Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Where Am I?

I know. I know. I have been distant. It's not's ME! It's always Me. It will forever be Me. Life has spun me around and spit me out the last few days...well, since we had a meeting on Thursday at work. It's been non-stop since then. I would like to tell you I rested this weekend, but not really. :) The meeting Thursday dictated the 1 hour I worked after it and the whole Friday. I left early Thursday for a dentist appointment...bad idea. It was yucky raining and I just knew it was going to take me forever to get the boo-bear. None the less, I perservered and made it to Boo and home in decent time. I had about an hour to spare and then back on the road I went to my friend Michelle's diaper shower. It's her second pregnancy, so we honored her with oodles of diapers and food. :) It rocked. I got to see some girls from the "other" side of Atlanta, and I haven't seen them in like a year! It was so much fun to catch up. Kila and Heather-I miss you!
So, being the good little worker bee that I am, I said I would be at work at 6 AM. I was so glad I did, because 9.5 hours later is when I finished the huge contract and was able to leave my office. Ugh. It was definately a day for the history books and I might be able to write a contract now with my eyes closed. I have practically memorized every part of it, since I read it a hundred times. The day ended with boo and I eating pizza and watching movies...just the two of us and I was thrilled!
We did venture to the Biscuit Barn on the weekend, so that was nice and of course, great food! Labor Day was spent with my Jeremy working on my mom's kitchen and boo bear and I coming along for the sheer joy of it. Boo loves Grandma's house and Buzzy, the doggie. It's fun to go there, she has toys, books, and most importantly a TV so he can watch movies all he wants.
So, that was two days ago, and honestly, I was going to write yesterday and time slipped away. Speaking of time, it's time for lunch.
I promise to write tonight when I get home from church. My mind is full of things that I have not yet conveyed on my blog. Are you ready? Probably not, but you will be.

In Him-

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