Monday, October 09, 2006

Faith Builder

The girls at 5 Minutes for Mom came up with an idea of building our faith and I have been an active reader for the weeks since it started and today I decided to participate. The discussion question is a great one, plus I had the most incredible worship experience last night, so I want to share share share!
Discussion: What does it mean for our hearts to start beating more and more like God’s? How could this change the way the world sees Christianity?
And then the big one:
When it comes to church, what do you think God has in mind?
My heart to beat more like the Lord's? Oh, I have said those words a hundred times in the last few days. Lord, you truly are more than enough for me. The Pastor posed a great question yesterday during his sermon. "How can I love the Lord and be a follower of Him and not be concerned for the lost?" WOW! That opened my eyes just a little wider. What have I done lately for the lost? What lost person have I loved, talked with, shared Christ with? I believe the Lord absolutely wants us to be concerened over the lost. That was the heart of His ministry. He came to seek and save the lost. My heart needs to be more aligned with Him in that facet. On Saturday, my family and I got up to go work at the local school planting flowers and helping clean up their outside classroom. It was an incredible experience for the three of us and yes, even the little boo-bear got his hands dirty helping Jeremy and I plant some flowers. His allergies were acting up all over the place, but he was a trooper getting down in the dirt, planting and was really a sight. One lady I worked with pulling weeds asked me if we had children there at the school. I said No. She asked, "So you just came out here to work and volunteer." I kindly replied, "Yes". She was amazed. Praise be to God! I enjoyed pulling those weeds, and I know my dad is reading this thinking...she kills plants for a living, don't let her near your flowers!! :) HA! Later that night when David was reciting His verse about loving our neighbors as ourselves, we explained to him that working at the school was just a small part of loving your neighbors. It was a hands on experience that we could teach our son. It was showing Him just a small glimpse of God's heart. It certainly challenged me to desire the Lord's heart more and to open my eyes more to the opportunities we have to be serving.
I would like to think in my finite mind that if the world saw the compassion and love of Christians that it would shake their world, but the fact is they see more Christians not acting Christ-like than anything else. Jesus never gave up doing the will of His father, so we, as followers of Him, should not give up either. If you can show one person God's Love, then isn't it worth it?
The last question is a tough one. I think the Lord wants His bride (the church) to honor Him. I see lots of ways the church does not honor Him, but that's only my perspective and my view. The church absolutely has to adopt the heart of Christ to function well. If the church isn't on their knees, seeking how to be more like Him and serve Him, then the pursuit is after our own agenda. I don't have a lot of answers on how to combat pride and how to make the people tithe and how to please everyone in regards to worship, but I do know that the Lord is pleased by the worship of His people. He blesses those who are obedient. He pursues the hearts of those who are not in His flock. He challenges the weak to be strong. And He loves. He loved us with His life and we ought to fall on our faces on just that fact alone. The church won't run perfectly until the Lord comes back, so we should entrust the men God has called to pastor and lead the church and go from there. Our former pastor said, "Trust God, and leave all the consequences to Him." I love that!
I hope you enjoy the others at Faith Builders today!
In Christ-
P.S. - I will write later about my worship experience. :)


Nancy said...

You wrote so many great points that I can't decide what to comment on. I don't think I've visited here before. I'll be back.

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

What a great idea to have your family volunteer serving that way. It's so important for us to show God's love.

You're right the church won't run perfectly until the Lord returns and in the meantime we ought to "entrust the men God has called to pastor and lead the church and go from there."

Thank you for sharing!

Erna said...

Fantastic thoughts. I love how you and your family went out to volunteer and serve your neighbour. I think that's a great start! Blessings to you today!

janice said...


love that you are getting your hands dirty!