Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Belated Valentine's

Valentine's Day did not escape my mind, I was just too busy not to post! :) Don't you hate those days??
I hope each of you had an enjoyable Valentine's Day with your spouse, fiance', child(ren), or just with Jesus...can I get an AMEN? We spent Valentine's at the church...after was Wednesday night and we had a delicious meal and I say Jeremy got off easy. Although, he is taking me out on Saturday night, and we have a babysitter!! Yippie! I think Outback is calling our names.

A week from today we will be on our way to Florida. I don't love the reason we are going, but spending time with my extended family is like one of my most favorite things to do!! Seeing my cousins, hearing my dad's voice, being with my aunts - well, it's just pure joy for me. They are all just as excited, but only because the one and only, treasured Boo bear is coming. I mean, who doesn't enjoy a little humor with the almost 3-year old??? He is a sight and full of energy waiting to be released on these people. He is practicing his singing and playing air guitar and oh my word, the wiggle groove. He thinks his Papaw, Nolie, Danny, and Lewis (my dad and my three cousins) are going to watch the Cars movie with him and he thinks that's all they have to do in an extended weekend, ya know???

Resting in Him-

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