Sunday, September 24, 2006

On Vacation

As of tonight, around 7:30 PM, we will be on vacation. Jeremy is normally done with his duties by 7:30 and at the rate I am going, it will be hours before I accomplish everything that needs to get done around here. Lots to do, not enough time. I have a meeting at 4:30 that I should be at and then Discipleship class at 5:30 that Jeremy and I lead...I am pretty sure I can get most of my stuff done before then, but I want David to get enough time to rest too. He hasn't felt good the past few days and needs his rest for sure. He had some goopy eyes the past few days, but the Lord answered my prayers overnight and his eyes were clean this AM. I was thrilled and believe absolutely that God took care of him. His nose is still a little runny, but nothing we can't control.
If you have ever seen the Disney commercial where the little boy runs to his big sister's room and they are talking about Disney and the mom walks in. She asks what the two of them are doing and the little boy exclaims, "I'm too excited to sleep" (although it sounds like sweep). They advertise Disney and then you see the mom go back to her bed, lay down next to her husband and the mother says, "Are you sleeping?" and the father opens his eyes and says, "No, I'm too excited to sleep." That commercial is so cute and ever since we have seen it, Jeremy and I have always laughed and said "THAT'S US!" That reality is coming true this week as we embark on Disney World mid-week. We will spend some time with family in the early week and then in the later week. We are so excited and cannot believe the time is finally here.
I have only recently got off the phone with my family and all I can say is the Lord knows it all. He knew exactly when we would be making this trip, He knew exactly the details that would surround my family during this time. So, with that said, please say a prayer for us as we travel. Pray for my family and the circumstances surrounding them right now. Pray we would bring comfort and joy during the midst of these circumstances. Pray most importantly that pain and sickness would subside and that God, in all His wisdom and knowledge, would pour it out on my family.
Talk to you all when I return.
Love in Christ-

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janice said...

i love that commercial! how exciting that you get such a wodnerful vacation.

i pray all goes well with your family...

Jen said...

praying for you and yours

Goofy Girl said...

Just dropping in to see how youre doing. :) I hope you have a wonderful time!! I bet seeing your son get so excited about Disney will leave you with so many wonderful memories for life.

I hope that everything going ok with your family as well.