Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Time for Reflection...

I think it's good and healthy to reflect on the places, phases, and points in your life where the greatest impact of change has taken place. Let me be clear that this is not a point in time to worship the place, phase or point or wish you were back in that spot...I have done that and that is NOT healthy. Let me be clear when I say this is a time to reflect on Him.
This very day two years ago I was resting uncomfortably in a hospital bed. I was sick. I just had gallbladder surgery five days ago and was unable to keep anything in my system. Although I didn't feel too bad, the on call doctor said no fluid down, must come back to the hospital...the last thing I wanted to hear. With that said, I arrived there and they made me comfortable and the doctor met me before I got to my room. He said it will most likely be overnight and then see how it goes. Bad turned to worse when they would give me food and I would not be able to hold it down. For three days I had no food, not even ice chips...it was horrible. My in-laws came to visit and helped take care of Boo...Jeremy had only been at the church about 2 months when all this started...my two very best friends came to visit me in the hospital, which was so great...it was a trying time. I didn't see Boo all week! It was hard. By Day 3 end, I was irritable, and my angel arrived for the night shift. She was a member of our previous church and I had worked with her daughter in the college ministry. She took me on and got me the help I needed. I practically diagnosed myself and by the next morning I was waiting for the doctor for his 6 AM rounds. I demanded a new nausea medicine...one that didn't make me sleepy and sick, and I got it...and that made me turn a new corner. You could only have the medicine every 12 hours! So, I got my dose at 8 PM that night, loved it, and expected it the next AM at 8. Yeah...right.
It wasn't ordered, so at 8 AM, they had to order it. The lab, being backed up in the morning, was running a bit slow...this is exactly the moment the Lord stepped in. He was always there, but now more evident than ever. For the next hour and a half I waited. I was hungry and my breakfast had arrived and I couldn't eat it, because I was so nauseaus, because I was waiting for my medicine! Vicious cycle...
And that's exactly where the Lord chose to meet me at. I had no one. I had no one else to turn to...but HIM! I prayed for what seemed like hours, at 10 AM, I was dosed up and was able to eat my first meal in weeks! It was only liquid, but it was still oh so good. By the next day the moved me to soft foods and I was able to keep those down all day and then got to go home. It was the longest 6 days of my life and yet it seemed like just the beginning.
My life drastically changed after those days. I never felt more free in my whole life.
I got a lot more bold after those days in the hospital. I also found my true calling in the Lord.
It's good to reflect and see where I have been...nothing happens coincidentally and although it was hard and painful, and I missed my boys and my family worried, it was all for the sake of knowing Him more.

In Christ-


Deborah said...

Pray you are feeling better! and you go girl in your new found freedom. love always me

DeeDee said...

Karen, I totally understand about reflections. When you get to look back and see how God worked, I always stand amazed. I am thankful that you got thru that time and that God has choosen to give you another year of life! You are an inspiration to so many!

I will be able to chat more once we move....so talk to ya soon.
Joy, DeeDee

Fresh Brewed Faith said...

Wow thank you for that thought provoking post - every blessing on ya for each new day
(PS came here by way of Place for Ministry Wives.

Angie said...

Karen----just popped over here wondering how you've been! I am glad that all of the sickness of that event is behind you!
It does help to sometimes look back at what God has brought us through....gives us courage for the task ahead!
You blessed me!