Friday, February 02, 2007

Changing my Life - I am Hungry!

What if my first response was to worship Him?
What if? my very first response/reaction. was to worship Him!?

Ever thought about it?
What if my soul responded/reacted first instead of my flesh?

Hm. I think my life would change. I want it to change.
Maybe it is changing.

I am enjoying participating in the Daniel Bible Study on Wednesday nights and also in the Living Worship study on Sunday nights. Each unique and different, yet each, so very similar. Living Worship by John Randall Dennis is said to be "A Biblical Guide to making Worship real in your life." Hm...sounds interesting. I mean, who doesn't want to be real in their worship? What? You mean there are some people that aren't real in their worship? Oh my...
The Minister of Music is leading this class and will be out of town this weekend and has asked me to lead the class. I am honored and completely relying on the Lord to guide me through it. It's an incredible book. This week we study David and Jehoshaphat, last week we studied Job and Isaiah. It's been a roller coaster ride and I am enjoying all the Lord is saying to me.
He is using much of the Daniel Bible Study to speak to me just as equally in part with this Living Worship book. My mind is completely expanding...and so that brings me to my questions above.

Last week as we were going through the lesson Sunday night about worship, one of the questions asked was what do we do when a "circumstance" comes our way...we freak out, we lash out at God, we say 'Why ME?', we question Him on His way, His purpose, Him in general. Some times it takes a while to get over it. Some times people never do. I answered that I would like to think that my lashing out gets shorter and shorter each time. I honestly meant that. I came home that night with the question of "What if my first response was not to lash out, but to worship?"
As I was going along in the Daniel study, Beth Moore wrote something in Day 3 or 4 that struck me..."God is no less on His throne just because chaos happens in the world" (my paraphrase). Oh. Wow. It occured to me that God is no less on His throne right now than He was two days ago when one of my very good friends told me that someone else had entered their marriage and as much as it pains the two of them right now, they are going to seek counseling and move forward...TOGETHER. God is no less on His throne right now than He was on September 11, 2001. Does that strike a cord in you? God will be no less on His throne five days from now should tragedy strike you, your family, your friends, whomever.
He's GOD.
He is GOD.

God is changing my life. I believe it's impossible to read the Bible and it NOT change your life. I am absorbing all I can about my LORD because I am hungry. I am truly hungry for Him.
Oh Lord, you have shown me Your glory and at times I have been unwilling to accept it or to take and eat of it. But Lord, I am hungry now. It's not too late to be hungry or to be filled by Him.

In Jesus-


Lynn Donovan said...

Hi Karen,

I am hungry... always too. Loved this post.

Thank you for stopping in at Laced With Grace your words are sweet and I am thankful to know you would hold me and my hubby in your prayers before our King!

I like your place and will pop in again. Blessings my Friend, Love and hus, Lynn

Cmommy said...

Karen, is the Living Worship study a video series or a book? I'll go on a hunt...

Beth Moore's words, and learning to interpret scripture correctly, changed my life. Please keep sharing your insights on the Daniel study!


Karen said...

Hey CMommmy!
It's a book, no video. The author is John Randall Dennis. It's awesome!!