Saturday, January 12, 2008


Okay, time to upload the pictures from December...and away we go.
Here is Boo and Daddy picking out the tree!!! She was a beauty, and we dreamt of how our tree this coming year will be bigger and fuller...we have a high vaulted ceiling!
Here is Boo and his traditional job...Light Helper!

Boo took this next shot...maybe we should sign him up for a photography class.

Here is the picture most received in their Christmas card...

Here is Boo at his Christmas party (one of the many that he had!)...they decorated cookies that day...can you tell how much he loves it?
This is Christmas at the Greer Family....can you see the anticipation of opening presents???
Here are the three silly boys...cousins and Boo.Hope you enjoyed the peek into was much more eventful than the pictures showed. And if you believe this, I got not a one of Christmas Day! However, I do have video...if that says anything.



MickeysWife said...

Me, the photo snob, only got a few on Christmas day too...but I got video and surely, that counts! "Boo" is cute! Next year, when you pick out your tree...remember that the bigger and fuller it is, the more ornaments it takes to fill it up and the harder it falls when it falls! Haha! Nooooo...I'm not speaking from experience at all. Love you!

nnena said...

he did a great job with the camara. go little greer