Sunday, October 14, 2007

Spend the Night

Boo had a spend the night on Friday at his grandma's house. He was sooooooo excited...I think he actually forgot to say goodbye to me! We had a social to attend, but we really just wanted a full nights sleep. He has this annoying habit of waking up in the middle of the night and taking his pallet and bringing it to the living room and laying down on it. This morning he actually got up at 5:30 and turned the TV on...uh, no. I told him to turn it off and he did, but then he brought his pallet to my room to sleep. That lasted about 20 minutes until he crawled into bed with us. By this time, it's like 6:30, so I didn't say anything...I mean, good cuddles are fun! He actually fell back asleep, which was nice...

All that to say...nothing. Absolutely nothing.

You want a cute story? Here's the dialogue from this morning:
So after he did all that nonsense stuff, around 7:45 AM, he comes in sniffling. Sometimes when he is acting sad, he sniffles. So, he was sniffling and I said, what's wrong. He said he "wants a baby." Uh. OK. I just look at Jeremy, who starts to snicker. I picked him up and he hugs me tight and says he "wants a baby." Again, OK. So, like what would you do with a baby. Response: "Um, I would put it in the carseat and put that in the stroller and push it." That's sweet Boo...would you like a brother or a sister. "I want a brother AND a sister." On that note he leaves and I look over at Jeremy (again) and he says, hm...I hope he isn't prophetic.
I can't really decide if I would rather Boo not be prophetic about the two kids...I mean, I would like 2 more, preferably not at the same time, but ya know, God knows, and it could happen.
All that to say...I want a baby. Are you praying?



jen said...

My Little Man use to aways wake up in the middle and cry until i went in
solution for us
now we all sleep all night long

Mandy said...

Haha! I'm laughing my head off. I hope he's prophetic...seriously, I hope so! Hahaha!!! Yes, I'm praying. Three is fabulous!

Vonda said...

Hey girl! Oh your little man is precious! I will be praying for you too Karen as children are so awesome! Love ya -V

Annabelle said...

Too cute! I've had 2 at's fun having twins! :D Anyway, may the Lord Bless you with another child (or 2 ;) )

Tiffany said...

God please grant your daughter the desire of her heart. To have another child.

All children are a gift from You! We thank you for our children...