Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Feast Week

I know what you are thinking...Karen, it's not Feast week yet, that's next week. Well, indeed it is next week, but Feasting began today when Boo had his first feast at preschool. He gets another one on Thursday, the price of being in a 3-day and 2-day class respectively. He was a pilgrim. Oh gracious alive, I know you want to see pictures. They are coming, I promise...it's my goal for tomorrow - DOWNLOAD PICTURES, OVERWHELM BLOGGY FRIENDS, check check. :)
My first feast with my 2's will be on Friday, and then my second on Monday. I am so thrilled to see what the kids do and how they act when mom and dad are watching. Let me just tell you what these two's do to me each week, are you ready?

Monday/Tuesday- we go through the whole separationanxiety with one little boy. He cries, but is fine after 3 minutes...he so does it for mom. One little boy decided this week to blatantly spill his water ON.THE.FLOOR during snack AND lunch. So not like him, so I had a little chat with mom today. Yeah, she wasn't too thrilled either. He's the same boy who doesn't like paint, but coloring and stamping he is ALL OVER. One little girl perks up after chapel or music (it's her favorite, could be because I don't lead either of them). One girl has recently learned after two months that you actually can PLAY on the playground. Before that she just stood there for the 30 minutes we were out there. I have many little boys, but three of them stick together in a brotherhood of sorts, each respectively from Japan, Korea, and China. Coincidentaly or not one of them is the separationanxiety I spoke of and the other is the water spiller. I have one girl who just recently found her voice, but is also the same girl who holds her water cup while eating, therefore spilling it EVERY.DAY. Another little girl and little boy are my leaders. If my assistant and I fell over dead, the little girl could so lead the class, and the little boy would be her helper, since they both ask me WHY? WHY? WHY? I love them, and she is also the one who tells me she loves me A LOT. One little boy always has a runny nose, but oh my gracious, he's so cute. Another proceeds to stand in the corner and do his business each day...we are so on to him. Did I mention we are trying to potty train too? Let's see, oh and then there's the one who reminds me so much of Boo. In fact, his mother said to me today, after she witnessed my joyfully adundant child give a face and snap at me, that I actually had a little boy just like hers at home too!? This boy has groove and he is the shortest little on in all my classes. He smiles and I would so give him a million dollars. One little girl is the princess of the castle and knows it.
When Tuesday is over I go home and sleep it off till Thursday. No, just teasing. I actually do get up on Wednesday and take Boo to school, but try to go home and rest more or workout, whatever I feel like.

Thursday/Friday - I had such high hopes for the one little girl who was destined to be my greeter. Although, she didn't realize that crying and laying out on the floor at the door does not make for a good greeter. After about 10 minutes she all of a sudden will perk up and start asking questions and playing. I love her, she always wears bows, too. I have a set of twins who are the epitomy of a set of boy/girl twins. The girl is dominant, the boy, a great follower to his sister. He must sit by her, she doesn't give him the time of day. It's the funniest thing in the world. Their mom and I are new BFF's. This is the class of drama, for sure. I have 4 main leaders (3 girls and 1 boy) and an incredible amount of followers. One girl is my climber. One boy recently found his voice and has used it very well, I must say. They all love to sing. They think Ms. Karen is crazy when she dances and sings LOUDLY in chapel. :) One girl(leader) LOVES Backyardigans. I mean LOVES. It's awesome. One boy LOVES Spiderman, again LOVES. One boy LOVES Star Wars, again LOVES. One kid eats ALL of his lunch everyday and never complains. One girl always shows up late, but makes up for it in personality. I have a water spiller in this class too...same girl, different day. One girl questions all I do too...but I am so used to it these days, it doesn't even phase me.

Let me just say, these 24 little ones CRACK. ME. UP. I know you all think I am totally insane, but the good most definately, no, always outweighs the bad. Every one has their moments, even at 2, and I have seen them all come full circle and go back again. They bond with each other and have playdates and it's just the cutest thing to see them growing together. I totally have grown 7 sets of eyes in the back and sides of my head, and they know it. They push me to teach them better and I push them to absorb it all. It's a part time job with full time benefits.

So, on that note, I am exhausted.


Annabelle said...

You made me smile the whole way through this post! :D

Woman in the Tent said...

That is so sweet how you KNOW your kids so well. It is obvious you were meant to be a teacher. So proud of you.

The Preacher's Wife said...

You are one amazing girl ..:)

Mandy said...

This is totally you. 110%. *grin*

LeRay said...

Oh I LOVE the feast at the preschool, so much fun, such cuties, I can see my kids in their outfits like it was yesterday!!

Your two year olds don't sound too different from my fourth graders. Ha just kidding (sorta) I am glad you are enjoying it, they are blessed to have such a great fun teacher!!!