Sunday, February 11, 2007

Pictures with Pepaw

I apologize that it has taken me a while to get my pictures up...some of them were located elsewhere and it took me a while to remember's been a long week if I should say so.
I think it's starting to hit me. I am emotional today, and there seems no other reason. The pictures are helping. Enjoy.

Boo was just under 3 months when he attended his first baseball game and got to see why it means so much to us...the plate with my grandfather's name and number on it is in the plaza at Turner Field.

Just a week later, Boo made his first appearance in Florida...he was loved immediately!!!

Here is Pepaw telling Boo his first may be surprised to know it wasn't about baseball, but about life and love.One of my favorite pictures...I think I actually some pics like that with me in his arms.A month later (August 2004) Pepaw came up for the Braves Hall of Fame induction ceremony. That's Pepaw, Boo, me holding him, Jeremy behind me, my momma next to me and Uncle Les, my grandfather's brother.
Here we are almost a year later in June 2005. We stopped off in Orlando for a few days before my 10 year reunion in New Port Richey. Gotta love that paci!
Augus 2005 Pepaw came back up to Atlanta for the induction ceremony again...this was the year they celebrated the 15 year anniversary of the 1991 Braves (the worst to first team) - it was awesome to meet Steve Avery and Dave Justice, but it was even better hearing my grandfather walk around holding Boo saying, "This is my great-grandson!" I was teary.
It would be over a year before I would see him again...Jeremy, Boo and my mom saw him in August 2006, his last trip to the induction ceremony in Atlanta. We would make the trip to Florida in September and knew leaving that it was probably the last time we would see him.

The tests in the weeks ahead proved what we had all suspected, the cancer was there and spreading. Over the weeks between September and December, he would start showing more signs of his outward man wasting away. He was able to celebrate his 80th birthday at his favorite local place, surrounded by family and friends who loved him dearly. I was unable to make it, but my daddy sent me pictures! As the weeks went by from December to this past week, I would talk with my family more than I ever had in years...weekly updates, doctor visits, Hospice entered their lives and so did in-house care. He passed away peacefully, with no signs of pain and that's exactly the way he wanted.

I pray that as the coming weeks come to a close he will find we as a family have been faithful to his requests and honored him in a most loving way. The memorial service on the 24th will be much of a celebration of his life as it is ever could be.

Enjoy the photos!

In the Lord's hands -



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Marcia said...

Hi Karen--

I just surfed over from the Blogging Chicks roll.

Your baby looks so sweet and kissable.

And I'm so sorry for your loss. Your writing captured your grandpa in a lovely way.