ripe age of 30.

He is knowledgeable beyond his years.

He loves to worship. He can't keep a beat. God knows he can't, and He doesn't care. I still remember how we knelt at the altar on our wedding day, committing our lives to the Lord, and our committment to each and how I looked up at him and noticed the blue tissue all over his face. That was reason to giggle a little.

He adores me and our son. I still remember how big his smile was when he held Boo that first day of his life.

I remember the first time he told me he loved me - in Chattanooga, on the bridge.

He is God's precious gift to me. God loved us so much that He saw fit for us to be together. This Saturday will be 6 years! It has flown by and yet stayed still all in the middle of those 6 years. It has been adventurous and fearless all in the same hours. It has been trying and helpless all in the same minutes. One word? Incredible.

Jeremy - I love you and I can't imagine taking this journey with anyone else by my side. He has called us to an incredible life with Him. I am enjoying the ride.



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Annabelle said...

What a beautiful post!

Susanne said...

Beautiful!! You brought tears to my eyes! How truly blessed you are dear sister! Thanks for sharing...

Crystal said...

What a beautiful have allot to be thankful for! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

ellen b said...

Ahhh, sweet tribute. May God continue to bless your marriage!

Reese said...

What a beautiful tribute to your husband and your marriage. Very, very sweet.

Diane said...

What a beautiful way to celebrate your love! So much to be thankful beautiful to have a peak into your grateful heart!



Terri @ In His Hands said...

Awwwwww! What a great post and how cute are you two!?! Oh my gosh, love those photos.


Lisa said...

Happy early anniversary! What a sweet list and wonderful testimony of marriage.

Blessings to you both and I hope you have a wonderful weekend :D

Debbie said...

What a beautiful post!

Blessings to you.

Mary said...

Aaaahhhh...thanks for sharing. Very sweet. It's so refreshing to hear a wife brag about her love for her hubby. Blessings on your day.

Robin said...

What a beautiful tribute to the man God gave you! He is as blessed as you are!
Happy Anniversary!

Linda said...

That was a beautiful tribute.
Happy Anniversary!

Denise said...

What a beautiful, and precious post. Bless you sweet one.

Hopeful Spirit said...

Happy anniversary! Beautiful photos.

Tarrah said...

Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful list :)
God Bless!

eph2810 said...

Although I am late making my round for this week - I have the perfect timing :)

Happy Anniversary, Karen & Jeremy. May our Lord continue to bless your marriage and give your wisdom, strength and peace for the rest of you lives.

Thank you Karen for sharing those two beautiful pictures with us this week.

Be blessed today and always...

Toia said...

Your post is beautiful and inspirational. When a God-fearing man connects with a God-fearing woman in holy matrimony, it's definitely true love.

God Bless!!


Shelly said...

This picture of y'all is just precious. Such a tender post. It gives us younger single gals encouragment!

Vonda said...

Karen, what a sweet tenderness you have towards your man! I love the ways you have honored Jeremy by listing the things you love about him. It's refreshing to see women who love their men and are constantly encouraging them to be the man God has called them to be. Jeremy is a blessed fella to have you girl. Love ya -V