Sunday, January 06, 2008

Oh yeah, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

It's not like I have been busy or something...just plain tired. And lazy. Seriously tired and lazy. I am doing good to check my email most days, and you all probably think I fell off the face of the earth! It's just been a long 5-6 weeks, so that makes me just over 12 weeks pregnant...I am waiting for some relief in the tired and lazy department. It think, and the doctor thinks, it's on it's way.
We had a great Christmas! Boo and I enjoyed the two weeks off that we had and the house is coming along nicely too. We are hoping to move in permanently in the next few weeks. We have been slowly moving things from Christmas on, but I still have lots to pack up. The kitchen looks FABULOUS, and when Jeremy finishes the floor this week I will send some pictures out. I am just blown away at how awesome it looks! Better than I pictured in my head.
We started back to school last Thursday and both Boo and I were ready...although I was still lagging in the energy department. We are back in full swing tomorrow and we begin the downward spiral to May! Hard to believe most of my little kiddos will be 3 by that time and they will have grown tremendously, not just in height.
I promise to post some pictures of the Christmas holiday, when I get around to plugging the camera up. ugh...
OH, my doctor took me off my blood pressure medicine this week...he's going to wait and see what happens over the next four weeks...if it's high when I go back, then he will put me on another type of medicine...he's wasn't too keen on the medicine I was on anyway. So, for now, I am glad. I just pray it stays down.
Hope you all are doing well!



MickeysWife said...

Tired? You're tired? Why? Hahaha. I used to lock us in the playroom (or somewhere safe) and fall asleep while the kid(s) played. It goes away - but then the baby comes...and 2 is a whole new wonderful world. Tired will just become part of this fabulous life we live!
(I said "used to" up there...that's a lie...I still do and there's no pregnancy excuse! Heehee!)
I posted a slideshow...highlights of '07...I've got seriously cute kids if I do say so myself!

Vonda said...

Karen, girl it's okay to be tired! So glad to hear how y'all are doing. I'm sure you're looking forward to moving into your new home soon. Blessings to you! -V