Monday, July 23, 2007

Newlyweds Again

Did you hear that?
Yeah, me too.
Nothing. You could hear a pin drop in this place! No little hear ME??? NO LITTLE MAN!
Boo is enrolled at Camp Nana and Papa this week. I said goobye to him last night really when I put him to bed, but managed to sneak into his room this morning (early!) and kiss him and tell him I loved him. He will be there till Saturday. Nana and Papa will take such good care of him - I know this, because my in-laws raised 5 kids. I wasn't sure who was more excited - Boo or Nana! He will get to see his cousins and auntie too, I think. Praise God for family.

How am I? I doing okay, but like I said you could hear a pin drop! Jeremy is at a meeting and I am home just relaxing, cathing up with old friends and all of their kids and family. So, we are newlyweds this week...and did I mention, this weekend will mark SIX YEARS for this Greer family. Hard to believe that much time has passed and that we used to live in Texas for a brief stint of our marriage. We are taking some time off later in the week to spend with each other and get away from the grind of life. The Do Not Disturb sign will be up come Thursday. :)

On another note, my replacement at work started today. Hip Hip Hooray!!! I love her dearly and pray that she stays a long time there...I have three weeks to take my brain out, dump all the work info and put it in her brain. Wish my luck! :)

Resting in Him-


LeRay said...

Hey there! Happy anniversary, happy peace and quiet. yeah for grandparents.

Oh and thanks for mentioning me in your blog. I was tickled pink to have new people leave me comments!!

Annabelle said...

How exciting! Happy Anniversary to you too! :)

Deborah said...

So precious when we have those times of aloneness with one another, How blessed we are to have healthy marriages and husbands that we can honor. honey have a wonderful week of honeymoon lock the doors close the windows put out the candles and put on the romantic music.....
love always me

Shelly said...

Ohh!!!!!!! enjoy this time!!!!

Angie said...

Congratulations on some "by-yourselves" time! Enjoy it!!!