Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Did you miss me? Awww, come on, be honest. You did! :) ha. I was on vacation last week and this week, what's my excuse? Well, actually, sickness. The kind where you think your body is actually going to explode from all the pressure building in your head, yeah. That kind of sickness. Both Jeremy and I had it and we suspect Boo had it before us, while we were on vacation and then gave it to us on vacation and so we could come home and finish it out. Thanks boo. No, really, thanks. hee hee.
Oh my, where do I begin? Disney? Okay, good, that's my favorite part of last week.
Disney - It rocked. The Magic Kingdom was awesome and we enjoyed two other days at MGM. Why MGM you ask? Well, my bosses' gave me 6 tickets and we didn't know what we were able to use them on until we checked in to our hotel. So, on Tuesday when we checked in we threw our stuff in the hotel room and headed to MGM, the only place the tickets were good for. David, who was running a slight fever by this time, managed to take it all in and enjoy himself. Disney Playhouse was our savior and he could have watched that all day. We saw some characters and he even ate some pizza and played games. I was amazed at him. He did such a good job. On Wednesday, we took in the sights and sounds and rides of the Magic Kingdom. It. Was. AWESOME!!!! No lines. No waiting. Just FUN. We all had a great time. He rode Dumbo with me. We all rode the Teacups. He met Mickey at his house, which was so nice and Mickey even kissed me on the cheek. :) He drove the Race cars, shot the green men on Buzz Lightyear, watched the parade with all the characters, ate wonderfully, sang "It's a Small World" when we got off the ride (priceless, I tell ya, just priceless!!!), saw Peter Pan and Pirates, Pooh and all his friends, and so much more. One word? AWESOME. We can't wait for next year, as Jeremy is already planning.
Vacation with the family - Always an Adventure. We got to see a lot of my family while down in Orlando. My dad came over for the day. My grandfather got to see David and do lots of high-fives with him. We got to ride on the boat (although, by then, I was sick and didn't feel great at all). I got to see my grandmother in the nursing home, which was hard, but definately needed for me. The family has a lot of stuff going on right now. If you get a chance and the Lord reminds you, say a prayer for my family, from grandparents and their health, to all my aunts and uncles and dad, to all the grandchildren.

In Christ-


Jen said...

pleased u had a good holiday
hope ure all better now

Heather Smith said...

My sister wants to do a family trip to Disney when her little man (who is one) is out of diapers! I think it will be so much fun!! Hey, my word verification is Nemo, kinda funny since you've been talking about Disney!!

Nicole said...

Welcome back! I'm so glad you had a good vacation :)