Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Pacified no longer...

Gone are the days of David having a paci. (Hallelujah!) We started the journey Friday night, after talking about it for weeks. It just seemed like time. Time for him to let go...he was getting away from being so interested in it anyway, so, it was time for him...and for us to suck it up and do it. As he went to bed Friday night, we didn't allow him to have it. He cried a little and wanted to cuddle more, but none the less, he went to bed. He was however up at the crack of dawn, 5:00. Jeremy and I were half asleep, and decided to let him cry and see if he goes back to sleep. He did (another Hallelujah) and got up at the normal time, 6:30. He is used to getting up that early on weekdays for school, so that wasn't a big deal...although, I can't say that I wouldn't love an hour more on the weekends! :)
He did great Saturday as we were out and about and napped with no paci. Saturday night was okay, a little more crying, but still no asking for the actual paci...Sunday the same during the day, but let me tell you...by Sunday night, I was ready to give it back to him! He just would not/could not settle down. Jeremy made me stick to my guns and for that, I am grateful.
He did great on Monday at school and tonight (Tues) he was the model child...crying for the normal five minutes. Ahhh...I must say, we are relieved. It's all about re-training. I have told my girl friends, if I would have known it would be about re-training him to fall asleep on his own, I would have taken that thing away months ago. We first taught him how to do that as soon as he could sleep through the night...what, at the 6 week mark!!! I have said (in a delusional moment) that I will not give the next child a paci...guess you all will have to wait a while to see if that really happens.
On the spiritual note...is that not one of the greatest images of the Father and us? How many times does God ask us to give up stuff and we don't, or we give it up just a little, and then take it back??? I knew that when I had David the Lord would teach me so much about how He views and loves us...that is so right.
I pray that I would not be pacified with something but always striving to gain more knowledge, tell more people, and live a life dedicated to Him.
So, what's a good image that the Father is showing you?


Anonymous said...

Wow. That's great. We need to be on that road ourselves, but at the risk of regression in the next few weeks, we shall wait. Hopefully by HER second birthday in August, Julia will be pacie-free as well. :) I don't think with a newborn that I could stand the fussiness!! She needs SOMETHING stable, right? Have a great day, Karen! Joy

Mandy said...

*grin* Taking the paci from Emma Grace was easy - it just disappeared and she never asked for it again! She never really needed it as she rarely cried unless there was somthing legitimately wrong. Easy baby!!!
I, too, said "I'm never giving my 2nd child a paci" and God thought that was funny b/c my precious Sarah Beth won't take one - she absolutely refuses it...and she cries all the time! Oh well...I should learn to never say "never"!