Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #16

Graphic courtesy of Emily
Thirteen Things I love about the Fall...
  1. Well, if you haven't heard yet, we are going on VACATION! We leave on Monday and so, this year, we are having a fall trip and I am EXCITED! We are headed to see the family and embark on Disney World for a few days. Boo is already thrilled and counting days.
  2. Like my header? Yeah, baseball season comes to an end, and although that's kind of sad, dude, it's the World Series! Mr. October will be crowned and it won't be here in Atlanta. Regardless of who is there, I enjoy it.
  3. It was 55 yesterday AM! That's awesome!!!! It may have been too chilly for the flood pants I was wearing, but I didn't care! Boo Bear liked the chilly wind. No need for a jacket yet, but oh, it's getting close.
  4. The Leaves! They are everywhere. It was much more fun when we lived in a house and you could rake the leaves and then flop down in them.
  5. College Football Game Day. Need I say more? Go JACKETS!
  6. Sunday afternoon Football. Again, need I say more? I cheer for several teams, mainly the Falcons and of course, anyone who plays the Cowboys. Nothing against Texas, just don't care for the Cowboys.
  7. The Festivals. I have already attended my first festival and am anxious to attend more. I love arts and crafts and began my Christmas shopping while at one a few weeks ago.
  8. Consignment Sales. I get into these in the Spring and Summer when they are Hot Hot Hot! I have racked up this fall for David's clothes and am content with my purchases.
  9. Pumpkin Farm. This year we are going to try and get to the Pumpkin Farm to take some pictures of David there. We have a big farm near us, only about an hour away, so hopefully we will venture up there and let David pick out a pumpkin.
  10. Weddings. We are filled with weddings for the month of October. We have three in a row and it was a shame to have to say No to one of them.
  11. One year anniversary. It will be one year next week since I had my gallbladder surgery and in October it will be one year since my recovery.
  12. Christmas shopping and decorating. Before Fall is up, we will start shopping even more and decorate the house with a tree. Yippie!
  13. It's Fall. Love is in the air. Pumpkins are waiting to be carved. Shopping is ready to begin. I am excited about vacation...but I bet you already knew that! :) HA!

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Knitting Maniac said...

I love the fall, too!

Have fun on that vacation!

Janet ( said...

I love fall, too, but...sigh...I'm just not ready to give up my flip flops yet!!! THanks for visiting :-)

I had my gallbladder out a couple years ago, and before I did...oooh that was horrible!

Southern Girl said...

Those are great Fall things! That's one of my favorite seasons, too. Have a great time on your vacation! Say "hi" to Winnie the Pooh for me. ;)

My TT is up, too.

Anonymous said...

I did fall things, too! The Pumpkin Patch ROCKS! We'll have to share pics after we go!

Great list! Stop by mine if you get a chance.

Anonymous said...

fall is the best. enjoy your vaction.
my tt is up now.


I know what Fall means but to feel how it is I don't know how it feels. Over here we only have 2 seasons: the dry (summer) and the wet (rainy). Decorating your Christmas Tree already? I thought it was only here people start decorating early.
Mine is up too.

Wendy Ann Edwina D'Cunha e Pereira said...

Have a fun vacation!!!

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twiga92 said...

Fall is my favorite season! Last week's TT I did a why I love fall too. Hee, hee! Great minds think alike. Yay for football season! I'm a Vikings fan and hubby is a Redskins fan.

KarenW said...

I love fall too! I hope you have a great time at Disney World. We went to Epcot last year for the first time. It was great! My list is up. Stop by if you have a chance.

Anonymous said...

Best time of the year to go on vacation for us! Have a wonderful time. Love your list.

Just stoping by to say HI and blessings to you!

Carmen said...

we can have a little friendly ACC rivalry, as I went to UVA. The wramblin' wreck from Ga. Tech ruined our number one ranking when I was in college. :)

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a great vacation!!!
My TT is up too :)

The Little Woman said...

I love pumpkin farms! I also love your priorities listed in the PROPER order on your profile! For whoc an find a virtuous wife for her price is far beyond rubies!

Lindsey said...

Christmas shopping and decorating all the way!!!! Have fun on your vacation - Happy TT!

Karla said...

Great list!
Have fun on your vacation.
I like the Braves! :) That's the only reason I watch baseball really.
Don't like the Cowboys (Redskins fan). :)
I started to do a Fall-themed list this week, but I couldn't think of enough things that I like about Fall. :)
Thanks for stopping by to check out my list and for the birthday prayers! :) If I get my personal jam session with Mac, I'll let you know. HAAHAHAHAHAAA!! Yeah, right. ;)

Cindy said...

Yep, this is the point in time where my husband gives up on the Cubs and starts rooting for the Bears! :)

I hope you have an amazing vacation.

My TT is up!

Faerylandmom said...

Great list! I love the fall too, but for different reasons I think...I think I'll steal your theme for next week...that ok??? :o)

Thanks for stopping by!

Brony said...

I can't wait to carve the pumpkins.
Happy TT.

Gail said...

We are so ready for fall here in the South after all that heat! Those crisp mornings are wonderful. And Disney is SO fun, have a great trip!
Thanks for stopping by my TT.

Chelle Y. said...

I hate when baseball season ends, but my "boys" (The A's) are almost there! They have made me "bite my nails" all season long. I'll be glad when it's over, and I can relax! Haha!

Great list!

nancy said...

have a great vacation! Happy Anniversary. And, I am glad to hear you are healthy now!

Fall is a beautiful time of the year!

Barb said...

I love Fall - one of the best and most colorful seasons.

My TT is up.

crygibb said...

I like fall too. Great list. Happy Thurday.