Thursday, October 26, 2006

Closer to 100...

This post will be numbered as my 95th post! I can't really believe it!! I thought about doing a 101 in 1001* for my 101st post, but I honestly don't think I can come up with some specifics things that I want to do. Is that sad? I think I am afraid of failure. They would have to be God-inspired things and I don't know what He's going to have me do in the next 3 minutes, yet alone the next 3 years. I have some things on my heart that I would like to accomplish, and more importantly some things I want the Lord to accomplish in my life, but not some things I want to post to the whole world about. That's just my thoughts.

    So, how is everyone? I tell you what...everyone is in a time of needing prayer right now. Do you feel that way? I sent out a prayer request to some of my dearest and closest friends and I got at least 6 emails back for them asking for prayer for their family and their needs. I had one friend of mine who commented at although we don't see each other often (she lives on the other side of the big city), we can still email each other and share our prayer concerns and trust that each other is lifting our family up to the Lord. That, my friends, is what I call, true friendship. I think the Lord is honored by that kind of friendship and I am even more honored that the Lord chose those women and I to be friends. It has been a true blessing.

      If you are looking for a daily devotional online, you should check out Laced with Grace. The ladies on this website are incredible women of God and only want to give you the opportunity to allow God's word to transform your mind. Check them out!

      Have a great Thursday!


      *If you want to know more about 101 in 1001, you can Google it and you will find all sorts of people who have done a list and how it originated.

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      eph2810 said...

      Having an on-line prayer support is awesome. I can email my friend in TN or CA and they pray for me. And even strangers :) - Isn't that cool.

      Thank you so much for the 'plug' of Laced with Grace. I just added you to the blogroll and I will email you the small button for your blog...You have a beautiful blog :)...

      Living In His grace,
      <>< Iris