Saturday, October 20, 2007

Covenant vs Contract

It just blows my mind what can happen in a week. A week ago last Wednesday I called a realtor lady whom we met at a Home Buying Seminar. She was nice and I clicked with her, so I figured she might be able to help us locate a home. We have been looking for a while, so I just needed some help finding what I wasn't seeing. By Sunday we were out looking, by Wednesday we had narrowed it down to a neighborhood and Friday my mom came to look at the two we had chosen. I was okay with the houses. Did you hear? I was just okay. I have settled in my mind that we couldn't go any bigger or any more money, so I was okay with it being a small cute house in a nice neighborhood...and then we said, well, can we just go by these two other houses in two different neighborhoods in a different school zone? They are a little more money, but we want to see them. Voila. We see them on Friday with my mom and gracious alive, she and I love them and Jeremy loves it too! Dinner, tried to sleep, and by 6:00 PM today we made an offer. DID YOU HEAR ME? We made an offer on a house!!!!! Now, this is not really a time of celebrating, it's just a time of waiting. pure torture, I say. :) hee hee.

In dealing with all that, it gave me a new found perspective on this contract and covenant thing. We hear and preach so much of marriage being a covenant, much like the one Christ made with his Bride, the Church and it was so hard bringing the word contract back in my realm of thinking. When we sign those lines, it is a contract. We want certain things, a price, closing costs, warranties, etc., and the other party wants money. We are thinking of paint colors and furniture and this is a big deal.

My marriage is just as equally a big deal! I didn't sign but one piece of paper, the marriage license, to marry Jeremy. Aside from the words and promises I made to Him, before God and everybody, there is no "contract" of sorts. It's a covenant relationship. It's vital. It's important. It cannot be broken. So, in the midst of all this, remind yourself this week that your marriage is not a contract, it's a convenant.


amy said...

What a wonderful post!!! Im glad I stopped by and cant wait to check out your blogroll

Laurel Wreath said...

Enjoyed this, and CONGRATS!!

Misty said...

and what a great analogy!