Wednesday, February 28, 2007


All in all the trip to Florida was adventure, but good. We arrived Thursday to my aunt's house. We got settled in and over the next few hours, my aunts and uncles would arrive, but I was waiting on my cousin, Mike. I hadn't seen that boy...excuse me, man in 10 years!! David was all over the place, laughing with Papaw, finding out that bean bag chairs are awesome and telling my cousin, Nolan, about pottying. Oh dear. Dinner proved fun and exciting with me getting a great chance to catch up with my cousin.
Friday, Jeremy and I took Boo to Disney, literally flying by the seat of our pants that day and my cousin, Mike and his wife Jen went with us too. We split off, only because we weren't planning on riding any of the big rides, just the kiddo rides. I believe a good time was had by all...although Mike and Jen got stuck in the mass arrival of people coming to the Pirates/Princess party.
Here is Boo and I on the teacups!!! We went fast!

This is Boo and Jeremy on Dumbo...notice that this time he is not crying his eyes out!! If you saw our pictures from September, then you will know why this is the cutest pic ever.

On to the real reason why we went to grandfather's memorial service. It was wonderful. Just exactly how I pictured it would be, although, the stories were unscripted in my head, they were all funny, hilarious and serious all rolled into one. Gary Caruso, friend and editor of Chop Talk magazine, gave a resounding eulogy that I am sure my grandfather was humbled by. My husband spoke eloquently and directly with authority from the Lord about marrying into our family and about the decision my grandfather made to make peace with the Lord. As my uncle said...he was fine until he said the word, Pepaw. Then, it made it real and personal. You can see below the fine picture of my grandfather after pitching Game 7 of the 1957 World Series. Boo and I were trying to do the hand signal for 3. He does it well and kept telling me that he is going to be 3, but he's now 2. :)

Ahh...this picture now adorns my desktop at's titled, My Boys! I love these boys dearly, with the love of a sister. I am blessed to be the only granddaughter in my family, which also means, I am blessed to have some fine men in my life. From left to right - Lewis, Nolan, my, Mike, and Danny. Mike is my older cousin, the me, then Danny, Lewis, and the baby, who now stands taller than me, Nolan. This is what I grew up with!!! Mike and I spent summers, spring breaks, and Christmas' at our grandparents house each year. As we got older, we drifted apart, but I gotta tell you, we reconnected like we hadn't been apart in years. It was awesome. Danny is a junior at FSU. Lewis is a freshman at TCC. Nolan is a sophmore in high school. These boys...well, tears just well up in my eyes when I look at them. They are strong, independent, men and I pray each day that God will bless them and watch over them.
It was a nice 5 days in Florida and a nice gathering of people honoring my grandfather. He was and will remain a special man in my heart. I look at these boys and see him in each of them...

In His Hands-




Cmommy said...

This post is a beautiful tribute to your grandfather and family.

I'm glad you had fun in Florida, too. The teacups are my favorite!C

eph2810 said...

How awesome that you were able to reconnect with your family. I am thrilled to read that your grandfather made peace with the Lord. It is much easier to say goodbye to someone knowing that you will share heaven with them...
Thank you for sharing your visit in Florida.

BTW - I love the picture of you and Boo. I love his big eyes :)

Blessings to you and yours.

Leslie said...

Stopping by from The Ultimate Blog Party.
I enjoyed your post about Florida. I am sorry for your loss.But I am glad you had a good time on the trip.
Btw, the teacups are one of my favorite rides.

Susan said...

I can tell you know a bit about my "neck of the woods"....I am living in Sarasota now. I grew up in Tampa and have family in Orlando. What a beautiful tribute to your Grandfather. Blessings to you!