Saturday, November 03, 2007

Happy November!

I am loving the Fall weather! I love not having to wear's not that I love socks, but I do enjoy having softer feet. Halloween came and went without a blink from us. With having it on a Wednesday night, we didn't participate in trick or treating. We normally don't...not that I have anything against it, but Boo hasn't really gotten the whole idea of dressing up. He has never had a costume, because he hates being hot, so the best he got was a Halloween shirt each year. We haven't lived in a neigborhood that had an event or anything, so we always went to a Fall Festival thing at church and that sufficed. Next year, however, we will live in a NEIGHBORHOOD!!!! A real neighborhood, with friends and neighbors who actually get together and do life together. Oh praise Him! I am so excited. And the welcoming committee already greeted us, and it's no coincidence, because the guy is on a multi-church committe with my husband Jeremy! So, we already have instant friends with a child the same age as ours! I couldn't be more thrilled. Just under 30 days till closing.
I have been busy preparing my kids for a killer throw down of November, with lots of crafts and planning for THE FEAST. My room moms are working overtime gathering all good things and people to attend and I am busy getting my kids prepped and up on their Indians and Pilgrims. :) I love my job. Can I just say that? I really do. I miss my old job too, and the people, but I really enjoy my new one.
And so, it's time to put the Boo to's Fall Back time. Gracious alive if he wakes before 6:30 I am going to be miserable. He actually napped today and we have kept him up till 9, so prayerfully that boy will sleep in...although, I am not counting on it. He has had this habit lately of coming and sleeping on the couch in the middle of the night.
Don't forget to change your clocks back!!


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Deborah said...

Wow I love closed shoes but do enjoy pretty sandals. to think fall is there and spring is starting here almost into summer! Glad you are enjoying your new job. love always D