Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Open My Heart, Lord

Background info: I had previously been a stay at home mom since David was born in April 2004. Through much debate and prayer with Jeremy and with God, He led me to take a job in Alpharetta at a Landscape company. I am the Office Assistant and am learning new things everyday...about Landscape, about being a working momma, about commitment and about what truly matters.

So David and I are on the road this morning...I am taking him to "big school" (he lovingly calls it that) at Johns Creek Baptist Church (JCBC). We are talking and singing (like most mornings), but this one was unique! The song on the radio was "Open the Eyes of my Heart". I was singing and I heard my sweet David in the back saying "Open my Heart, Lord, Open my Heart, Lord" and I was moved. Several things went through my head...
  • WOW! That's awesome that he is hearing those words - through the radio and through my lips - and he is repeating that.
  • WOW! That's MY son...praising God with his own lips! (Thank you, Lord, for the incredible gift of him)
  • If David could grasp that concept early in life and learn that by trusting the Lord with his life, he will receive the greatest gift he could ever imagine.

Needless to say, I had to tell Jeremy! I called...he was in awe and together as a family, we rejoiced.

My car rides with David are eye-opening at times. He talks to me and tells me about his day and what he is learning about and he points out every bus, Hummer, and motorcycle (aka -haha's). We have some good coversations, for as much as a momma and an almost 2-year old can have. :)

May the Lord reveal more of Himself to you today!

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Daniel Fontana said...

Wow... I think its great that David is getting positive thoughts through his head.. Its just upsetting to know that while David is hearing "open up my heart" 2 year olds in more unfortunate parts of the USA are hearing... who knows what... Man Come to think of it I havent seen David since... I dont even remember... I hope that you all come down to Orlando this summer while I am in town!!!!! We have some serious catching up to do~~~~ :)